Reporters were brushed aside and a request for an interview to last “THIRTY SECONDS” was refused when Krisnha Menon, the Indian Defence Minister, arrived at London Airport, U.K., December 20th on his way to the United Nations in New Yord, where India’s invasion of Goa was to be discussed.
But earlier in the day, Menon held a full-scale press conference while his plane was being re-fuelled at Cairo Airport announced the “TOTAL LIBERATION OF GOA” he added that the “SO CALLED GOAN PROBLEM NO LONGER EXISTS SINCE IT HAS BECOME A PART OF HISTORY” Menon repeated India’s thanks for the U.A.R’s (Egypt) “COMPLETE SUPPORT” for India by preventing Portuguese ships carrying war material using the Suez Canal.
Menon said it was a grave error to say that Indian Military forces attacked Goa. The Indian forces “DID NOT FIRE ONE BULLET” within the Goa Area. India dropped bombs on Goa’s airport only to prevent its use in counter-military operations. Festivities welcomed the Indian forces everywhere. The defence minister added that India did not violate the United Nations charter. It did not use force in solving the Goan problem. It took all the peaceful courses to solve the problem. Discussions lasted through the past fifteen years. These negotiations were fruitless, despite the intervention of a large number of States. Menon again repeated “WE DID NOT USE FORCE WE ONLY EXPRESSED THE OPINION OF THE PEOPLE OF GOA THEMSELVES”
Referring to the Portuguese “WHO HAD SURRENDERED” Menon said “we shall not treat them as prisoners of war and we will not expose them to difficulties. The Portuguese Governor General had tried to escape aboard a neutral ship but two Indian destroyers had prevented the ship from carrying out the plan”. Menon concluded “we will always co-operate with the United Nations and we will explain our views to the world public opinion at the United Nations”.
Courtesy Reuters Reporter 20th December 1961.
Malayali Krishnan Menon’s False Statments to the Press on 20thDecember 1961
Did we Goans ask Malayali Krishnan Menon to get Goa Liberated ?
The Truth is that Manuel António Vassalo e Silva was Blind Folded and taken to a Secret Location by Indian Army.
This is an insult to those Goan Civilians Killed during the Invasion of Goa.
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Trevor said...

This just proves we do have a case for Independence thru the UN. The Indian government is now sending their paid agents, freedole farters, to convince our people otherwise. I beg our people we must fight will all our might for an Independent Goa. I know Dr Jack Sequeira would want us to do this, to save us, as a people and our Goa.

diogofichardo said...

The world has been lied to by the Indian occupiers. looting and other atrocities committed by the invading forces too was denied by the Indians.

Neil said...

Right now im so angry with that malbari son of Pros*****e that i will only get peace when these b**st**d ghanties pay for their sins.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

This is the real fact. Franco kudos to you for bringing out another truth on the invasion and occupation of Goa. @Trevor we do have a case and we only need to unite and come forward. All must unite the real Goans - christians, hindus and muslims who are original Goans and march forward to the united nations.

Oscar Fernandes said...

Both Menon and Nehru were dirty womanisers. In order to hide their guilts and make themselves heroes they invaded Goa the As....h....les.

Dalia said...

The only solution for Goans to protect their identity and get the system cleansed is to throw these 40 Chors in the dustbin and get new faces, get Special Status for Goa.
A message to crumb eaters to kindly educate yourself how much damage you create by eating crumbs and distributing the same.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

I am very delighted and with great pride to see all our true Goan brethern Hindus, Muslim and Catholics are coming together on this blog and landing their full support to NIZ-GOENKAR with great effort to fight for the cause of Goa to achieve Independence from India. Day is not far Goa will be seperate Country as GOA because we do have a case with UN.
Long live Goan's to see this dream come true.If not we our Children.

Shankar said...

Krishnan Menon a A Commie, druggie and lover';col1

Bernardo Pereira said...

Pacifist Nehru and Ba*T*rd Malayali Krishnan Menon used over 45 000 Indian troops, armoured vehicles, an aircraft carrier, heavy cruiser, destroyers and frigates, attack aircraft to invade three territories defended by 3000 troops, one obscolete frigate and no air power or possibility of reinforcement... Inredible how the underequipped and outnumbered (15:1) Portuguese military still managed resist for 72 hours and evacuate two civilian aircraft to Lisbon.

Atul Talaulikar said...

This Krishnan Menon was so afraid to loose Election that he decided to bully smaller neighbour Goa and get Praise by his Voters in Kerala.

In the Indo-China War (1962) the inadequacy of India's defence force was brutally exposed.

Menon resigned as defense minister, to save Nehru, who accepted his resignation, perhaps to save his skin.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Today because of this dog Malayali Menon, we have been destroyed by the Indians. The rascals took the advantage of looting our beloved Goa. If Menon was alive we could have strung him by neck along with Goan freedom Farters like Flaviano, Karmali, Kenkre and the biggest Chor Prabhakar Sinari

Dr Bwanika said...

Dear Goans
This article was shown to me by my good friend Mr Jake Mascarenhas, reading Hermant's and other comments I had to say a few words without being biasd.. I vouch that Goans are the most honest , Intellectual and socially friendliest people I have come across among Asians. Most Ugandans never classed Goans as Indians. Dada Idi Amin expelled Indians from Uganda because of their conniving ways unfortunately Goans were caught in the cross fire. Civil servants being Goans were asked to stay as a reward their honesty . The root cause of Uganda's economical downfall were the crocked Indians.Uganda too has its corrupt ministers and If God forbids I will be elected to Ugandan Parliament to fight corruption.
Dr Bwanika
Karamoja region parish, Uganda

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