Goa is a land of Beauty the golden shore is its beautiful features and appreciated in the world. Also Small Islands are spread like pearls in the Arabian Sea. Once conquered by the Portuguese and when liberated by the Indian Army these pearls like Island and the shore are now vanishing. These Island & the Shores always have attachment to the Goans hearts and mostly to the fisher folks of the Goans. These are inhabited by the Goans civilians and they were part of their routine trips as we can see lot of Holy Cross of centuries are existing in these places. Here is the sorry tale of the two families & Two Island where Goans will no have access as they will be taken by the Indian Navy shortly.
Inacio, wife and grandson
Two House

The Bimbvel Beach down the Mangor hills and between Baina Beach and Hollant Beach is a beautiful location and a paradise for fishing. There lives two families one is Inacio Dourado & the other is Andrew Nandes. Inacio lives in his ancestral house with his wife and four kids and Andrew stays in his own ancestral house with his wife. Their forefather was staying there for more then 200 years and there were three houses there during the Portuguese time. When India conquered Goa and after 10 years the Indian Navy with armed forces demolished one of their main house to expand the airport without any notice and also they never allowed them to retrieve their belongings and also the documents of the Portuguese time. Even they threatened the landlord, Mamlatdar as per Inacio. So they then renovated their other two houses and that became their main houses now. As they are surrounded by the Indian Navy or MES they have to get a pass to enter in and out of gate. Recently the Indian Navy has applied to the government to annex Bimbvel area and two islands for their benefit. They want the two families who are staying in that area to vacate and set up their establishment. When I asked Inacio and Andrew he says they have the House number given to them by the Municipality many years back, but the Indian navy has not shown their two houses on the plan and only one house is mentioned without the owner’s name. They have electricity from navy but no water supply, they use wells as means of water supply. Before they had one communidade field but that was also taken by the Indian Navy. There are two Landlords for that property and Inacio & Andrew are the Tenants, the Indian Navy has estimated Rs. 3.78 Crore for the 1,08,372 sqm. area, but never mentioned that some amount will go to the tenant. This full amount will go to the landlord but what if the Navy wants to take the land and what about the two family’s rehabilitation no one cares about them as nothing is mentioned to the families which are staying there for centuries.
Catch of the day Shell Fish

Andrew & Inacio

Both the families live on the fish and the coconut trees as their occupation and daily needs. The navy people come there for picnic and they drink a lot, pluck the coconuts and sometimes do nasty things disturbing their peace. Also during the rainy season the fishermen come there to anchor the canoes for protection of the storms and to avoid damage to them. You can find lot of fish in this area and most of the Raponkars come to put their net here as well the two families do their living. The two families say that if they want them to evacuate they should provide them with good accommodation, some money and some jobs to their family members for their living. But so far no one bothers to their heed as they are few in number and no one to support them. Even they have approached the Ramponkars as they anchor their canoes in the rainy season for safety. They even approached the Leader of the Ramponkar in Goa one Agnel from Cansaulim. He says he has talked to Churchill Alemao and his brother but nothing happened. They have approached Ex MLA’s of Vasco Simon D’souza, Dr. Wilfred Mesquita & even present MLA Jose Philip D’souza but no progress and forgotten their promises. There are two Holy Cross there and all the people used to worship them when I was young I even went there for Litany. Now no one is allowed to go there even the priest who used to come every year for the worship is not permitted to go there as these has become the restricted area. The navy has gone to such an extent that our sentiments are not left without any mercy. There was also a natural spring and all the Goans used to come there for picnic and used to take bath in the spring but now it’s vanished and no one is allowed to go there even to do fishing. We are restricted in our own land and how much land is left in Goa for us? The Government has not still sent a notice to them for evacuations but they were using some awkward tactics to drive these two families away as per Inacio.
Towards the sea and in the middle of the sea there are two Islands Motar ( Packea Zua) and Dar Zua some part of the Motar Island is annexed by the Navy and now they want the other part of it and also Dar Zua Island for their Projects. How much is the area of Goa and what is left now for us? they want the airport, they want Island, they want our beautiful beaches in the tiny Goa and where we will go? Why can’t they go to Karnataka who has vast land and also Islands? What about the two families staying there? Are we Goans will be deprived to step in our own land? What is the State Government doing is it sleeping?
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diogofichardo said...

The Goam Government is a puppet to the central Government, the interest of Goan citizens is never taken into account. As said before Goa does not need a large defence personal. The navy has been a thorn in Goans' life. None of the present or past MLAs will ever do a thing to save Goa's Islands as they have their pockets full. If the navy acquire these islands all our corrupt officials will be chief guests to navy's drunken picnics. May be drugs and women too.

Shyam Sawant said...

This is most disastrous. The Ar....ole Indian Navy have become thieves and pludering looters of the Goa they have illegally occupied by invading. Drive them away from our Goa.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

I do not see the strategic Naval importance of Goa anymore.
Military Technology and hardware has moved at a very fast pace.There are better Radars, early Warning Systems,Missiles,Carriers,Cruisers etc .India also has in its arsenal of Nuclear warheads and deterrents.
Goa woud have been useful in the past.However Goa, since World War 2 (60 years +) has never been used as a staging post in any War...major or minor.
India`s main and bloodiest enemy is the failed and extremely fraudelent & corrupt Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its Terror outfits.India,even with one of its best NE command posts in Mumbai failed to deter the 26/11 terrorists.
These islands do not belong to the Navy.Neither does Dabolim from what I have read.It was a legacy from the forced takeover of Goa from the Portuguese.
Goa`s freedom fighters have now all received their medals and pensions and are no longer interested in this issue.
Unlike Maharastra and Kerela, Goa does not have a long Coastline.Goa is an extremely small state.
Land in Goa is becoming scarce and is at a premium.
Loking around the world at major powers, none use their smallest states as Strategic posts.
Many smaller Countries have agreements for protection from invasion/supression with major powers.
The UK, Australia, China,USA and France have such agreements to protect smaller Countries / States.
In my personal view, the taking of these islands has 2 main purposes.It is to provide a place for Picnics for Army/ Navy personell and a Financial bounty for Goas legislators.
In this instance again,the Goa Legislators (MLA`S, all rabid dogs, have a loud bark...but a weak bite)
Every Goan can be assured, if ever there was a major war of some sort, those so called uneducated,illiterate and theiving "powerful Ministers" of the Goa Legislature, will be running to the hills of Nilgiri or Himalayas and hiding in caves as Saddam Hussein and Osama bin laden did and continues to do.These MLA`s can "talk the talk"...but will never "walk the walk".
Mickky is well experienced andaccomplished in going underground during a crisis.Maybe the other MLA`s can consult him if war ever breaks out around Goa.

Dalia said...

I do not know how my earlier comment was lost on this topic. My topic was on Sea Bird project in Karwar. The project was built spending crores to accomodate Navy there including shifting the Navy base from Goa. However, the Navy guys in Goa will stick to staying in Vasco since they have settled their families in and around Vasco and all over Goa in particular. Where else could they get pristine, rich land like Goa? The Navy fellows after retirement too, like to spend their life in Goa. Now, this has become a chain of these Navy fellows whose kith and kin are employed in the Goan Navy and staying in Vasco. So, they will make all efforts not to move out of Vasco and Dabolim in particular. Is the Navy above the wishes of the people?

If Chorchill did not shave us the issue today would have been better including that of MOPA. Our Goas is ruined by none other than these 40 Chors.

james said...

It is a shame that our politicians are not looking into the interest of these locals . the navy , MPT , KRC all want to grab precious Goan land

Matt said...

Yeah The indian navy is become a pain in the ass specially to poor people i love fishing and we used to go fishing in the rocks at Bogmalo but the indian navy used to come with their rifles and guns and threaten us its not a new for the people of Bogmalo and Vasco.But still they ellect the same leader who takes money and keeps quite as he belives " Sell Goa " Matt

Yogesh said...

Hi Everybody

just been back from my vacatio from Vasco, Goa. saw this issue being higly debated there.

The navy has been orgnising a planned activity to get hold of this two islands but the good thing is that it has been strongly opposed by the local people. hope that thye people's voice get stronger by each day and makes tht government to decide against handing ths island to the Navy.

Yogesh Marathe

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