MARGAO: Public works department (PWD) minister Churchill Alemao inaugurated the road under-bridge at Majorda amid heavy police security even as protesters led by Benaulim MLA Francisco 'Mickky' Pacheco crowded on both sides of the bridge.
Power minister Alexio Sequeira was the only other minister present for the function. It may be recalled that when Alemao was on a visit to the Gulf, Pacheco had inaugurated the bridge and got it blessed by Fr Martinho Gomes on April 27.
Considering the statements made by Pacheco at a press conference on Thursday warning the government against going ahead with the "second" inauguration of the road under bridge, a strong posse of policemen were deployed at the venue.
Around 300 supporters owing allegiance to Pacheco shouted anti-Churchill slogans while the inauguration was underway. Chief minister Digambar Kamat, urban development minister Joaquim Alemao and deputy speaker Mauvin Godinho who were to attend the function as per PWD, did not turn up.
Later, addressing the gathering, Alemao expressed happiness over the completion of the road under-bridge which he said was a long pending demand of the villagers, though he regretted the delay in its completion.
When reporters drew his attention to the protests by the people, Alemao said that the protesters were brought to the site from other villages. Sequeira, commenting on the protest, said that "everybody has a right to protest in a democracy."
Majorda sarpanch Visitation D'Silva, speaking to reporters complained that she was sidelined during the inauguration programme.


Diogo Fichardo said...

I cannot understand why there is objection to inauguration of roads and bridges, Come next monsoons the roads will develop pot holes and bridges will tilt sideways. AS poor material is always used and shoddy job is carried out by contractors who pay large sums of hafta to the same politicians to obtain the contracts.

renoir said...

.......................and yet these very politicians are called in to innaugrate these projects. The world knows it, and its beyond anyones denial  as to the amount that goes as bribes to get a project approved. Not a single contractor gets a contract without giving up a share of his profit margin, and yet our ministers have the audacity to claim that they have not eaten public money. Way to go guys...
Why cannot the projects which are built in the interest of the public and for the benefit of the villagers be blessed and inaugurated by prominent, humble, genuine villagers themselves? I am sure we have if not many atleast a few good deserving citizens around. Definetely its not the vision or concern of any minister that has projects approved and completed, but rather its the vision and demands of the common men that gets these projects into reality. The ministers are only there to claim that they have been instrumental in getting projects done.The reality is different. I would rather prefer public projects be innaugrated by a village senior and blessed by a religious leader rather then have a confrontation or a show of might.History teaches us , Might doesnt make right, it only makes History.

just for kicks said...


Papa Razi said...

Publicity stunt by the chors. Chors competing with Chors. Nelly is the latest bitch crossing loyalties and fooling people. 

Anand Desai Mopa said...

If Goan governments were on a leveled  playing field as "Goan citizens of honesty", Goa would have seen many young Goans become contractors. The talent of Goan technicians is in abundance, unfortunately not recognized in Goa due to corrupted governments. Goans have to buy their employment in Goa rather then selling it honestly, in  western countries they are hired and even sent on advances courses without cost, this is an example of by sons who I am proud off. 

Salvador Seraulim said...

 Only in Goa politicians inaugurate Toilets and roads and they are also invited abroad to be cheap guests by their crumb eaters.  Toilets and roads and they are also invited abroad to be cheap guests by their crumb eaters. 

Mathew said...

"Varca Pig” cannot build a bridge at Comba railway gate. A college girl
named Rego lost her life two years back while crossing the railway
track on her way to Damodar College. We have a CM with Donkey Head only
good in building AC Toilets for Ghanties. He must go around and see in his constituency
what work is to be done. When the Assembly Elections are near this CM Donkey will
go house to house asking for votes.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

 The Pig of Varca   builds bridges and roads to attracts Ghantis into villages, Thus disrupting village life. Goan crumb eaters are blinded to the hidden agenda and keep voting the same pigs repeatedly to power. 

D.Justin said...

Mickky you have everything, employ some goondas and slaughter the pig of varca as the pig survive on dadagiri. You are the only to have guts to stand the filty pig of varca. Go for his head.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi D Justin:

Mickky Pacheco holds a licence and is in possession of a Revolver (gun) (Pistol).
at the rate things are happening or festering  in his life and around him, I will not be very surprised if he, in a state of diminished responsibility, eradicates Churchill and his chamchas.
He may also have other methods to exterminate Churchill.It is a hobby for Mickky. He has plenty in his arsenal.

This behaviour is not beyond Mickkys capabilities.

As you, along with many others (including NIZ Goenkar readers / commentators) , will be aware, Mickky has used his muscle power & his fists and the palm of his hands to settle scores.
Where matters of the heart, emotional involvement, sexual dominance and hedonism or passion has been involved it is alleged or suspected he has used RATOL to make the people he once purpoted or pretended to love , disappear and disappear for good and all eternity.

I think most normal & intelligent people will easily conclude that Mickky is a plain "brute".
A professional psychologist will label him as a Psychopath.
In the scheme of things and what is currently going on in Mickkys life and loves, I am sure Churchill wil have to watch his back side.

Churchill has to remember, he was Mickkys "mentor".
Mickky learnt most of his  wicked trade from Churchill.
Churchill is no Saint, even though he forces Goans to believe this.His constant trips(Via KOnkan Railways) to Valiankaini are purely deceptions. 
So I will not be surprised  if I read in the newspapers or hear & see on TV the headlines "Churchill Assisinated" or "Churchill  Murdered".

"Despots" & Dictators" usually see the end  of their lives in such a bloody way.
One has to remember, Saddam Hussein, Mubarak,Osama bin laden etc.
I for one will never mourn the loss of Churchill or his family.They (Alemaos) are truly evil.The whole lot of them.
Goa too, would be a far better place without them, and, I will also include The Monseratte here.



Oliver Masky said...

 The politicians should inaugurate prisons to house themselves.

Sausagemaker Madel said...

INAUGRATE Pig Farms Please. Mr Pig chor of Varca.

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