MARGAO: The fate of the Mumbai-based real estate developer Ms Raheja Universal Pvt Ltd hangs in balance as the builder has knocked the doors of the Town and Country Planning development seeking permission for construction of bungalows at Carmona village.
After the TCP raised queries on the absence of a 10-meter road leading to its property at Carmona village, the Mumbai-based realtor has replied to the TCP and to the village Panchayat referring to the decision of the PWD to acquire required land to widen the approach road to 10-meters.  The reply, however, has come in for strong objection from Carmona Panch member Orlando Da Silva at the Panchayat meeting on November 9 when the issue came up for discussion.
Orlando demanded to know why the government is hell bent on acquiring land to wide the village road to 10 meters, saying this is being done only to satisfy the Mumbai-based real estate developer.
He drew attention of the Sarpanch Estaquio D’Costa the resolution of the gram sabha to restrict the size of the village internal road to five meter in the Regional Plan.
After much discussion, the Panchayat later resolved to forward the reply received from Raheja to the TCP for a final decision. Whether the reply from the Mumbai based builder would meet the requirements of the TCP remains to be seen as the land acquisition proceedings have not yet commenced till date.
Moreover, the TCP while issuing final NOC for the sub-division of land to Rahejas had made it categorically clear that any secondary development in the permitted will be permitted only after acquiring and development of road of 10 meters and the same shall be governed as per the rules in force.
Raheja’s had approached the Carmona Panchayat for permission for construction of bungalows on the sub-divided plots, but what has now apparently come in the way of the builder is the less than 10-meter wide approach road to the property. (HD)


Bebdo said...

People of Carmona, Niz Goenkar are with you. Don't allow this project to come up in your village. I know some of the staff of Rajehas who were hired from Bombay and are working on the blue print for this project. The minimum price for a villa is Rs 3cr and the maximum is Rs 18 crores.
Which Goan has this much money? Can any Goan (even a very successful professional) can make money in crores through honest means?
This project is for the rich non-Goan ghanttis who want to convert Goa into their playground for drugs and sex.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

My Dear Goans...also remember...Chorchill will not be buying any Flats/penthouses/bungalows here.He has negoitated a deal to to get some given to him as a bribe for his services.

diogofichardo said...

Residents of Carmona let us be thorn in these developers’ backsides, together with Niz Goenkars we need to stop further destruction of Goan land. In the name of progress it is the Non-Goans who will be out and our future generation bosses. We need to stop them now. Kick these corrupt politicians where it hurts more.

Mohan Naik said...

That is true none of us honest hard-working Goans can afford these kind of houses in these mega-projects.

Our corrupt politicians be it Joaquim Alemao or Mauvin Godinho or the rest all get huge benefits from approving and pushing through all sorts of illegalities working with corrupt Panchayat members be it Carmona, Chicalim, or Cansaulim.

That's why these rogue politicans with unscruplous Panchayat members and their builder bum chums be it Rahejas, Queeny Realty Estate, DLF are out to destroy our Goan villages!

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