FOR THE EYES OF GOANS ONLY brought to you by Shyam Sawant, Ponda

Navy land grabbers by Zino Carvalho, Davorlim
It is high time that State Government and people of Goa oppose the latest ‘Grabland’ attitude by the Indian Navy in the name of security, to acquire our two picturesque islands at Vasco, which are close to Dabolim Airport. They claim this is for ‘security’ to the operations at the Naval Air station.
These islands are assets of our State and the State Government of Goa should oppose these attempts by the Navy tooth and nail. The Navy is already occupying Dabolim Airport, Bat Island and Anjediva Island. In fact the Navy should disband its installations in Goa and move to the Naval Sea Bird Base at Karwar. Goa is already burdened with handing over vast tracts of land in the name of national interest and security to Central Government agencies like ONGC at Betul, MPT ambitious expansion and setting up marinas in Zuari Bay.
Navy land grabbers by Marcos Alemao
The Navy is occupying vast lands at Dabolim with the blessings of ex-Chief Minister and present Home Minister Ravi Naik. The entire land at Dabolim is occupied by their families. So far, no security incident has taken place in Goa and the presence of the Navy in Vasco is unwarranted. Now, the Defence Minister A K Antony is trying to take over the two islands in the name of security. Maybe even to bring his family to Goa. One cannot forget what trouble the Navy makes for Goans to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Candles. The same will happen if the two islands are captured by the Navy. I hope that the Chief Minister Digamber Kamat is very serious about his statement ‘that he will not go against the sentiments of the people’. But then, he said the same thing about widening of the highways
Navy land grabbers by Joaquim Pacheco, Divar
No way should the Goa government accede to the request of the Indian Navy for the two islands. As it is, we are trying to get back our Dabolim airport, and the Navy is trying to divert this issue by trying to grab our two islands in the name of security. It is a known fact that Goa is a plum posting, and navy personnel seek a Goa transfer for rest and recuperation. They and their families need a private resort and what better than two Virgin Islands. Give an inch and they will take a yard. In future, they will try to grab some more islands, maybe our very own Divar Island. Like the flag followed trade in the case of the British, here it is leisure in the guise of security. Goans should boycott the Navy Ball and all their other functions. Viva Goa!


Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Those Goans down in Goa will only realise when they are physically thrown out of their homes by the indians and the indian navy. They will try to repent but will be of no use as the law run in the courts is indian law and will not help the Goans

diogofichardo said...

In a democratic state of Goa, we are being dictated by the navy endorsed by our Corrupt Governments. It is the will of the people that the navy be kicked out of Goa. There are larger bases in the neighbouring states to house these dictators.We should act now before its too late.

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