I was shocked to read a character assassination advertisement of a reputable person like Dr. Hubert Gomes by the bootlickers of the Alemao clan and that too on Herald.
When good enters, evil flutters with insecurity because truth always triumphs, sometimes it may take it’s time and that is because, good, in all it’s generosity leaves enough slack and rope, to either climb up and leave the evil behind or to hang it self at the end of the rope, in the end it’s always truth that prevails
The triad of Dr. Hubert has indeed strung a musical note in the minds and hearts of the people of Benaulim and Navelim and as such the bootlickers of the Alemao clan are more than worried that their resources may run dry in one year’s time and hence, the evil flutters at the advent of impeachable and honest Dr. Hubert Gomes.
Dr. Hubert has been a pillar of integrity, honesty and dedication and his work speaks volumes of his humane nature, I am proud that he has decided to stand against the corrupt, dictatorial and often absurd ideologies of the Alemao clan who want to turn Goan politics into a family business, calling Goans squealing pigs and supporting maga builders like Rahejas, who was also caught on camera taking bribes.
If the Alemao’s bootlickers are so sure of their demigod’s victory, they should not feel insecure at all as development and corruption speak for themselves. This immature action to smear the reputation of a personality like Dr. Hubert Gomes will indeed bound to backfire on his highness king Momo and his Dynamic daughter.
Were not the members of the Alemao clan immature and inexperience when they were hustled into politics and how mature and experienced is his dynamic daughter ? Dr. Hubert is far better know for his work and deeds that the dynamic daughter. People are wise enough to know the chaff from the wheat.
I call on the Alemao clan not smear the reputation of people with the help of money and muscle power but to let the people judge each of them by their actions and their inactions. May truth prevail.


Dalia said...

Bab Freddy, the advertisement of the, by the CRUMB EATERS of Chorchill is read by many in Goa and abroad. It will not make an impact on the masses. Infact, it has exposed them proving that the crumbs taste more better than the bitter truth. Crumb eaters will go to any length to satisfy their political masters or else, how will they survive?

Trevor said...

Mr CHORchill is a very powerful man in Goa. It is very sad that our people keep electing his people. What is wrong with our people? Do they sell their vote for a bag of rice, dal or oil? We can scream all we want here on this forum, but our people in Goa will keep electing him and his kind. We need to understand why these people do this? I can understand it is important to align oneself with someone powerful in Goa to get things done as everything is so corrupt. I don't know how you cure the sickness. Mr CHORchill has got the DIRTY system down to a tee. He knows what he needs to do to get him or his daughter elected. Tragically, I don’t know if our people in Goa are ready to do the right thing for our Goa.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

These Alemaos are nothing better than the clan of Swine family. They have never kept their promise. Whatever decisions they have made age for the benefit of ghantis. We Goans are to be blamed for electing the same pigs to power.

Neville said...

You know what a pig likes best? filth to roll in and the ghantties provide it a plenty. The people of salcette who support these chorchill clan, should consider the recent developments in goa, the way he and his parasitic crumb eaters who dont know to make a decent living, go about intimidating others. Chorchills family, the luizino's, mickeys and that fishy sardine, should all be rejected in the comming electins. Dont fool yourself, they do not love goa or goans, all they care is about filling their glutonous stomachs.

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