GOA DAY DOHA-QATAR: ALL GOANS ARE WELCOME brought to you by N. Fernandes, London

(Courtesy Gulf Times)
Cultural event to mark Goa Day
Doha Goans Sports Club is to hold Goa Day on November 19 by presenting a cultural programme at Municipality Building conference hall near the Museum Roundabout on the Corniche.
The event, which will start at 5.30pm, promises to be an evening of entertainment for the whole family, with traditional Goan songs and dances. Besides, artistes will depict Goa’s culture while singing Mandos and Dulpods, which form an integral part of Goan way of life.
The club has urged Goans who wish to take part in dancing/singing or acting to contact it for registration before November 5.
“World Goa Day is celebrated by designating a day for Goans to reflect on their identity and to consider what it means to be a Goan as well as to take pride in being Goan and to unite with Goans the world over to celebrate the state’s history, the Konkani language, music, cultural heritage and traditions,” said London-based Rene Baretto, the brainchild behind the Goa day celebrations.
World Goa Day 2010 was celebrated worldwide on August 20 to mark the historic inclusion of the Konkani language in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution, making Konkani Goa’s official language.  For event details contact: Mauricio Pereira (mobile 55817812), Paul Fernandes (77162611), Mathew (55807019) or Antonio J. Vaz (55252098). (Courtesy Gulf Times)


diogofichardo said...

This is a mouth watering event, I wish I could attend. Great to know Goan events like these take place around the world. My best wishes to The Doha Goans Sports Club, and God Bless you all.

Dalia said...

Great event for the Goan folks in Qatar. Have a great time specially with Mandos and Dulpods. Wishing you all the best of luck and fun.

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