CORTALIM: The municipal elections seem to have effect on the Cortalim constituency although the constituency does not have any representation in municipality.  Deputy Sarpanch Ramakant Borkar, who until the municipal elections was a close associate of Mauvin Godinho, criticised Sarpanch Rathod and expressed the need for replacing her with a local women panch.
“Today I was told that she would not been presiding over the gram sabha,” he told some residents informally before the gram sabha and blamed her for not taking active part in day-to-day affairs of the panchayat matters. Interestingly, the ruling panel of the Sancoale panchayat which is affiliated with Godinho appears to be disintegrating further, days after the deputy speaker showed inclination for Dabolim constituency.  In fact, two local women panchas Antonette Carvalho and Jamina Pareira are from the opposition camp and if one of them takes over the reigns of the panchayat, it would signal an end to Mauvin’s reign over the panchayat.
In fact in the last few days, some local leaders from the village and supporters of Godinho have been holding meetings with Benaulim MLA Mickky Pacheco apparently to find replacement for Mauvin Godinho in Cortalim. When contacted for his comments, Pacheco shot back: “Why only Cortalim, I am finding candidates for all the constituencies in Goa,” he said. (HD)


Dalia said...

Mauvin, Mickey Mouse, Jose Philip all had their time with Rath-fod and now are on a different scale to put their own agends in place. Goa is spoilt by these dirty scumbags. The gang warfare is the new thing started in Goa and it will not be far off when we will see the copy of affairs of Bihar and parts of UP in Goa. I will be happy when this happens and wipe out all the dirty politicians of Goa.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Seems like Mauvin has is going to cast his money making & vote catching fishing net in another area.
This RATHOD person is currently on my radar.Please supply some more info on Rathod.

Vikas Naik said...

All Mauvin Godinho's chamchas and dogs are now trying to flex their muscles and show their loyalty to him so that they can get some crumbs that will fall into these dogs' mouths.

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