PANJIM: A delegation of Vanxim villagers will meet the Archbishop of Goa and Daman, Filipe Neri Ferrao, on November 22, to discuss the issue relating to the alleged sale of church land to private parties.  At the gram sabha meeting held on Sunday, it was informed that they had sought an appointment with the Governor, Dr S S Sidhu’s office to get all the relevant reports from various government departments. The villagers had submitted a memo to the Governor on August 11 and had followed up on it on 22nd October.
Activist Mr Seby Rodrigues, who attended the gram sabha, informed that the proposed children’s park project in the village was dropped due to a stiff opposition from the people while Dr Sabina Martins informed that the proposed project would have have an adverse impact on the topography of the island adding that there are only 40 families at present residing in the village.
Besides this, the proposed 700-flat housing project will also affect the political scenario of the area, Dr Martins informed and called upon the government to notify the Regional Plan and enforce participatory process at grassroots level.  Fr Bismark, who also addressed the villagers, said that it is the duty of Goans to protect and preserve their land for the future generations.
Meanwhile, Mr Mahendra Gaunekar, owner of a land, bought from the church in 1999, stated that most of the villagers had willingly surrendered their claims to cultivation after receiving an adequate compensation for the same.
He said this was done in order to make them stakeholders in any proposed economic activity given the fact that agriculture has become totally unviable as saline water has made its way landwards. "This has resulted into the inundation of the land and a considerable portion of which has been eroded into the river," he added.
This island, which is in desperate need of some basic infrastructure including some measures to protect it from continuous erosion into the river is being adopted by the present owners to take some initiatives to carry on with agriculture, water sports activities or any other tourism-related recreational facilities after taking into confidence the locals.
The residents pointed out that some tourism-related facilities in the form of a hotel in the neighbouring island of Diwar led to generation of a lot of jobs for the locals.  The reluctance of the villagers to find solutions to some of their apprehensions regarding development of the island was also discussed. (NT)


Dalia said...

The Fortress at Altinho will be closed. The Archbishop will hardly entertain the delegation as it is one of the party in the sale deed. How will they reverse it? There will be preaching with verses from the Holy Bible to convince the people and tell them that jesus suffered so much, you people too can suffer and keep quiet. What else will they do? Until now, they have never issued any statement.

Fr. Maverick works on sentiments and issues statements when he wakes up from deep slumber but only on certain issues where his foes are involved.

Bebdo said...

I would request all Niz Goenkars from Cumbarjua constituency, especially those from Jua (St.Estevam),Divar, Corlim, Vanxim and Old Goa to gherao MLA Pandurang Madkaikar. Madkaikar is the one who initiated this deal and is now hiding. Recently, when the people of St. Estevam had gone to his place regarding the extraction of sand off the island and its transportation through the thickly populated village, Madkaikar did a disappearing act.
Voters and Niz Goenkars of Cumbarjua, please teach a lesson to this Ghonvddo in the next election.
Well done Fr. Bismark (Jose). We are proud of you being a Niz Goenkar and we need priests like you.

N.FErnandes (London) said...

It is utterly shocking that a lot of Church Land is now being sold to solely profit making enterprises.
No due respect is being paid to Local and surrounding Parishoners.
The Catholic Church in Goa and its caretakers are being seduced by Big Business houses and of course Goa`s MLA`s.
Who are the 700 Flats for? answers please!!
Priests these days have become extremely greedy.One just has to attend Sunday Mass or a wedding ceremony and these Priests (humble servants of Goa)demand the best fees and fayre....for the Offerings...cakes, flowers, wine, candles, choirs etc.
And now many Priests are seen at Political gatherings to grace Politicians with sins...bigger than sin it self.

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