PANJIM: Goa needs an anti-corruption law like the one introduced in Bihar to rein in rampant corruption in the bureaucracy, said Javed Raja, the national general secretary of the Janata Dal-United (JD-U), Thursday.   Speaking to reporters in Margao, 35 km from here, after kicking off the membership drive of the JD-U whose state unit was launched in Goa, Raja said his party would lobby to replicate the much vaunted anti-graft Bihar law here.
"This law has been much appreciated in Bihar where we are trying to weed out corruption in the bureaucracy. We are going to lobby to have this law introduced in Goa, where corruption is being unearthed everyday," Raja said, after appointing social activist John Paul Pereira as the state party president.
"The Bihar Special Courts Act, 2009, will work wonders in Goa. One is already seeing the results in Bihar," Raja said, referring to the new legislation which aims to tackle corruption in the higher echelons of bureaucracy and retired government officials.
The anti-graft law enables the State to confiscate assets of government officials against whom cases of possessing disproportionate assets have been filed and charge sheets have been submitted in the court of law.
Opposition and civil society groups over the last few years have accused the Digambar Kamat-led government of not just sheltering allegedly corrupt and incompetent officials, but also awarding them with medals and plum postings.
In 2010, the opposition raised a hue and cry after Chandrakant Salgaonkar, a deputy police superintendent accused by both the ruling Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party of having links to the narcotics industry, was awarded the chief minister's medal of merit.
Another senior bureaucrat, Sandip Jacques, who is facing a high level probe after being accused by Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar of being a part of a multi-crore excise scandal, was transferred some months back to the crucial post of district collector (north), before he was appointed as an officer on special duty (OSD) to Kamat himself. – IANS


diogofichardo said...

Introducing Anti corruption law in Goa will only penalise the poor and not the current corrupt politicians. who will prosecute the corrupt politicians ,especially where collected evidence gets destroyed?

D.Justin said...

To all niz Goenkar please read this;
Outrage over funding for emerging superpower

Will UK's £ 1 billion aid get to the poor of India...or corrupt politicians

Much of Britain's promised £ 1 billoin aid to India will be administered through a political system mired in corruption, a Sun ( uk's daily) investigation has discovered.
The controversery affects dozens of MPs and government ministers in the three states targeted for help by the UK.
charges police have accused them of include attemoted murder, banditry,forgery and deception, along with many other crimes. The national Indian parliament has a staggering 161 MPs out of 545 facing criminal charges.And the evidence uncovered by the Sun will fuel fears that the money may not end up reaching the poor.
In the country itself the three states have become bywords for corruption.

Pop; 100 million plus
14 of 31 in the cabinet have criminal charges pending.
One MP has faced 17 serious charges.

Pop; 40 million plus
23 per cent of its MPs are facing criminal charges.
40 ministers involved in £ 300,000 coal scam.

Pop; 69 million
Health secretary accused of £ 98.8 million scam.
Two officials siphoned off £ 40 million'

Due to the greed of our politicians the poor and vulnerable people suffers in India.
If the Sun has digged information about Goa , it would have shown as;

Pop; 1 million plus
All the ministers involved in scams like rapes, prostituion, land grabbing, water tanks, drug peddling,bribes from contractors, selling government jobs for higher bidders.
Some of the MLAs and Ministers suppling their wives and gaughters to the Ghanttis of Delhi and they themselves enjoy with Ghantti's wives in the slums.

romulus102 said...

Not denying that there is corruption in India and Goa. But the west has known that funds given to developing countries especially in South Asia and Africa have never reached the people who require them the most. So why are they still giving? The Sun is a tabloid known for its biased views. In financial state UK is in at the moment, it should stop all non essential foreign aid.
In Goa, Coruption is fostered more because the people choose to take part in it (inadvertently). Everyone wants to get their work done, Anyhow. Unless this attitude changes we are not going to see any substantial decline in corruption.

Trevor said...

@ is time to fly the Tricolour. So much to be proud of, this corrupt dirty country. These people will take the food out of their own people's mouth to fill their accounts overseas. Does 'shame' mean anything in India - Goa? That word does not exist in Goa. Sad! Only 'GREED'!

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