MARGAO: The South Goa Sessions court has yet again rejected the bail plea of John Fernandes in the Russian woman rape case. While rejecting the application, Additional Sessions Judge, Vijaya Pol said the there is a strong possibility of John tampering with the evidence since the evidence of all the main prosecution witnesses is not yet over.
Asserting that the ruling in the Manoj Kumar Saharan versus state of Rajasthan case is not attracted at this stage, Judge Pol said “In the instant case, broadly considering the evidence, material and circumstances on record, it is clear that evidence of all the prosecution witnesses is not yet over. This is not a fit case to enlarge the accused on bail at this stage”.
Referring to the Supreme Court ruling dated September 17, 2010 giving liberty to the accused to approach the Apex Court in case the trial is not concluded within a period of six months, Judge Pol said: “At this stage, when all the main prosecution witnesses have not been examined in the trials, if the accused is released on bail at this stage, the danger of tampering with the prosecution witnesses by the accused would revive as is clear from the past conduct of the accused, who had been using his political clout and was interfering with the witnesses and tampering with the investigations”.
Saying that the trial in the case is being taken expeditiously, the Judge said though the victim girl has been examined, yet her examination is not yet complete as she has to be further examined in respect of the muddemal property which has yet to comet from the Central Forensic Laboratory, Hyderabad. Besides the victim girl, the judge said another main witness of the prosecution, a Russian national, has yet to be examined, adding that the prosecution is making efforts to call the girl from Russia for her evidence”.
This is perhaps the third time since his arrest in January last that John had knocked the doors of the Sessions Court for bail


diogofichardo said...

This John Fernandes is languishing behind bars, it looks like he is well and truly set up by his political enemies. Then again any man that messes with any women when drunk has hefty price to pay.

A True Goan said...

The Court had rightly reject the bail of Rapist John Fernandes who initially dream that he is untouchable with the support of Dukhar Chorchill.But once he is in jail chorchill started his balls(testicle) game - killing Two birds(Mickey & John) with one ball and start promoting his Leitao Lips Daughter as candidate for Benaulim.Now Dukhar chorchill is left with one ball which he use while on trips to Dubai.During his last visit to Dubai he has trouble to walk around Dubai with one ball so his pimps immediately booked him ticket back to Goa so that his wife suck them to make him fit to loot Goa & Goans.

Kapil said...

जैसी करनी, waisi bharni Jaisi karni waisi bharni goes the saying in Hindi. I am not a Goan but I do feel sorry for the state of affairs of Goa. I feel that this has become like this only after Goa joined the Indian Union after its liberation. I had visited Goa in the Olden times after its liberation. It was so beautiful! Natural! The Goans were so nice and friendly but now Goans are hardly found in their own Goa. Worst is now that friendlyness does not exist in Goa. A sad and tragic story of Goa.

Marcel said...

Mr. Kapil please do not come to Goa as the Ministers are looters, Rapist, Goondas, etc. More powerful then Shakti Kapoor.... OOPHS Shakti Kapoor will sue me now!

NO Sorry they are like Amjad Khan or Gulshan Groover they rape and kill.... OOPHS Amjad and Gulshan will sue me now!

No Sorry they are like Amrish Puri, who kills with his pistol....OOPHS Amris will sue me in the Heaven or Hell!

Sorry Our Politician are like smugglers same like Ajit.... MONA Darling.... OPPHS Ajit will sue me!

franco said...

Thanks Kapil. You have said it rightly. You have at least realized the plight of all Goans. Whereas there are few enemies of Niz Goenkar who wishes that it did not exit because their misdeeds are tumbling out from the closet, which they do not expect. It is only after Goa joining the Indian Union everything has gone wrong. Instead of ruling the State in a professional manner, these Goan politicians are thinking how to rob the Goans of its money and identity and it is going worse day by day. The system in Goa is for the powerful and money takers. The judges have set free some powerful criminals, who are so attached to their modus operandi that even murders are considered as simple animal slaughter.

Dalia said...

A coin has its two sides. The justice system in Goa is also of two types. One for the poor and the other for the rich. However, for John, I will not sympathise for his crime but I do ask the Goan Justice system why some criminals are set free whereas John is languishing. Why Monserrates, in a similar crime are free? Why Mickey in a worst crime are free? Why are the rapists and killers of Scarlet Keeling are free? Why, why, why?

There is no answer for many questions in Goa. There are if not in millions of cases but least thousands of cases are never met with justice. In Goa, it depends who you are and where are you connected. You weigh by criminal connections and be a free man. This is today's Goa. Therefore, a request to every Goan, kick the present set of politicians and get the young generation of educated fellow Goans, people with social standing and strong backbone to the core to bring back the glory of Goa. Be a Niz Goenkar.

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