A TEAR FILLED LIBERATION by Dr. Francisco Colaço, Margao

When there is so much to gloss over, 50 years after Goa’s Liberation, why do we have to further compound our miseries? We learn with concern that Konkani and Marathi will be used on signage, police statements and government notices. First of all, there was no need to press this divisive resolution in a tearing hurry.
It appears that Konkani votaries of Devnagiri are working to the detriment of large sections of Goans. They also seem to have capitulated before the Marathi lobby. Naguesh Karmali and Flaviano Dias are co-authoring a book on ‘Goa’s freedom struggle’ at Government’s cost. These same stalwarts were instrumental in preparing Parrikar’s infamous VCD. A large section of Goans are going to be further alienated. Let Liberation usher in only liberation of hearts and minds from servitude and bondage.


Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Those Goans down in Goa will only realise when they are physically thrown out of their homes by the indians and the indian navy. They will try to repent but will be of no use as the law run in the courts is indian law and will not help the Goans

Joe Rebello from Panjim said...

Konkani is the only mother tongue of Goa and Goans. Marathi is the tongue of the ghanttis who have been brought into Goa by Thief Naguesh Karmali and others. No chance should be given for Marathi. Out with Marathi from Goa.

Chandrakant Kankonkar said...

We must protect Konkani and do away with Marathi from Goa. Or must force the government of Maharashtra to give equal status to Konkani in Maharashtra so that we are in par with the language issue. Why are some of our Goan Hindus after marathi is beyond my understanding. I am a Hindu but solely a Goan Hindu and my tongue is Konkani which I speak in my house and out of my house.

diogofichardo said...

Goa was invaded rather than liberated, to impose unwanted Marathi language, corruption and the influx of non-Goans. It is time Goan Hindus, Muslims and Christians unit to get rid of the unwanted menace out of Goa.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

I doubt our Goan MLA`s or Freedom Fighters have the "B--lS" to ask Mahrastra to include Konkani as one of their Second Languages.
Perhaps other States bordering Goa should demand their language /scripts/signage etc included in Goa.
However the simplest of all would be if all those diehards that support Marathi should go & live in Maharastra.

I thought Hindi was a mainstream Indian language that binds all Indians.Why is it not been included?

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