DUM MARO DUM by Joel Morais, Cuncolim

To be a middle class is a greatest sin says Ricky in Dum Maro Dum and successfully convinces Lawrie to export drugs to US as he was in possession of sponsorship letter from a recognized University and was in desperate need of USD 15000 to pay his college fees. The movie is realistic and forces Goemkars to awake from deep sleep but will we be ever bothered is a million dollar question?
It might be difficult to prove but is it not a reality that our youth are been used in this ugly trade? The movie shows if one Police Officer sincerely working to finish the illegal drug trade in Goa, how the other is in hand to hand with the drug mafia. The movie also shows how Russians, Nigerians, Israelis etc are operating in Goa with regard to drug dealing and organizing Rave Parties. Is it not the truth that rave parties are been organized in Goa?
The only thing which I didn't like about the movie is the involvement of all Catholics in the illegal drug dealing except one Police Officer named Rane.  Dum Maro Dum is realistic, worth watching, highly related to Goa and gives a call to Goans to save Goa from the hands of drug mafia.


Papa Razi said...

Goan reality because of corrupt politicians is painted in a movie. No need to shed tears about the movie! Our politicians brought the state of affairs on us. Shame! 

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