PANJIM: Villagers from Cavorim-Chandor and Guirdolim at a meeting held on Friday unanimously demanded that the local MLA and urban development minister Joaquim Alemao be called to the village to listen to their grievances where they would ask him to press the government for immediate notification of the Goa Regional Plan 2021.
Sarpanchas of both the villages Derrick Braganza Pereira of Cavorim-Chandor and Jose Antao of Guirdolim agreed to arrange the meeting with the minister in the village where besides the Regional Plan, other developmental projects and problems faced by the villagers would be discussed.
Local organization Ganv Bhavacho Ekvott facilitated the meeting which was held in the panchayat hall.
Jose Antao stated that people had painstakingly worked on the plan. He stated that due to the non-finalisation of the plan, the panchayat is in a fix when people put in applications for constructions. The village has opted for VP2 status. Antao said that they will impress on the MLA to hasten the process and in the interim to notify the marked eco-zones as in the draft Regional Plan
GBA member Agnelo Furtado in his address referred to the various dates given by the government to notify the RP 2021 only to keep shifting to another date.
Sabina Martins urged the people to pressurize their MLA to prevail upon the government to notify the plan failing which she said the GBA would not hesitate to take to the streets.
Meanwhile, at the meeting held at Flinstone, Chicalim, on November 4, Chicalim Village Action Committee has decided to call upon their MLA Mauvin Godinho to press for the notification of eco-sensitive zones. The meeting was addressed by representatives of Goa Bachao Abhiyan, Save our Slopes, Goa Heritage Association of Goa, Vasco Watch and CVAC.
The anxiety to protect whatever is left of Vasco was palpable and the citizens vociferously supported the suggestion made by Francisco Menezes to start a post card campaign to the chief minister and Sonia Gandhi to notify the eco-sensitive zones.
Prajal Sakhardande of GHAG explained in detail the need to protect the caves in Chicalim and demanded their notification as heritage sites. He stated that just like the RP2021, the government is delaying the notification.  (TNN)


dlp said...

My friends from Chandor!!! Did you folks pressurized Mr. Joaquim Alemao or the Joking Alemao? It makes a big difference whom you approachd. Joaquim Alemao is the one with a Big Gorilla face always with a smile on his face but with sinister thoughts in his mind. Thread carefully. But let us keep on fighting to bring these monkeys down from their trees.

Dalia said...

Why waste money on post cards? They will never reach to Sonia or Rahul either. They will end up in the dust bin in Goa itself. Vote these rascals out in the next elections. Joking is more wiser than the irmao Chorchill. Joking never open his mouth but works silently underground for his own benefit. Hope the next election will show the door to many of these seasoned chamaleons.

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