MARGAO: Five cases, three deaths in the last eight days. That’s the alarming number of deaths due to ratol consumption reported at government-run Hospicio hospital, showing a surge in cases of ratol consumption as a means to commit suicide.
If the death of young Loutolim woman, Nadia Torrado due to ratol paste consumption brought to the fore the lethal nature of the rodent killing paste, ratol appears to be increasingly used by the young and middle aged persons to end life.
Dr Doreen Dias, Psychiatrist, attached to Hospicio hospital said “In the past, doctors were called upon to treat attempted suicide cases relating to overdose. But, people tend to take ratol to take drastic steps. This is indeed an alarming situation and needs to be addressed on a priority basis”.
Dr Dias said the victims, in some case, were unaware the lethality of the consumption of ratol paste. “Doctors are helpless when suicide victims with consumption of one or two ratol pastes. There are chances of survival in overdose cases, but not vis-à-vis ratol consumption”, she added.
Another Hospicio doctor attributed the surge in ratol cases to the copy cat syndrome after the much-publicised death of the Loutolim woman.
Ratol has claimed a young married woman from Sao Jose de Areal, besides a young girl in the last three days. Thursday saw the admission of a 40-year old man from South Goa rushed to Hospicio after consuming two tubes of ratol paste. Incidentally, the hospital did not witness many cases in the last 2-3 months, but the sudden surge has raised many an eyebrow.
In the case of the Sao Jose de Areal woman, the suicide note stated that the victim was fed up of life and refused to blame anyone for her decision.  Says Dr Doreen: “During counseling, we have come across many cases relating to family conflicts and minor domestic quarrels. Probably, many a victim did not even know that ratol is lethal in nature”.
Blame it on copy cat suicide syndrome after the much-publicised Nadia Torrado death case, a Hospicio doctor said the government can certainly think of banning or restricting the sale of ratol in the open market. “But, that is a policy decision for the government to take. Similar decisions have been taken in some countries, restricting the sale of pesticides in the open”, the doctor added. (HD)


diogofichardo said...

Seems like the murder of Nadia Torrado by ratol has been taken wrongly by desperate women. As sad as it may be to lose a life suicide must not be the answer for these desperate women.

Dalia said...

I blame it on Ratol Baba and his promoter the Mickey Mouse of Ratolbatim. This mouse of Ratolbatim is the main culprit who used it on his girlfriend after finding her redundant but full of his personal secrets. Deep in my mind, I wonder how this Mickey Mouse and Sonia can have a peaceful nap with the guilt of killing Nadia. The publicity of Ratol was so much for it's deadly effect, it was a message enough for the destitute souls to keep in mind it's guaranteed effects.

Therefore, the good or bad deeds of public figures are always copied by the people. We need to have good people with morals in responsible positions to be exemplary for the society. Unfortunately, the whole administration of Goa is in filtered with so many chors, criminals and people of immoral character. Yet, people run after these characters for the sake of a few crumbs until befallen with a tragedy on oneself by these immorals.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Sometimes a simple and cost effective solution is the best.However the Goa Government will not act until one of its own family member or relatives or someone close to them, gets involved in such a drastic event.
Mickky Pacheco is alleged to have been a contributor to such an event.So he will exclude himself form associating with a solution.
Mickky has soultions to all of Goa`s Ills...however he will wish to distance himself from this one.Ratol & Mickky are currently not good pals.
I recollect on Prudent Tv Mickkys, live-in partner Viola suggested Nadia Torrados suicide is simple.Perhaps some ideas from her, will be forthcoming as she seems to be an expert on SIMPLE and COMPLEX suicides.Her loverboy / sugar-daddy Mickky, has just transferred $2 million to India.This may help her do some research in the good cause of humanity.Perhaps anyone wishing to purchase Ratol Paste should obtain a letter from a Doctor to insure they have not had health or mentally disturbing issues.Following personal problems.People who are disturbed , by whatever issues, will always seek a cure from a doctor, as the first step.Many people in such situations always believe Doctors has a "magical Pill" and overnight cure for the desperation they feel.This will give the doctor the backgroung of issues relating to that person.Priests could also play a part in issuing a letter for purchase of these tubes.
Finally purchase of these tubes should be made in the presence of another friend, who will confirm if the problem is Rats / rodents or personal issues.
These are just purely my ideas. I have not fully researched this.I am sure other readers,specially those that live in Goa or who have been in close contact with victims, will have their ideas to share.
Suicide will not be stopped...but hopefully reduced and made difficult to commit.
Helping and counselling the victim to over come their desperation is still the best option.

Dalia said...

Great idea from N. Fernandes, we may just ignore the people dying by consuming Ratol. before the monkey mouse case, this was seldom heard. With so much publicity about the Nadia case, many are aware that Ratol indeed is very dangerous if consumed. The first destruction it does is of the kidneys. As detected in many cases, the first symptoms are cough, diarrhoea, dizziness along with abdominal pain. Immediate consumption of plenty of water heavily stirred with activated carbon must to be of help as it stops the activation of Zinc Phosphide. Immediate medical attention have saved lives as per articles published earlier.

Viola, the immoral live-in-partner of the monkey mouse must have only been so happy over nadia's death as one thorn from her life was lesser. she really had no remorse so it was easy for her to make statements. No one shouod write off that her own story may be that of Nadia too. As long as monkey mouse will be alive, old habits won't go off. Viola will be too careful whilst buying toothpaste making sure that the statement of Sonia won't have to be repeated again. I am sure no one keeps Ratol tube beside tooth brush.

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