GOA A HAPPY STATE BY 2035………..!!! by Alex D’Souza

In a recent comment, Dr R A Mashelkar stated that..........." Goa should be the “happiest State in the world” by 2035; where every Goan will do well, there is harmony, pristine nature, and development without destruction ".
I fail to understand how Dr Mashelkar has arrived at such an outrageous conclusion. How can Goa be a happy State, where there is harmony and pristine nature and development without destruction within the next 14 years when Goa has been almost destroyed beyond recognition during the past 50 years ???
Speaking of pristine nature, we did have it when Goa was forcefully occupied by India. The people that have been in power in Goa state since then have systematically succeeded in destroying that by encouraging illegal, enviroment unfriendly developments and shady business activities to take place in Goa. Very soon, Goa State ( that was once a beautiful place ) may end up like Bombay with all our rivers stinking of sewerage waste and unauthorised slums everywhere. It has already happened in many parts of Goa.
How can Dr Mashelkar state that every Goan will do well within the next 14 years, when the fact remains that most Goans have become miserable during the past 50 years. The situation in Goa has become so bad that most of the people in Goa cannot even afford proper housing in thier own place of birth. Most of the public utilities in Goa is either sub-standard or, in many cases, below any possible standards. Most of the essential goods and commodities that Goans purchase are either adulterated, duplicated or contaminated.
Speaking about development without destruction, I think Dr Mashelkar has miserably failed to take notice of the fast track enviromental degradation that has already taken place in Goa and that is still happening at a record breaking pace, from the comforts of his airconditioned office, and vehicles that is paid for by the Government.
Dr Mashelkar, I know for sure that you would have done proper justice to your academic titles if you had concentrated on the above mentioned issues, in the true sense of responsible citizenship, rather than wasting your time on making baseless and outrageous comments. Just because you have managed to acquire a well paid position for yourself, and you assume that your own personal garden will look pristine and there will be no development without destruction within your own property, it does not mean that the whole of Goa will look the same within the timeframe you suggest.
I request you to speak on topics that will help improve Goa, instead of dancing to the tunes of the corrupt people that still have kept you in the position that you are having / " enjoying ".


Pedro said...

The Man Mashelkar is a pro Indian and lives in a fantasy world. I've given up reading Times of India as it's a mouthpiece of the Indian Gov. (This guy speaks to the Chief Minister… Ha ha ha….)

Goa is doing good, because the Goans are working abroad and pumping billions of dollars in Goa or maybe a few dollars less!!, where this money brings in foreign workers from neighbouring states to do every odd jobs in Goa. There is no Infrastructure in Goa, there is no proper waste management system in Goa, there is no hard-core power supply in Goa, there is no decent public transport in Goa. There is no inter-connected gutter system in GOA. All over Goa, Human nature call's are collected in home made Septic-Tanks, Which is very bad for drinking water, as still Goans drink water from the well, which leads to all type of diseases. No Field is spared, rubbles are first filled in and then building Concrete Jungles NOC is given. Roads are first made in / Through / beside the fields so that the prices, land price may go up.
For me this man Scientist or no Scientist "Mashelkar" lives in a fools paradise.

School children study Hindi, which is a waste of the child's valuable time, where instead of studying Hindi, the Child could learn or do something else. For me personally this Hindi is good to see Hindi movie, or get oneself manipulated by watching public TV, (What the Indians are doing with us, the Chinese are doing with the Tibetans)

When you go to Panjim, "Some donkeys call it Panaji, I don't know why and for what reason" you don't see Goans, they all speak Hindi, the communication language of Panjim is now Hindi, how did this happen?, the new market place where they cut and sell meat, it's so disgusting, you feel as if you are in the 18th century. The market place has no hygiene, it has open gutters every where. It looks as if the Municipality is dead or not functioning the way it has to be. The Toilette stinks as it is badly constructed.

"----- What we have in GOA, is the Konkan Railway to bring more Ghantties to Goa to corrupt the citizens of Goa and to make NAGARS. Maybe this FOOL MASHELKAR means in 25 Years we in GOA will have LOTS of NAGARS;

MASHELKAR stated "I met 350 young Goans recently for the making of the vision document. And I gave them 10 out of 11 on this one count. For the feeling of 'my Goa' that I saw in them. It was incredible. ****I met the chief minister the next day and I told him that I am dangerously optimistic usually, but now I am supper optimist for Goa,"**** said the president of the Global Research Alliance referring to his meeting to gauge the aspirations of the youth of Goa last month. Mashelkar heads the Goa Golden Jubilee Council which is to prepare a vision document 2035 for the state."

" I think the discussion were the NAGARS the future vote bank for the POLITICIANS to remain in POWER:---" I ask my self who were these 350 brainwashed GOANS?, or were they really Goans?, what was the language of communication?, HINDI or MARATHI; surely not Portuguese.

diogofichardo said...

In 50 years Goa has declined from the best to the worst state. Goans do not see the future so bright with the current regime. Their drug dealing, corruption coupled with Police Brutality goes unchallenged. What hope is there by 2035. The only hope if any, will be if all Niz Goenkars rightfully stand against these corrupt criminal politicians that rule us.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

By 2035The only happy people will be ghantis and non- Indians that are in the major housing projects. The current politicians will run away from Goa with their ill gotten wealth. Only Right wing Hindus will govern Goa. the rest of us will be slaves.

Renoir said...

Dr R A Mashelkar may surely have been given a written speech to blatter out to the media and the gathering sweet visions. If he is talking of Goa being a state with smiles, prosperity and a place where Fun & Sun Never sets he must be in his sleep day dreaming. There isnt anything better I can say to him. Little does he know the crap he is talking. He needs to wake up and see the reality.
At the current given situation Goa is in turmoil and we need to undergo a very DRASTIC change to get Goa on the right track. Our Politicians who are fit for nothing need to be revamped in totality.

Renoir said...

Diegofichardo,Pedro, Shubash well said.
For sure the talk that Dr R A Mashelkar gave must have definetely been written down for him by the current ruling team. What do you expect from them. For sure Dr Malshelkar is not living in reality, he is leaving in Fairy land. Shame upon him to make these uncalculated assumptions. He needs to see reality and wake up from those sweet visionary dreams he is in.
Goa is at its worst point in time and its heading towards a catastrophe. There is no way the people of Goa will be a happy given the current system we have operating now. There is total failure in the entire administration, corruption rampant everywhere,a total mess.
For sure the politicians will be Very happy as they have made their loot for generations to come? Has the common men benefited in anyway ?????

Trevor said...

The only thing that can save us is 'Special Status'. The future does not look good for our Goa or our culture. One only has to look at the progression of the destruction of Goa in just the last 10 years. We need to act now! Trying to separate from India does not seem practical, unless we come up with an army the size of India. If anyone has other ideas, I don't mind. But we need to unite as one NOW, I urge Goans to fight for Special Status. I don't say this to back any political party but it is urgent we do something. We can define what 'special status' is. I would like it to include, that prime land be sold to Goans only to keep our culture going in Goa.

dlp said...

That is what we have to fight for. A "Special Status" Only then, and only then, we will have a peaceful Goa like the olden days. How I long for those days. Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end,, but they would remain forever more. But with these current Chors, nothing will remain except:

Pocket full of Roses
You fall down but I won't fall down
Coz my pocket is full of note's

Atul Talaulikar said...

Trevor stop Dreaming about Special Status, you seem to be Pro-Indian. Its too late for Special Status, already Goans are becoming Minority in Goa. Ghantis are now in every village and cities of Goa by giving special status to Goa these Ghantis won't Leave Goa. The only Solution is Independence and all the Ghantis should leave Goa.

Dalia said...

Last 50 years has only seen the destruction of Goa by the Goan politicians, some of whom are from Maharashtra like Babu from Azgaon. We have new additions from MP like Sharda Rath-fod of Mauvin Good-for-nothing. And we have more. This talk of 2035 is an eyewash to fool the people of Goa, surely as some pointed out, the speech must have been written by Cowmuth & Co.

Shankar said...

Trevor stop fooling Niz Goenkars with the Idea of Special Status.

You are like those Politicians who fool people every year about Special status.

Nitin Amonkar said...

Who is this ghantti Dr Malshelkar, what he knows about Goan politicians.Goa is getting worse day by day with garbage everywhere.This Dr Malshelkar have seen it all and he liked it.During his next visit to Goa in the year 2035 he will see Goa full of garbage and he will fill good with that smell.That is what he is talking about.Fill good.We will loose foreign tourists in the future, only we will see these ghanttis tourists like Dr Malshelkar.

Neil said...

Unless we have our own Republic of Goa...by 2035 under indian colonial occupation we wont have a goa left

Pedro said...

I'm glad that some of us see that SPECIAL STATUS is an eye wash, those who want SPECIAL STATUS as far as I see still want to sing Jana gana mana under the Indian Flag. Want to be Indian the rest of their lives and teach HINDI to their children.

There are many like minded people like me, who see separate Goa, the only way to save Goa and it's Identity, there is this impotent Party MGP whose main intention is Marathi and GOA as a pilgrim state of the World.

Konkani is the only language of the State of GOA. The rest besides English and Portuguese should be boycotted by all means. The main reason we are suffering is because of Traitor Bandorkar. He ruined Goa, the people at that time didn't see it coming, but today with the Internet things are different. Even a child cannot be fooled.

Many Shivajis like traitor Bandorkar will come and go, try to ruin Goa and it's beauty. But it's all short term, the truth is GOA will be an Independent State with ROMAN KONKANI as her STATE LANGUAGE.

Trevor said...

@Atul / Shankar....I would like to see Goa independent.....but why didn't we do it in the last 50 years? How does one go up against the Indian government? Has Punjab/Kashmir succeeded? India will never let Goa go...Goa was the best prize they got, and don't forget many Goans ‘worked’ with the Indian government for so called 'liberation'..... How many Goans today are willing to die for an independent Goa? I see too may Goans in Goa will easily sell Goa to add a second story to their house. Yes, southern Sudan succeeded, but after much bloodshed. We Goans are never united. Most are preoccupied with building wealth and titles to boast. I don't profess to know the answers, but when are we going to do something to save us? All over Goa, we are already a minority. All our neighbours in Goa are from other parts of India, flats they bought from 'Goan' builders. Yes, ‘Goan’ builders, not Indian. All these builders/developers depend on outside labourers. If we put a moratorium on construction in Goa, all of these people will go back. But will the people of Goa do this? We can’t seem to take small steps, when will do the big things like ‘independence’. Don’t get me wrong, I dreamed of an independent Goa, but share your ideas on how we do it and who will do it for us?? We need all ideas on the table to save us, as Goa is in self-destruct mode. I thank Sir Menino for giving us this forum to discuss all concrete ideas to save Our Goa.

Viva Goa said...

@ Trevor Shankar and Atul are correct you should stop dreaming about Special Status and also we Goans don't require an army a size of India to Fight India.

We are working on INDEPENDENT GOA

Just have patience, haste makes waste,

Only one thing I shall say, "Have Patience", for the moment I can't share the classified/confidential Stuff. Once everything is in place you shall all come to know.

If everything work out well, there won't be any fake liberations of Goa.

Viva Goa

Shankar said...


we all know the situation of Goa. The only thing i want you to stop fooling people with the Idea of Special Status.

Cong has been fooling Goans on special status: Matanhy.


What Matanhy says is Right

Now read this below and stop fooling Niz Goenkars about Special Status


Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

50 years have gone by Goa is on the decline, and here we are cruising and calling each other false names. The question is can we Goans get together and eliminate the corrupt government first? Or will we give them leverage by having differences among ourselves? It is a typical downfall of Goans for not being United. Let us focus our energy for the better of Goa and we will achieve our Goal.
Niva Niz Goans.

romulus102 said...

Hell with special status. When the rot is within what will we do with special status and independance. Its easy and convenient to blame others for all our ills, Please reflect on how much we goans are responsible for the problems in goa.

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