PANJIM:  NCP's Goa Unit President Jose Philip D'Souza on Sunday tendered his resignation from the post, hours before party's fact-finding committee was supposed to submit their report to high command.  D'Souza said this afternoon that he has faxed his resignation to high command in Delhi.  "I have not given any reasons," D'Souza, who was involved in a public brawl with his party colleague Fransisco Micky Pacheco, said.
"If Pacheco feels that he can take the party ahead, I am happy for him," he said adding that he would recommend Pacheco as next Goa unit chief.  The supporters of Pacheco and D'Souza had filed police complaint against each other after both the leaders were involved in a public fight on October 23.
This week, Party high command had commissioned its General Secretary Prakash Bhingsale on a fact finding mission. Bhingsale is supposed to hand over his report to the high command on Monday.  D'Souza had claimed that Pacheco was distributing money asking people to vote against his candidate in municipal poll, Pacheco had denied the charges.
Party sources claimed that D'Souza was called by NCP national leader Praful Patel and he held discussions with him over Goa incident.  NCP is a coalition partner in the Congress-led state government with two out of its three legislators inducted in Digamber Kamat cabinet. - PTI


Dalia said...

End of Nagounaechi Choranchi Party (NCP). Well done Jose Philip, let the real fight start now. We will watch how the immorals will lead the party of the immorals and chors along side Tonga-race Party.

dlp said...

Now Mickey Mouse will be the leader, I guess, and rule the party from his hole. I mean the holes he is used to.

dlp said...

Now Mickey Mouse will take the reign I guess, an will operate from his hole, or the holes he knows best.

diogofichardo said...

The Congress high command in Delhi are shameless or corrupt or both, they will appoint more corrupt members into the party. There will be more blood money distributed and hopefully all come down. A great example set for our future generation by our corrupt ministers.

Bebdo said...

And the Mickkey Mouse is coming to Dubai to sleep in the holes of the shameless and nameless Goans who have invited him to be the cheap guest for a tiatr. I am sure he will explore their holes by paying them some money. Otherwise which decent Goan would invite a school drop out tailor, who is accused of raping a 15 year old fisherwoman's daughter by his wife Sara; who has illigitimate children from his mistress Viola, was allegedly having an affair with Nadia; was allegedly convicted in a Florida court for sleeping with a prostitute; was allegedly involved in hundreds of cases of paedophile.
There is a saying: "You are known by the company you keep". "Don't tell me who you are but tell me who your friends are and I will tell who you are".
So those who are inviting Mickkey Mouse to Dubai and are supporting him too are like him. They too must be rapists, paedophiles, unfaithful to their wives; pimps and prostitutes.
If not think about it. Would you have invited such a person even to your village had he not have power and money? So is power and money everything for you guys? What happened to your religious teachings and morals? Think about it.
Those who are supporting Mickkey Mouse should think if they are doing the right think or not.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Bebdo:: I agree with what you just said.I suspect it must be someone that was assisted by Mickky to illegaly travel to the Mid-east.
The organisers cannot hide for too long.They will have to advertise the event in some way.
Mickky likes seeing his name on posters.This visit will also be a visit to enhance his current standing in Goa.
With all the scandals , he must be looking for morsels(pieces) of respect.I have no doubt, if he was invited to open an a/c toilet in Dubai and thatalso told, there would be only a handful of guests,...he would not refuse the offer .
I doubt he would command much respect as the head of NCP in Goa.It will fragment itself and self destruct.
Jose Philip is no Saint either.
These guys are not concerned about Goa or the welfare of its citizens/.They are more interested in their Power Houses.
It is like gang warfafe in Mexico or the ghettoes of the USA.
I am also sure while he is in Dubai...he will indulge in his favourite hobby of frequenting whore houses.

Dalia said...

The story of Nadia or Joelle took a U turn from Dubai. Nadia or locally known as Joele was the sweetheart of her childhood friend Winston Barreto. Joele's mother Sonia was a night time pass of Mickey Mouse. Slowly, the mouse eyed on Joele and started courting her much to the irritation of her boy friend Winston. The scuffle started and one fine day as they grew adults, Winston and Nadia were married. Winston being from the hotel industry got a job in Dubai, he soon took Nadia with him after a period. He was happy anticipating the end of harrasment by the Mickey Mouse.

In no time, the mouse followed her in Dubai, stayed in the same hotel where Winston and Nadia worked, eloped with her overnight leaving Winston high and dry without notice. The end of Winston's marriage started from Dubai and ended in Goa. Winston was arrested by the Margao Town Police against false complaints from Nadia with the help of Mickey Mouse on a number of occassions. What happened in between the period from Dubai to Nadia's grave was a high profile sad drama whilst Nadia saw a part of the Wide World in glamour before entering the grave.

Afonso de Albuquerue & Vasco da gama Core reporting said...

Guys this is a white wash, Jose Philip does not want to be in NCP any more he got offer from Congress and if he goes to congress then there wont be NCP-Cong alliance anymore. He does not like to be NCP President it is given to him forcefully. Wait for sometimes and for the next Assembly, this is inside news.

Bebdo said...

@Core Afonso de Albuquerue & Vasco da Gama...
Keep an eye on events... this is good news for us. Niz Goenkars should fill in the vaccum.
All the best.

Camoes d' Old Goa said...

@Afonso de Albuquerue & amp, Jose Philip is no foolish. This is a mouse trap. There won't be any alliance, Congress with NCP in the future. However, this is the chance looked forward by the Mouse. Now he will declare the candidature of Viola, the unmarried wife and Ganduckee, his pimp as next prospering candidates of NCP. Ganduckee with his ar*s moving inwards is looking for a place to hide coz after the defeat of Mickey Mouse, he will have no place anywhere.

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