MARGAO:  PWD Minister Churchill Alemao was left fuming while Chief Minister Digambar Kamat gave his stamp of approval to traffic changes introduced in the commercial capital on Wednesday barring short distance buses from taking a round of the Margao Municipal garden.
When the bus operators called on the chief minister in the district Collectorate this morning with their grievances, Kamat point blank told them there’s no question of any rethink on the move, saying the new measures would be closely monitored for a fortnight.
That’s not all. The chief minister even directed the traffic police and the district authorities to submit report on the efficacy of the measures every three days.
The agitated bus operators – operating on the short distance route from Margao to Davorlim, Housing Board, Navelim and other areas – later approached PWD Minister, who rushed to the Collectorate with the operators and travelling public from his Navelim constituency.
He demanded to know from Collector G P Naik why the new measures have banned only buses travelling from Margao to his Navelim constituency. “I understand the concern of the chief minister to ease traffic congestion in Margao, but at the same time, it should not affect the travelling public and operators from these areas,” he told Naik.
The district Collector gave the PWD Minister a patient hearing and convinced him that the measures are purely implemented on an experimental basis and would be notified only if the results come positive.
After much discussion, the PWD minister gave the authorities a week time to test the new measures, and added that the measures should be scrapped if they fail to achieve the desired purpose.
He also called for a joint meeting with the Chief Minister, Collector, transport and traffic authorities and the bus operators after one week.
This morning, the traffic cops including DySP Gajanan Prabhudesai and PI Prabodh Prabhudessai were on the field to implement the measures wherein short distance routes buses plying from Margao to Davorlim, Housing Board, Ramnagar, Navelim and other areas were told take the Gaylin road at Ana Fonte garden instead of taking a turn at the Municipal garden.
Justifying the move, DySP Traffic, Prabhudessai said that a total of 130 buses, including these buses avail the old bus stand facility to alight and pick up passengers. “We have touched only 40 buses plying on the Davorlim, Housing Board route by banning them from taking a round of the Municipal garden as per the permit conditions”, he said.
As expected, the plan evoked strong objections from the bus operators, who demanded immediate withdrawal of the traffic pattern.
The operators later called on the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and traffic officials in the Collectorate and demanded withdrawal of the traffic pattern.
A bus operator Elvis Fernandes said the decision is not acceptable to the short distance route bus operators, saying they were never taken into confidence before implementing the decision.
Terming the decision as bad, another operator demanded to know why the authorities have not extended the ban on other short distance route buses and the long distance buses from Ponda, besides the tourist buses.(HD)


Anonymous the VIII said...

With a government composed of UNEDUCATED FOOLS who gain entry through the back door, you cannot expect efficiency. Shuffling routes or changing routes will never yield any beneficial results except more harassment to the public.
Is there any one in this government who is qualified in Road & Traffic engineering? I think all of them are, that is why too many cooks spoil the broth.
The least sensible thing they could do is employ these traffic cops to instill traffic sense in the public. Penalise all the buses that crawl inside the city and cause traffic obstruction, penalise vehicles double parked and wrongly parked causing traffic obstruction.
If traffic moves efficiently, there is less possibility of congestion. There is no need to change routes or make No Parking zones, etc.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Wow!! the Holy Cow of Margao, who the public call Digu, has just woken from a deep sleep after lying across the roads of Margao to complain about the Traffic congestion around him.
I am sure he is also concerned about the noise,pollution,climate change,pick pockets,increase in migrants,beggars,garbage,litter,lack of arse cooling air conditioned toilets,Gaddos,open sewers,overhead electrical,TV and telecommunications cabling,pot holes etc.
This Holy Cow Digu is not known to experiment with things.
Having slept soundly on the roads in and around Margao, I wonder if he has just woken up with a broken "dream" still sub-consciously playing on his mind.
Perhaps he should (or already has) pop around to his favourite migrant "VOTE BANK" in Moti Dongor,and over a cup of hot Chai and samosa, seek advice from the astrologers,astronomers,sooth sayers and quacks, to see if his experiment will be successful.As you know these migrants are now the people Digu has bought with Gandhi notes, to decide on the destiny of Real Goans and Goa.
The reason I suggest this meeting with his astrologers etc is because he is not known to "consult" the people on the issue or any issues.
Consulting PEOPLE,to get a ticket is the sole occupation of the other half nit- wit Chorchill.

Digu has to be careful, as this Squealing Pig From Varca,is known to change Party`s at the slighest hint of the lime light or his toys being taken away from him.If his wishes are not granted,he will change his allegiance and alliance, with the other animals at the dirty sinful and stinking public "Farmyard" located at Campal ,Porvorim.
Lets us await and see if this just awoken cow will succeed.
P.S.If anyone sees Digu can they ask him if he has recevied a reply from Poona / Pune about single handedly,closing down Facebook and Orkut....or was this an experiment too in plainly demonstrating his stupidity?

diogofichardo said...

What do these minsters understand about road traffic management? What does their CV hold? Has their IQ ever been tested? Every time they come up with changes thinking it is the right move, it causes more traffic misery.

Dalia said...

If Tongress Party does not provide tickets to this Chorchill, it will be another party this time called "Choranchi Party". He will invite all the criminals and looters with pots of money to join him. No wonder, only the present chors will switch sides if they are gruntled few fellows.

Does Churchill understand what a change means? I believe he only understand change means "Changing" parties.

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