MARCEL: In an unusual show of solidarity, about 100 residents from Cuncoliem-Ponda on Tuesday marched to the Ponda Police Station, demanding strict action against the person arrested in connection with the molestation of a minor girl.
It may be recalled that on February 11, Krishnanath Naik (55) was arrested on charges of molesting a minor girl. On Tuesday, the residents along with Bailancho Ekvott President Auda Viegas submitted a representation to the Ponda Police, demanding action in the matter.
The residents claimed that family members of the accused have been pressurising the complainant to withdraw the complaint. The residents further alleged that the family members even pelted stones on the victim’s house.
“It is unfortunate that a minor girl studying in a school was raped by an elderly man,” said Bailancho Ekvott President Auda Viegas.
“Now, the family members of the accused are targeting the victim and her family. They are being threatened to withdraw the complaint. We are thankful to Ponda Police for speedy arrest of the accused,” stated Veigas.
Veling-Priol-Cuncolim Panchayat Member Nilesh Kunkoliekar said: “The accused needs to be punished severely for the offence. His family members are now trying to hush up the matter, but we will not allow this to happen.”
“Family members of the accused have even tried to lodge a false complaint against the villagers. They even pelted stones on the victim’s house,” claimed Cuncoliencar. Added former Veling-Priol-Cuncolim sarpanch Damini Kunkoliekar: “The whole village is united and will stand by and support the victim to get justice.” Meanwhile, Naik has been remanded to 14 days judicial custody.


diogofichardo said...

Law and order in Goa has broken down, and our ministers are setting a bad example by involved is similar crimes. Goa needs stricter laws to deter Criminals.

D.Justin said...

The residents from cuncoliem, ponda should have marched to the home minister charas naik's house and stone.There is no law and order in Goa because of this motorcycle pilot. Our most irresponsible cm DIGANDUkamat or TOAD OF MARGAO finds no faults in charas naik and pigheaded chorchill of varca. As long as these three idiots are in power there want be any peace and prosperity in our LOST GOA.

Dalia said...

Rightly said Justin, the people should have marched tot he residence of Charas Naik. What a shame for Goa that is ruled today by illiteratesa nd goondas. The highest portfolio is auctioned and occupied to make money for themselves. All these Chors have no basic education to be in those positions they occupy. Shame on Monserrate to occupy the post of Education Minister when he himself has no basic education, see Chorchill, Charas Naik and all other defectors. Shame on you Chors from the Zoo of Porvorim.

urmila said...

I agree with diogofichardo comments.The law and order in Goa has broken down.It is because of corrupt and uneducated leaders who are ruling Goa.

dlp said...

For a start, they don't have to march to Charas's residence. This is just a spark. I am proud of Fonddekars that at least they took the courage and marched to the Police Station. I hope others will follow and turn Goa into Egypt or Tunisia. If one small group starts this, the rest will definitely follow. Just see after Tunisia, Egypt erupted and they succeeded. Now Yemen and Bahrain have done the same. Let us stay united and fight for our United and Beautiful Goa that Dr. Jack de Sequeira has fought and kept for us.

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