PANJIM: The director of transport, Mr Arun Desai, on Thursday, said that the process of improving public transport system will not be complete without the participation of the public.  With the department focusing on creating awareness among the public not to board crowded buses, Mr Desai said challaning the buses alone will not solve the problem faced by the commuters and if the public transport system in Goa is to be improved, the public also has to take up as much responsibility as the bus owners.
Explaining, he said that the operators have been penalised for overloading the buses beyond the rated capacity, however, if the members of public do not enter buses, which are already full to the capacity it solves half the problem.  He said that the public should also respect the seats reserved for ladies, specially-abled and senior citizens.
Mr Desai said the conductors often complain that the public occupy the reserved seats on the commitment of vacating the same when the citizens for whom the seats are reserved enter the bus, however, they refuse to vacate the same soon after.  The director of transport said the conductors have been issued directions to counter such passengers who refuse to respect the reserved seats.
He further said that after the month-long drive against the overloading of buses there has been a significant improvement with the drivers and conductors now wearing proper uniforms, and batches while on duty. The conductors have also started issuing tickets to passengers as per the fare table, which was not happening earlier.
He said that the drivers and conductors have been directed not to chew tobacco or gutka or pan while on duty and to strictly enforce the seat reservation under special category for ladies, senior citizens and for the specially-abled people.  Mr Desai said that during the month-long drive, 1565 bus operators were challaned for overloading adding Rs 8.19 lakh has been collected as fines during the corresponding period.
He said that there has been a 50 per cent decrease in the number of cases of overloaded buses as against those found at the beginning of the drive.  He also said that during the first week, 65 per cent vehicles checked were found carrying passengers above the rated capacity which decreased to 35 per cent at the end of the drive. (NT)


Shyam Sawant said...

I say that the director of transport is taking bribes to allow the private buses to go packed beyond capacity and is pretending that he is an honest and non corrupt man. Arun Desai is a man who takes bribes in lakhs and not thousand. This is just an outer show.

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