JOIN NIZ GOENKAR by P. Cruz, Vasco Da Gama - Goa

A picture of Goa is presented here in three ways - PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE for the evaluation and judgement by the Goans in general.  Fate of Goa rests in your hands dear Goans.  Wake up now and heed the call for a cleaner, greener and golden Goa.
This Picture shows Goa in olden days! Look at the Sun which is smiling on Goa. There are two friends Pedro & Pandu both are in twenty’s. Pedro is working in Government office and Pandu is selling Vegetables and fruits. There were hills, trees, paddy fields, happy school going kids, children playing peacefully. Fisherman on a catch in the early morning and someone washing his cow. A peaceful Goa and Golden Goan days! You can also put in your inputs about the olden days in your comments. 

This picture Shows Today’s Goa! Look at the sun which is crying, look at the rapid changes in construction. Look at the massage parlours, Beer Pubs, night Club. Look at goondas molesting a girl in front of the people and in open place. Look at the politician’s and the police men. Is there any security in Goa for us and our children’s? What will happen if these things go on and on? The girl is crying for help and no one comes for the rescue. Look at the boy in the car and what he is saying to his parents. Also go through all this and give it in your comments what’s in your mind. Everyone please put your thoughts in the comments as what Goa is suffering today.
This Picture shows what Goa should be like in Future! Instead of Bars and Casinos we want churches, Temples and Masjids. Look at the sun smiling again. Look at the people in the field’s and the policemen at the duty. The childrens are playing peacefully. Please put in your inputs in your comments on how you like to be our Goa.




diogofichardo said...

I understand this article is put together by a group of teenagers from Goa who dream of a better future.
It is a shame our youngsters have not experienced the peaceful crime free times of the past years as we have. The present crime infested and destruction of Goa is the creation of our Corrupt get rich quick politicians. United we can all try and create a better future for the next generations to come. It is the toughest job but we can achieve it with True Goan Unity.

Dalia said...

Dear P. Cruz. I have no word to express and don't know whether to cry out loudly or just laugh it off. What a bright little article with few words but a larger than life meaning you put forward for the readers. I really have tears in my eyes seeing all the artistic pictures put in there filled with words those come naturally from each Niz Goenkar. What an artistic way of portraying the past and the present. A good presentation shown through age and development by Pandu and Pedro,. Yes, Goa has changed drastically in the last 15 years with the land prices shooting and sky rocketing. Courtesy: our politicians started land conversion reaching to paddy fields that never happened before. The way future is presented, I hope all our prayers come true and look like as shown in the last picture. But I doubt very much since some of the Niz Goenkars have lost their values and who involved in major crimes to spoil Goa. Unless they get reconverted as Niz Goenkars, things will hardly change.

Kudos to you P. Cruz for such a wonderful article with few words, the pictures said it all. I hope every reader will appreciate your nice thought and hard work and post a comment.

dlp said...

Wow!!! Mr. P. Cruz! This is another masterpiece after the Jurassic Park of Goa. Where have you been all this time? We missed you and your comments/articles. Hope all is well with you. Do keep them coming. No one could have described better the Goa of our past, present and future hopes. Keep them coming. A splendid job indeed!!! Kudos!! and three cheers for Mr. P. Cruz and Niz Goenkars! Hip hip Hurray! Hip hip hurray!! Hip hip hurray!!!

Bebdo said...

A picture tells a story in thousand words. On behalf of Niz Goenkars, I appreciate and thank the three teenage girls who have done the artistic description of Goa's state of affairs.
Well done gals! Keep it up and keep the flag of Niz Goenkar flying high in your colleges.

Robert de Goa, Business Bay, Dubai said...

Great article by Cruz. Hope this is an eye opener to people who choose to close their eyes like the policemen shown int he pictures. Accept my hearty congrats to you and your team who put up such a brave article with a great thought. We need to see more of you.

P. Cruz said...

Yes this article was put by the 2 teenagers girls, thanks to them I only supported them and gave them my idea also which they have done it so beautiful with the combination.

Update from Vasco: In the recent election of Municipality it is heard that Pascoal has spend Rs.20 lakhs to get him elected plus Nanny has also spend some money. The panel will be formed by Manish Arorlkar with the help of BJP-Cong-Independent (Mickky-Mauvin-Carlos Almedia-Fr. Costa). They all got combine and kept Jose Philip out of the panel.

Also one important update the next assembly was supposed to be after 2 years, but due to central law for Reservation which was passed recently for Schedule caste, women, etc. where lot of seats to be reserved, the elections in Goa will likely take place in next May. If they held the election after May then all the above law is applicable to them for reservations of seats. Now this congress party wants to hold the election so they can run for the next 5 years without reservation is applied. So, these chors will have more time to loot Goa and if reservation is applied then some of them will have tough time to contest and they will lose the chance. Now they are having a secret meeting after Diwali and Installation of Municipalities panel when to hold the election. Also due to corruption and lot of goans are angry with the government and want for a change will suffer as the elections will be surprise. The congress also came to know about the formation of the new parties to throw them out and they do not want them to settle and plan for the next elections. This is dirty work of the government so well planned that they will surprise us with the announcement of the next election.

diogofichardo said...

P. Cruz Thanks to the two teenagers for the brilliant true to life article, I am sure every young Goan dreams of a better life in Goa. That is possible if every Goan puts their differences aside and unite for the better of Goa. This is a battle we have to win.

Robert, Business Bay, Dubai said...

I am sure that along with the thoughts, the writer and the artist took so much pain to potray the feelings perfectly in pictures. Thanks P. Cruz for the good thoughts and for opening eyes of so many Niz Goenkars. You deserve a lot of applause.

It is high time that every Goenkar look at the above pictures and think over or else we will be nowhere in the coming years.



Till date Mauvin have spent 25 Lakhs in support of Korgaonkar(KIRTESH OPPONENT)
Carlos and Saifullah have spent more than 15 lakhs each.
Micky has distributed more than 40 lacks in Mangoor itself.He also paid lum sum to Simon and Soccoro(Lavina opposition).
Balan(Mexico Gang) sister has won in Sada.
Lavina who was supported by philip has been pulled over by Mauvin with the help of Fr COSTA. MAUVIN has taken advantage of FR COSTA who was once a close supporter of Philip.

Even after most of the candidate supported by Philip won easily. MAUVIN & MICKY are using all resources to form the Panel.Lacks have been offered to those who oppose Philip panel.Five star stay has been provided to the councilors until the elections of chairperson is done.

Yesterdays Navhind times says that the election for Chairperson will be held on 11th.It also says that Mr MANISH AROLKAR AND CARLOS played major role in bringing 13 Councilors together to form BJP Panel.
This are false reporting. MANISH OR CARLOS himself is not BJP member NOR they do have any say in BJP AFFAIRS OF VASCO.They are only acting as menageries of MAUVIN GODINHO AND MICKY.
Shekar(ex chairperson,Mexico Gang)has blessing of MAUVIN, has managed to round up all those in SADA. Those candidates who oppose Philip ie.SAIFULLAH,NITIN CHOPDEKAR,RAJESH KORGAONKAR joined hands to keep Philip away.

By keeping in mind Election date for general elections.MAUVIN wants his panel at any cost.He is ready to spent more LACKS.
With his panel,he can start ground work for Dabolim constituency and also to stop any development from Philip.So this council panel is very important for him to attain his goal as he is for himself and not for anybody.
People of MURMUGAO are not nuts.They will perish you sooner than later MR MAUVIN GODINHO.


RDM said...

Very thought Provoking Graphics ! The last picture steals the show. Suggest we put up copies of these pictures in our church Parishes, temples, mosques in Goa, any other public places we can afford to and the churches in the prominent cities of the middle east ( having a fair population of Goans) as well. Will help bring about a sense of awareness which in my opinion is the primary purpose the people are voting the same rotten bunch back to power time and again.

Satu said...

My lips are sealed, no words to describe, I already made a poster of the article as it is in pictures and put in one of the company's camp populated by Goans. It's a sight to see where a few stared putting in signatures with lovely wishes for P. Cruz. Well done.

Core Vasco Da Gama & Afonso De Alburquer said...

Core Vasco Da gama Reporting and also Afonso de Alburquer :

P. Cruz & Simon Fernandes your research are superb let me add something.

The Philip panels are in 5 star hotel in Candolim for 3-4 days and now shifted to Panjim hotel as this is on the house. Well Lavina & Arnald Rego hubby of Fiola Rego initially were opposed to Philip. Lavina's brother Francis D'souza alias Pinto is working in MPT but also runs a 2 number business of smuggling. Philip has stopped it before as Lavina was not in his municipal panel. Then one day Lavina and his brother came running to Philip and assured him of supporting him in the panel and in return he will not stop his brother buisness of anti-law. So ther was understanding between Lavina D'souza and Jose Philip. Same way Arnald Rego runs a gambling club in the city which is illegal who has teken from his father so Philip stopped it and he also came to support for his survival. This is how the chess is played and checkmate is done by Philip-Lavina-Rego.

Damodar said...

We should know one thing, Portuguese gave us Identity and respect, with the Indian we lost both. Still then our Chief minister calls the portuguses by names and tells them to go home.

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