PANJIM: The state authorities have proposed to substantially raise the compensation to be paid to the people whose lands were acquired for various government projects, including the Mopa airport project.
According to highly placed sources in the government the committee headed by the Chief Secretary, Mr Sanjay Kumar Shrivastava has recommended that the compensation to the affected people be raised substantially. The committee was formed by the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat recently following representation by affected families.
The sources further informed that the compensation amount was expected to be raised by at least 12 folds from Rs 5 at the moment, adding that around 13 families, including that of some dhangars likely to be affected by the Mopa airport project would be rehabilitated by the government. (NT)


diogofichardo said...

How many years will it take to sanction these proposals and will these families receive 100% of the proceeds, or will some money be pocketed by the authorities? In the first place why destruct Goan Land and do we need the Mopa Airport? The Navy should be kicked out of Dabolim Airport

Dalia said...

Under the regime of this corrupt Cowmuth, it made history that more and more land acquired from the poor people and farmers and used for private projects thus making a huge amount of money for the Comuth and by other ministers. No other government acquired land like Cowmuth's regime including the chamchas of these political swines. Why should the common man acquire the houses of these Chors and throw them out? The whole of Goa an contribute 10 rupees each and pay them some mere compensation for being thrown out. Will they accept?

Imagine, someone travelling from the far end of South Goa to Mopa, only God can help him to reach the airport ont he same day. Bloody Chorchill and other Chors deceived the people of Goa. Dabolim is the center of Goa and was good for all. Hell with the present set of politicians.

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