PANJIM: Aldona legislator Dayanand Narvekar today demanded that the government declare war against the drug dealers and mafias working in the state.  In an open letter to the chief minister Digamabar Kamat, Narvekar pointed out to an article printed in India Today which claimed a turnover of Rs 300 crore per year in the state through drugs trade.
“Certain individuals and police were arrested recently. Police were caught selling even in Belgaum which gives inter-State and international dimension to the case”, he said.
Substantiating his claim, Narvekar said, “A person like Atala has escaped from Goa with police connivance, there are allegations of fabricating drugs charges against innocent people of Goa, Supari killing in drug issue, Scarlet murder, murder of Nigerian national at Assagao who was a drug peddler, English man’s death across the border of Goa, number of rapes and other various crimes committed along the coastline related to drugs requires an inquiry.”
On the Cipriano custodial death, which ahs been registered, he said, “The case has tarnished the image of the image of Goa police.”
Also, he questioned the government for not making any moves to stop drunken driving.
“The deaths on roads and accidents which claim more than one life everyday can be curtailed if drunken driving is stopped. If Mumbai police are monitoring drunken driving why not Goa?” he said adding the device used to check alcohol content should be used immediately.
“Heavy fines for traffic violations must be imposed including police custody,” he stated.
Sighting that there is a death everyday on Goan road, Narvekar said, “The accident death victim family must be paid Rs 2 lakh for the death caused on Goan roads within seven days.”


diogofichardo said...

Every True Goan want war on drug dealers, But how can we achieve this war? Our minister’s siblings and some members of our law enforcers are hand in glove with these dealers. Unless Goa creates a special task force of honest Goans, Crime, corruption and drug dealing will go on unchallenged

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