QUERIM: A female buffalo attacked by a tiger on Thursday, succumbed to injuries the following day. The incident occurred when the buffalo herd was grazing in the Chorla Ghat area of Charavane village in Satari taluka. The four-month pregnant buffalo was attacked by the tiger that was stopped from dragging the body away by the rest of the cattle.
Sayitri Mano Fale, 63, said, "As one of my buffalos did not return home, I went searching for it. I found her lying badly injured a short while away from our gouvol (hut)."
Amrut Singh of the Animal Rescue Squad who visited the site said, "The marks of injury on the buffalo's neck clearly indicate that it was attacked by a tiger." He added, "This is the tiger's habitat and the buffalos of the Dhangar-gouly community are an easy source of prey for the wild animal."
The Mano Fale family, incidentally, lost another female buffalo to a tiger attack on February 29, 2004.
Range forest officer of Mhadei wildlife sanctuary Vishwas Chodankar said, "Our forest officials already visited the site and collected information of the tiger kill. We are monitoring the tiger's movement in the area."


Vicente E. Do Rego said...

There is no reason why these wild Cats should not venture in Villages. When their habitat place is invaded recklessly by we social animals then where else they would live?. People started constructing houses on hills, Monkey create havoc in Villages damaging vegitation, wild cats attack human's and pet animals and yet we blame wild animals. Why the hell half brain law makers cannot bring in tough law on these people who move into forest area?

diogofichardo said...

The battle of man against beast has been ragging with deadly consequences in both sides. Humans have destroyed wild life habitat, poaching has reduced big cats food chain. This is the result big cats are now invading human habitat in search for food. They are now moving away from their own habitat. There should be major fencing programme to conserve these wild cats and humans too.

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