MAPUSA: An Anjuna hotel security guard on Wednesday allegedly stabbed the father of a girl who asked him why he (guard) was stalking his teenaged daughter. Security guard Babu Nayak from Assam and in his early 20s, was then caught by locals who allegedly thrashed him and handed him over to the police.
Anjuna PI Manjunath Desai said, "We have registered a case against the accused under Section 307 (attempt to murder) of IPC and sent him for medical examination." The victim's condition is stable. Police said that Nayak works as a security guard at a hotel in Anjuna and for the last five days had been stalking a teenaged girl.
"He would follow her wherever she went. He wouldn't say anything but just chase her. This made the girl uncomfortable and she informed her father that Nayak, who was staying close to their house was chasing her," sources said.
Sources further said that this upset her father, who works as a head clerk in a school and he went to question Nayak about this at about 7.30am on Wednesday. "On being questioned, Nayak became aggressive and grabbed a knife from his room. He first tried to flaunt the knife and scare the girl's father. Later in anger he stabbed the 58-year-old man with the knife. The girl's father sustained injuries in the chest, right hand and head," sources said. (TNN)


diogofichardo said...

Great Job the locals did, by catching the Non Goan Criminal, It's a shame he wasn't trashed to death. That would have set an example to others to behave in Goa.

Dalia said...

This is the result of our hospitality to the outsiders. On one side, we cannot live without their services and on the other side we do not want them. But if they are kept at a ditance and under strict security guidelines, it may be possible. Since all outsiders know that Goa is hospitable and people are nice, we are taken for granted. On the other hand, the migrants as well all criminals know that the Gua Pulis are lax and easy to handle. Bet you, this Assamese will get baila and dissapear. The poor father will then forever live in fear and suffer.

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