MAPUSA: The state is currently celebrating the birth centenary of Goa’s first chief minister, late Dayanand Bandodkar. Like many great personalities, Bandodkar’s statues have been erected at Panaji, Calangute and Mapusa, however, Bandodkar’s supporters perhaps have not yet seen the deplorable condition of his statue at Calangute.
Niz Goenkar questioned some locals who said that Bandodkar is a traitor and is not to be in Calangute. The Hindus as well as the Christians are against having the statue of Bandodkar anywhere in Goa leave alone Calangute.
One local Seby said that “This chor was trying to sell Goa to Maharashtra and make us Ganttis so his statue should be used as a urinating place”. Another local Krishna said that Bandodkar is a traitor and have caused much damage to Goa and the Goans so his statue should be allowed to crack and fall of like mud dirt”
Calangute is a famous tourist destination and it is here that there are statues of Dr Jack de Sequeira and Dayanand Bandodkar. Though it is a good thing to have the statues of both these leaders in a prominent tourist destination like Calangute, it would have been appropriate if both these statues could be maintained properly.
The statue of Dr Jack de Sequeira is located near the panchayat, which was erected just a few years back and is still in a good condition. However, the statue of Bandodker, located prominently just a few metres from the Calangute beach, erected many years back, is in pathetic condition, and this is definitely not a tribute to Bandodker, when the state is celebrating his birth centenary.
With the negligence by the authorities, the statue is adorned with bird droppings, thick layers of dust and worn out paint. The pedestal on which the statue is erected has another story to tell. The pedestal bears an ugly and shattered look, with pieces of granite fallen off. The base is used as a sit-out by beach goers because the chains held together by iron poles that surround the structure have disappeared. The electrical fittings that held focus lamps are in shambles.
The situation speaks volumes of the people who reportedly pay tributes to the first chief minister of Goa. Moreover, this structure situated on one of the most prestigious beach front of the world, paints a sorry picture of not only Calangute and Goa, but that of India as a whole.
Needless to mention, this area is visited by lakhs of people. Both Indian and foreigners, who spoke to this reporter, felt that Goa government and the panchayat of Calangute were neglecting the statue of Goa’s first chief minister.
Incidentally, the condition of the statue gives an impression that Badodker was not really an important figure in Goa’s history, as tourists visiting Calangute take back photos of a dilapidated statue of Goa’s first chief minister. Many felt that non-corrosive or fibre material could be used to protect the statue.
Meanwhile, tourism director, Mr Swapnil Naik, when contacted, agreed that the situation was really bad and said that he would be writing to the Calangute panchayat to see that the statue was put in order.  A group of social activists from Calangute had called on the director and apprised him about the fact and the director had readily agreed to act.
Sarpanch of Calangute, Mr Alex Fernandes, when contacted, said that he was seized of the matter. “We are aware about the situation and accordingly we have allotted ` 3 lakh for taking up all the affiliated works of the statue. We could be starting the work anytime.” Mr Fernandes hinted that work could be taken up and finished before the birth centenary celebrations conclude next month.


Neville said...

Some one nearby should break the statue down, the traitor, does not deserve to be remembered. The sentiments of the locals should be heard and this statue should be dumped in the waste. YOu can save 3 lakhs for some other cause.

D.Justin said...

The people of Goa should keep away from the dirty statue of traitor bandodkar as it is suffering from swine flu.

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