PANJIM: Cross examination of the Russian woman rape victim has finally ended in the South Goa sessions court on Wednesday. The rape victim was being cross examined by the defense for the last three days after her examination in chief.
The proceedings were held in camera in the court of Additional Sessions Judge, Vijaya Pol. Sources in the know said the Russian rape victim was crossed examined on the complaints filed her with the Colva police after the alleged incident.
With the examination and cross examination of the rape victim finally over, only a handful of prosecution witnesses, including investigating officer PI Sunita Sawant and 3-4 police officials now await examination in the court.
However, if court sources are to be believed it may take some more time for the curtains to come down on the trial as the report on the Muddemal property is yet to come from the forensic laboratory, Hyderabad. The rape victim will also be required to appear in the court again for the identification of the clothes attached by the police during investigations. (HD)


Dalia said...

This drama has taken long and will end sooner. The villian will become hero and declare that he was framed up and now ready to contest the next elections. There is no suspense left int he story as people has seen so many dramas in Goa based on this story line. The only suspense is whom the hero will align with. Chorchill or the Mickey Mouse.

I guess, it will be Mickey Mouse as Chorchill is guarding the space for the Leitao and on the other side, like minds can always match together. Both like babes for a wrong reason.

PI Sunita Sawant will again be handed with a pack of soap powder to wash her brain off and be prepared for the next case that will be discarded like all others into the dustbin.

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