BIRTHDAY ADVERTORIALS by Willie M. Severes, Majorda (Dubai)

It surprises me to see the amount of advertorials on newspapers on birthday occasions of our politicians. Sometimes, there is hardly any news other then these birthday ads, which also include a detailed profile of their family, and the social work they have done for the state.
We all know that our crap politicians are responsible to have brought Goa to the state where it is today. So what do money-laden cronies of the politicians find in them, to shower so much praise? What is the purpose of informing the public of their achievement? Or is it for their selfish gains that they are doing this?
I honestly suggest these supporters, to instead donate the same amount to the poor people in Asilos, Old Age homes, orphanages etc. It will be money well spent, with blessing from above.


Diogo Fichardo said...

Well said Willie there are old age homes and orphanages could do better with donated money. There are  also poor families that cannot give their children further education they too could do with some donation. Lets hope your message gets to the right people. God bless.

Dalia said...

Politicians spend money in putting the adverts by the names of different people rather than people putting in with love. This is the bread and butter of Herald. 

N.Fernandes-London said...

Churchill & his family spend a lot of the looted money on self felicitations.
Churchill is seen in the Herals nearly every week.
Churchill is also known, as Dalia stated above, to place most of he advertisments in other peoples names.
He does not feel the pinch spending looted money.We simple mortals do.
These days the "New Kid  on the Block" is Valanka.She has no problems displaying her "Rubber Lips".


dlp said...

Herald mints money when a politician celebrates his birthday. Look at Chorchil's birthday. There is hardly any news in Herald except birthday greetings. And I am sure all thoise who have put up the wishes couldn't afford to put up such huge advertisement. I am sure Chorchil has paid for more than half of of the ads.

Lenny said...

Willie your  thought will not filter in their hard head. Your sugestion is definately right. But do you think these political lot got any pity for them. Ony the newspapers are making money out of this and that is why not a single one among them has raised this issue anytime in their editorials. 

Posh-reporter said...

The newspapers earn big money. why do you think that their reports nicely manicure and polish the rubbish english statements made by the nall-politicians?
All the goans newspapers have failed us.  what else can you expect when mining companies  are running hte 4th estate?

Posh-reporter said...

Portfolios are now openly and shamlessly touted as plump and not plump.
One has to be innovative to make money. coould any ever think that environment portfolio was plump. now its cream. Ever project needs environment clearance. Viva aleixbab. Don't tell this to cha-chill.

Bombli-scratch said...

There's one FAV reporter from Cuncolim  for Herald who loves the Alemao Bros  and wears white like them. he is the mainstay of herald from south. Raul dare not  displace him. the rest is history and off course  goa's future.

Posh-reporter said...

Rajan Narayan was a thorn in the flesh.  Raul  can now afford to part half his assets to another phillipine wife. XIRAP  KONNAK chukona. RAUL, NOW EVERYONE KNOWS THAT  YOUR CLARION CALL ON NEW YEARS DAY TO CLEAN UP GOA'S POLITICS  WAS A HUGE DUMMY. OFF COURSE SO LONG AS THE MAJORITY OF MY GULLIBLE NAVELIKARS READILY FALL FOR IT.  

MUZ-BAHAVA said...


N.Fernandes-London said...

I had a quick read of the Herald E paper Newspaper of the 15th or 16th.
I was astounded to see an advertisment that was printed & paid for by the Alemao family /clan.
This Advertisment included the names of Churchill, Joaquim & Valanka.
What was truly shocking was the headline or theme of the advertisment.
it was for:

This only displays the "LOW LIFE" form of the whole ALEMAO FAMILY.IT is shocking how low they will stoop to selfishly promote the family.

Similiarly on the same Herald Newspaper, on another advertisment, I saw an advert wishing or remembering  Alvernaz Alemao, a Goan Law breaker , and a criminal, who was shot dead for criminal activity.
This again goes to show everyone how stupid the Alemao Family clan is.
No doubt this is all instigated by Churchill and I am sure Valanka, who claims to be a modern day woman must approve of such disgraceful behaviour.
Can any Goan imagine seing MAHANAND NAIK being garlanded in an advert, dead or alive.?.or if we move up to the international  scale...Osama bin Laden or Ajmal Kasab !

It seems like Big LIps Valanka Alemao, who strangely lives in Goa, and claims towork &  Practices Law for a New Delhi Firm , loves innuagurations of Hotmixing roads.
What is weird is we  have never heard of her  in Newspapers or anywhere else  practising Law.
What we do hear is her Social Activities.Her main Social Activity is collecting Commissions on behalf of her Father and herself.
There are rumors that Valanka intends to get into the Congress Party through deceptive menas,just like her father.
Deception id a common factor amongst the Alemao Clan.
She hope to stand as an Independent Canditate in the Coming Elections.As soon as he is Elected , she will then merge or join the Congress Party.
This again is a typical trait of the Alemao Family.They like doing things , mostly criminal in nature , "thru the back door".


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