QUEPEM: Mr Inacio Barboza from Zoglammoddi, Quepem, fell in a roadside municipal well while walking home after a prayer meeting on Saturday evening. He was rescued by the villagers, and escaped without any major injuries.
In Quepem, the yearly tradition of taking the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes among the families started on the third November. 11 statues of Our Lady were taken by the parishioners of 11 villages.
One such statue was taken to Zoglammoddi. After the Rosary and the prayers the villagers were returning home when all of a sudden there was power cut which resulted in total darkness. Mr Barboza was also returning home after attending the prayer service when he received a call on his mobile phone. Engrossed in the conversation he continued walking through the darkness.
Suddenly villagers heard someone screaming for help. They all came out but could not locate who was calling for help. Then suddenly one youth realised that the screams were coming from the well.  Soon the gathered villagers saw that Mr Barboza was holding to the laterite stone step inside the well. The villagers lowered a rope and pulled him out from the well. (NT)


diogofichardo said...

Thanks to the villages Mr Barboza was saved. Mobile phones are a bigger distraction to ones safety. No thanks to our power supply playing hide and seek, now will the authorities take action and build a higher wall around the well?

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