DIDN'T ARMY LIBERATE GOA? by Paulo Mascarenhas, Panjim

Even in the backward African countries the freedom fighters of their country became the rulers of those countries once independence was given to them. Our people in Goa were highly advanced in education as well as the so-called freedom fighters.
So, why in these 50 years of liberation, did not even one of them occupy the chair of the Chief Minister of Goa? It is for the people to judge whether Goa was liberated because of the freedom fighters or because of Operation Vijay of Government of India on 19 December 1961.


Joe Rebello from Panjim said...

No Mr. Paulo, the Indian army did not liberate us but only invaded us over running a meagre 3500 Portuguese soldiers. They the indians have looted and plundered our beautiful Goa.

diogofichardo said...

Goa was invaded rather than liberated, to impose unwanted Marathi language, corruption, destruction and the influx of non-Goans. It is time Goan Hindus, Muslims and Christians unit to get rid of the unwanted menace out of Goa. What freedom do we have now? Where are the so called freedom fighters?

Da Silva said...

Goa was betrayed by small group of selfish traitors most of them dispeared into the Indian tidal wave which followed, never to see again. Some of them are still making small dying groan like Naguesh Karmali.

Anonymous the VIII said...

May I ask: What is the meaning of Liberation?
GOA was definitely NOT LIBERATED but INVADED.
Mr. Paulo, May I also ask, were you or any from your family slaves? or incarcerated during the Portuguese rule to say you are liberated after the Indians invaded?

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