MARGAO: South Goa District and Sessions Judge U V Bakre on Thursday told agitating lawyers that his report made to the high court on the disposal of Mahanand Naik murder case is not the reason behind the high court decision to place Additional Sessions Judge Desmond D’Costa under suspension.
When the lawyers called on the district Judge in the open court room, he said that it is not because of his report on the Mahanand case that Judge D’Costa has been placed under suspension.
“Till date, I have no knowledge why Judge D’Costa has been suspended by the high court. The reasons can be different”, Judge Bakre said, when the agitating lawyers pointed out that the report or complaint filed by the Judge in the Mahanand case could be the reason behind the suspension.
Judge Bakre further told the lawyers that as the Principal District and Sessions Judge, he is required to submit reports on the functioning of the Judges every three months. “I have to file reports to the high court on any other issue given my position as the Principal district and Sessions Judge”, Judge Bakre added.
The lawyers pointed out to the Sessions Judge that he had even allegedly complained to the Director of Prosecution because the Mahanand case was closed.


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