PANJIM: The Defence Minister, Mr A K Antony in a written reply informed Mr Shantaram Naik, the Rajya Sabha MP from Goa, on Wednesday that the Goa government has so far not granted any NoC to hand over two islands as requested by the Indian Navy.
The minister also informed Mr Naik that the Navy has made a request to hand over ‘Grande Island’ owned by a private party having an area of 5,28,575 sq mt and ‘Pikene Island’ comprising an area of 2,78,525 sq mt, owned by the Goa government.
Mr Anthony said that these islands are located at a distance of less than 4 km in the landing funnel of the Dabolim airport. This proposal has been made in order to address the security concerns related to aircraft operations from Naval Air Station at Dabolim and the case is being processed as per existing regulations.(NT)


diogofichardo said...

First of all Dabolim was a civilian and not navy airport, it was forcefully occupied by the navy during the invasion of Goa.. The army and navy are occupying the better parts of Goa. There is no requirement of a large defence personal in Goa, they are here to enjoy and then abuse the hospitality of the good and honest Goan people. The navy and army should be relocated to the neighbouring states where there are larger bases. Dabolim must be handed back for civilian use only, that can be upgraded.

PissoPedru said...

NAVY if u are so concerned about the safety of the base, then here is an option why don't you move south to Karwar.
Don't try to fool the people of Goa - u guys trying to imitate the US in having another Pearl Harbour in Goa for your enjoyment only.
The Protuguese left 49years ago, who u trying to defened us against now, look to the north, militants infiltrated and attacked Bombay, what use of having the Navy?? To the East coast the Bangladeshis infiltrate every day.
Guys wake up, are we fools ??? Do your job where it is really required. Smuggling activities, errant ships cleaning out their bilges. Your job is not real estate.

Salu said...

Navy & Army are here in Goa on Holidays. The percentage of land they are holding is the highest compared to any other state and yet they want even more. They should get lost from Goa. Goa needs liberation from you. We can defend ourself.

Goan Boy said...

Goans rise and fight to preserve every inch of Goa's land. The policians are waiting to wipe out Goa in any manner. Ravi Naik gave away Anjadiva Island to the Navy without consulting anybody and Now Digambar is ready to hand over the other islands to the Navy without consulting Goans. They feel its their father's property. When we had opinion poll Dr. Jack de Sequeira fought to preserve Goa. At least we can take his example and fight. Niz Goenkar should co-ordiante with each other and start the fight right now. LONG LIVE GOA.

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