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The following Open letter that I sent to the CM Digambar Kamat this Diwali Season on behalf of "Anguished Goans" was published under "OPinionatED" in Herald on November 9th.
If you wish to write to him his e-mail address is  Roger D'Souza
Dear Mr Digambar Kamat,
Warm Greetings for the Diwali Season and the Festival of Lights from all Goans. We sincerely hope that Good will prevail over Evil for Goa, but alas to our dismay at this time it doesn't seem to be!
As concerned Goans voicing our opinion about the destruction of Goa even our children will be busy during their Diwali Holidays writing to you to beg you to heed the voices of Goans who are alarmed at the wanton destruction of Goa and the Government of Goa's total disregard to the pleas of the Goans that the RP-2021 per the wishes of the people be ratified! What a way to be celebrating Diwali which should be a joyous time for our children and for the young and old in Goa! Likewise village after village have had to put aside the time for celebration in order to now prevail on our MLAs that we mean business and ensure that the strong message we send will reach the Government of Goa and to you. Nowadays we seem to be dodged with Section 144 every step of the way to keep the people away from the Government.
Four long years have passed and we've seen that there is a planned conspiracy on the part of the Government of Goa not to heed the voices of the people. Many a Diwali, Id and Christmas have come and gone but it's shocking to see that the wishes and mandate of the Goan people is being consistently ignored by the Government of Goa. All we see is more destruction of Goa being wrought by the Real Estate, Mining, Hotel, Casinos, pollutant industries, Navy, Roadways, Railways whereas the Goan people and Goa being subject to all sorts of vile and devious projects which do not serve the interests of the people.
The time has come to tell you our Chief Minister and our MLAs that there is only so much to the patience of the Goan people and we need the Government of Goa to heed the wishes of the people and notify the Regional Plan and freeze development in eco-sensitive zones
Our Goan villages continue to be up in arms against the Government’s destruction of Goa this Diwali Season. After Benaulim, Chandor, Chicalim, Tivim tomorrow it’s Cansaulim November 9th at 6:00pm where people will gather to have their voices heard and send a strong message to you and the Government of Goa.
As is evident from the village meetings, the heat is on the MLAs and the Government of Goa to work for the people and not against them. Village after village has clearly given an ultimatum to their MLAs and in turn the Government of Goa be it Tivim, Benaulim, Chicalim, Chandor.
It’s high time that the Government of Goa realises that it cannot go against the wishes of the people of Goa. They should read the writing on the wall and not take us for granted. The anguish and pain of the Goan people are echoed through the sentiments expressed below by many Goans. To quote some of the views which have been reported by the media:
"The state is becoming a terrorist, imposing outdated ideas of development on the people," Bicholim-based activist Ramesh Gawas said. Projects, be they SEZs, mega projects, mining, tourism ventures, are being imposed for the benefit of a few. These keep people busy at various levels, but all should unite to fight government's anti-people policies, he added.
Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA) convener Sabina Martins said the government had no interest in finalizing RP 2021, which had people's suggestions for protection of agricultural land, water bodies and eco-sensitive zones. "Eco-sensitive zones such as hill slopes, ponds, forests have to be mapped in the plan," she said, adding that this is what people had marked in revised plans sent to the town and country planning department.
Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvott member Bismarque Dias said, "The earth is crying and the cry of the earth is that of the poor,"
Mopa Vimantal Pidit Shetkari Samiti (Mopa International Airport Affected Farmers Committee) representative Sandip Kambli said all politicians had become brokers in the sale of land, depriving villagers and it was time to take the land back.
Jaganath Dhulapkar of Dhulapi said villagers who had tilled or taken care of their ancestral land for centuries were dispossessed because of the politicians' policy of keeping people aside.
GBA's Miguel Braganza said development should be what people want and not what is promised by promoters of projects, which is never fulfilled.
Village Groups of Goa representative John Philip Pereira said wherever there are illegalities, the people should keep fighting.
Seby Rodrigues of GOAMAP said that genuine tenants are often termed as encroachers for no reason.
A villager from Chandor, Luel Fernandes stressed on the need to retain the village identity and character, saying that Goans would be reduced to a minority if the villagers are converted into urban area.
We Goans strongly urge you while you celebrate during this Diwali, and you recently celebrated three years of being Chief Minister and now prepare for the grand celebrations for Goa's 50 years, that you spare a thought for Goa and Goans. For us Goans you've taken the joy of celebrating and instead heap pain, injury and sorrow on Goa and Goans. We Goans hope that you and your MLAs and the Government of Goa take the time to spare some thought to what we Goans want for Goa and Goans this Diwali Season.
To the Government of Goa please heed the wishes of the people and do not take Goa and Goans for granted. May this festive Season of Lights dispel the darkness and bring in Light for Goa and Goans!
In deep sorrow during this Diwali Season,
Anguished Goans


Da Silva said...

The present politician strategy is to change the demography of Goa and destroy its identity, especially in south Goa. If you closely examine these projects like Konkon railway, NH4 $ NH17 expansion, Vasco-Margoa rail expansion, Mopa airport are all carefully planned so that backbone of Goa is broken. Most of these projects we could have lived without or can live without. Once displacing people from their habitat the identity disappears. And these projects are exactly meant to do that. We should not get fooled by the politician word called “development” which they frequently use when describing these projects. The real development lies in upgrading present infrastructure, e.g. 24 hours water, uninterrupted electricity, improving existing roads etc. This is called real development.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Roger D`souza::Very informative article.
You have put all the major concerns of Goans very well in one basket.
I doubt the CM has the capacity to respond.
The CM, who has been called Cow-Muth by many Goans is more interested in opening ceremonies,inugurations,lighting holy lamps,cutting cakes & tapes.
My impressuon of him is of a man that sits in his Veranda in Margao, on a rocking chair, dressed in his lungi/ dhoti and chappals and gladly rocking away....dreaming of bridges.
I have never heard him come down strongly on erring Ministers.
Most of the ministers under his watch are criminals....Babush,Mickky,Chorchill,Naik etc He is prepared to keep them sweet so that he can hold on to power.He hangs on to power by a thread.
I look forward to his reply to your letter Roger...but do not wait in hope.
He does not need Goans to vote him in...he has his flock of Migrants in Moti Dongor to keep him afloat.Thats what he has stated openly to Goans.

For him everything will come to its "logical conclusion".
For sure he is protecting Ravi Naik.

diogofichardo said...

Will the CM and the current MLAs ever listen to the Voice of the Goan Citizern? No they are more interested in satisfying the Non-Goan money men for their own gains. Village after Village is losing its identity, Ghanti Nagars are sprouting everywhere. Stinking Garbage piles has become a part of everyday life in every village. Crime sphere too is on top of the list, drug dealers and rapists and murders are getting away lightly or never see the gates of court.

Tony D'Souza said...

Da Silva you have hit the nail on the head. There is a sinster and devious conspiracy with the Government of Goa working with the Railways, Roadways and MPT to forever alter South Goa and the Coastal area of Salcette. All the mineral wealth of the hinterland will be transported through the railway link to MPT for shipment while destroying our forests, fields and villages. The greed of these politicians is never ending.

Maxy Coutinho said...

Does the CM and those 40 thieves care for Goa and Goans! They are a disgrace to Goa and Niz Goenkars!

Janet Correia said...

I've been following the newspaper reports how village after village are raising their voices to fight for Goa and the ratification of the RP2021. Is the Goa Government deaf and blind to take notice of the wishes of the people?

Martin said...

I plan on writing to the CM myself to tell him what a useless and corrupt person he is. He is such a thick-skinned dukor that he wouldn't care!

Martha Gomes said...

It's heartening to see more and more Goans one step at a time, one voice at a time, one heartbeat at a time, one teardrop at a time echo the same sentiments at the destruction of Goa. We have a duty to stand up against evil forces and together we shall overcome!

Make no mistake Goans will overcome! Even if the Government and the policticians have sold themselves because of their greed we will be victorious!

It is Niz Goenkar and our voices that find a place to express ourselves that will make the difference.

God bless Goa and protect it from the evil forces!

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Roger::::Just incase Digu cannot read English...even though he speaks it and very often at the Goa Legislature.....can you get someone to send him a translation in MARATHI.

Tony Pereira said...

It's true the only ones who have reason to celebrate today in Goa are the CM, the politicians, the Panchayat members and councillors!

Theodore said...

Digamabar Kamat the Chief Makkod with his band of chors in the Goa Government will destroy Goa forever and finish Goans if we keep quiet and allow them to do as they please.

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