Many of you who are reading Niz Goenkar must have been wondering who we are and what is our goal. Some of you must be saying that we are just rabble-rousers of nuisance value and would make no difference to the political scene in Goa which is reeling from corruption, nepotism, sycophancy and mismanagement. Some of you may also say that groups like us had mushroomed in the past and then just like the mushrooms, disappeared with the end of the monsoon season.
My dear readers, Niz Goenkars will prove you wrong. We are not like the rainbow or like the mushroom and we are not chasing a mirage. We are Niz Goenkars who have dedicated our lives to clean the morass that Goa is in due to the ill-effects of our uneducated and corrupt politicians.
Who are the members of Niz Goenkars? We have among us eminent persons who have excelled in their chosen profession who are Goans but have settled or are working in all parts of the world. We have among us even former CFOs of multi-national financial institutions, and very few Goans have reached that position in Wall Street, but yes they are with us.
We have among us eminent scientists, some of whom are IITians and are working with MIT, NASA and Silicon Valley.
We have among us eminent scholars and researchers some of whom are professors in American and Britishuniversities.
We have among us some brilliant writers and authors whose work has been acclaimed in many parts of the world.
We have among us some renowned chefs who have passed out from hotel institutes in Lusanne, Switzerland.
And we have among us some of the best doctors and lawyers Goa has produced in the present generation, some of whom are even working in Dubai in well-established hospitals.
We have among us Goans who are also working as security guards, clerks, those working in the hotel industry, in supermarkets, as loaders at airports, systems engineers and computer technicians.
We also have mechanics and tool-pushers working on rigs. And we also have home-makers who spent their precious time to work for the cause of Goa and Goans.
Finally, we have all the Goans in Goa who are our spearheads in our struggle against the corrupt, illiterate and goondas who rule Goa. Least I forget, we have even a few priests who are working for our cause. (Fathers, I bow to you’ll for despite pressure from your superiors, you’ll are still with us).
Now many of you will say, why Niz Goenkar was formed and what would be its political role in the future of Goa.
Niz Goenkar was formed with the agenda: Goa for Goans and Special Status for Goa where no non-Goan would be allowed to owe property and conduct businesses.
I don’t want to go through the basics of how Goa is being destroyed, looted and raped by non-Goans, for a price, in connivance with our so called Goan leaders. Our so-called Goan leaders will even sell their wives and daughters for a right price to these non-Goans. You all know it and I don’t have to extrapolate on it.
The destruction of Goa and the marginalisation of Goans started right from ‘liberation’ of Goa in 1961. From 1961 to 1965 about 50,000 well-educated Goans left Goa in disgust because they were treated like second-class citizens by the Indian military administration in Goa.
A party called the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party was formed solely for the purpose of merging Goa with Maharashtra and so as to change forever the culture, heritage and demography of Goa.
The MGP never worked for the welfare of Goans and it was during the rule of the MGP that the first influx of non-Goans came to Goa. The non-Goans were brought in the thousands as teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers and office workers. The historic opinion poll saved Goa, but did not save Goa from the influx of non-Goans into Goa. As per the latest census, 35 per cent of Goa’s population comprise non-Goans.
The Congress party which is still in power in Goa too has never worked for the welfare of Goa. That is because the High Command which is in Delhi decides what is good and bad for Goa.
If the High Command tells our illiterate Congress politicians to stand, they stand, if they tell them to sit, they sit. No wonder, you will now see most of the construction firms that are building huge projects are owned by scions of Congress leaders from North India. Even a Haryana chief minister’s son has built a farmhouse in Goa.
I don’t want to go into the BJP much because the BJP is termed as a communal party due to its ideology, and they too have to consult their High Command in Delhi and Nagpur for taking decisions about Goa.
It is precisely because of all the above reasons, Goa needs Niz Goenkars. Goa needs Niz Goenkars to protect and save Goa from being robbed, looted, raped and Goans being forced out of their houses by non-Goans.
We need need Niz Goenkar to stop the corruption which has permeated even to the grass-roots level right to the villages.
We need Niz Goenkars because we need to protect our unique culture, heritage and language.
We need Niz Goenkar because we need to protect our identity as Goans.
We need Niz Goenkar because we need to preserve our Goan secularism which embraces all Goan Hindus, Christians and Muslims as one part of the same family.
We need your support and I am pretty sure you are all with us. Our struggle will be long. We may not be able to achieve our goal in a year, two or three. It is easy to win small battles, but to win a war one requires a long-term-strategy.
We are working on our long-term strategy and we have full faith in all our Goan brothers and sisters who will turn themselves into the soldiers of our movement. Convey the message of Niz Goenkar to one and all. Be a Niz Goenkar and together we will march ahead to a new and prosperous Goa, a Goa free from all evils of corruption and mismanagement. Hail the Goan revolutionaries.
Viva Goa, Viva Niz Goenkar, Goa for Goans.
………….. I have added the below part from another article which we had published………
With the help of Niz Goenkars we can.
We should all unite and unitedly fight the hawks. So unity is a must if we as Goans want to live peacefully and resourcefully in Goa.
Unity is a must if we Goans want to lead a life of dignity and respect without eating the blood-stained left overs and bread crumbs of the illiterate goondas and chors.
Unity is a must if we Goans want to recreate a Goa of the yore which was once called as the Rome of the East.
Unity is a must if we Goans want ourselves to be called as Goans by people from other parts of the world.
Sadly, if we don’t achieve our unity and our goal of kicking out the illiterate goondas who rule as politicians, then within 10 years we will have to go with a torch to search for a true blue blooded Goan. By then it would be too late. For according to the latest census, the number of non-Goans has reached 35 per cent, and if the ghanttis continue to come to Goa, then soon we will become like the East Indians in Bombay. Once upon a time, Bombay belonged to the East Indians, today they are sleeping on the roads of Bombay and are working as drivers and cleaners for those who bought their land for a few hundred rupees and bottles of Scotch Whisky.
We should not allow the fate of the East Indians to befall upon us. Wake up Goans, and unite now. Unite under the banner of Niz Goenkar today; for tomorrow, it may be too late.
This is how we can do it.
1.Focus on your potential as a Goan who can contribute to make a change, instead of your limitations.
2. Be determined as a Goan to know the truth about our culture and heritage and be proud of it.
3. Distinguish between who you are and what you want as a Goan? Do you want to be a proud Goenkar or do you want to be proud to be working for illiterate goonda politicians and their ghantti friends?
4. Find something you like to do for the sake of Goa and Goans and do well, then do it over and over.
5.Replace self-criticism about Goa and Goans with regular positive talks.
6. Replace fears of failure against your fight as a Goan against the illiterate goonda politicians who are trying to destroy Goa with the help of the ghanttis.
7. Cultivate people and make friends who will help in the cause to save Goa from the illiterate goonda politicians and their ghantti friends.
8.Refuse to allow rejection to keep you from taking with other Goans the initiative of protecting Goa for Goans and to openly talk about the evil designs of the illiterate goonda politicians who are all set to destroy Goa.
If you follow the Eight Commandments listed above, then you as a Goan will make other Goans proud. And you as a Goan will protect Goa for our future generations.
Viva Goa, Viva Niz Goenkar, Goa for Goans, Long Live Goan Unity.


Dalia said...

A humble request to every reader to take moments and read. A very precious article defining the role of each and every Goan through Niz Goenkar.

Please read every single word and leave your comment.

Simon said...

Latest news: St Marys Goan sodality to sue Niz Goenkars.
As we speak , Maria is drafting an accusation to be handed to the parish priest from St Estevam.

P. Cruz said...

@ Simon: What you going to sue the Nizgoenkar, the Nizgoenkar will sue you for blackmailing to stop the site. We have all the proof of what you sent and what you write.

You and Maria make a laughing stock

Marcel said...

Dear Goans : Please rise up and this will bring our golden days of Goa back. Like I said before Someone write and you listen, but here we write it for you and for the young generation. Please join Nizgoenkar, then if you do not do one day you will regret yourself for not doing so. The days will be gone where we can be proud goans if we give everything in the ghantiis and the corrupt politician hand

Goan Executionar in Dubai said...

@Simon - If you think you can distract the NG team and us the readers by trying to distract the attention of the commentators in some other direction. What can your Maria and you do? You people have failed badly for the Goans. I am going to talk to the parish priest that you have mentioned and let me see how far the Church will go with people like you who are involved in wrong acts.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Simon.:::
Is there still a Sodality.
So where is this St Mary`s Goan Sodality "MUMBO DUMBO" Maria,going to sue Niz- Goenkar?...St Estevam.
I did not know until today , that there was a Magistrate,High and Supreme court in St.Estevam.
I was under the impression that Simon Varella of India Club ,issued all Judicial orders.
Oh WEll!! we always learn something new everyday.

PissoPedru said...

@ Simon - the whole world doesn't revolve around Dubai - the St. Mary's etc etc is an internal matter between this group and Niz Goenkar. Please do not try to side track the issue at hand. If you want to post this article post, it in under a new post or the older one " ST. MARY'S GOAN SODALITY-DUBAI: THE SPINELESS APOLOGY & ARROGANCE by N. Fernandes, London "
for example.

Dalia said...

Leave Simon and Maria on their own, they wont' bark in daylight. The purpose of the article will be lost. Let Sample Simon or whichever Maria sue anyone. Everyone has a right to do what they like. Let us do what is best for Goa through Niz Goenkar. Let someone bark or taunt or do whatever they like. Let sodality or anyone invite all their Criminal Chamchas. Let Bendick or anyone say what they want over their loud radio.

Let us do what best we are at. Wake up Goenkars against the corrupt politicians and chase the corrupt fellows back to their hideouts. A few corrupt Goenkars will be won over by the overwhelming majority of Niz Goenkars.

Shyam Sawant said...

Dalia and Goan executionar, you have spoken the right thing. These are jealous people trying to distract us and the readers here by trying to bring down the Niz Goenkar. So let us ignore them and get on with our work. Now they are jealous because Niz Goenkar has launched the ground work

diogofichardo said...

@ P. Cruz. Blackmail is a serious offence under the international Law. As the blackmail was sent to UK. UK holds a treaty in many countries including India and the UAE to extradite any person. Would the priest like to see the dossier complied by ex Dubai members of ST Mary's Goan Sodality? This site is not a Sunday school. I will stand by Niz Goenkars who do not associate with corrupt and criminal politicians.

diogofichardo said...

That said now let us NIZ Goenkars concentrate on our objectives. Bebdo you have written the truth as it is. Goans need to unite for the sake of Goa and its future generation.

Dalia said...

Well said Diogo. Let's not dilute our concentration.

Unknown said...

-Goonda Mauvin and Monserrat the pimp,

Mickky the Molester and Kamat the wimp,

Limping Chorchill and Druggie Naik,

Joining this band,is Fat Lips with the mike.

-Goon on the drum,the pimp will play the guitar,

Mickky will blow his aresaphone,the wimp will play the sitar,

Chorchill on the Bass and fat lips will sing the songs,

The druggie will be in the gutter,cause thats where he belongs.

-Their time has come to repent,

To better their lives or run,

Cause the movement to bring a change,

By NIZ GOENKAR has just begun..

John Pereira

dlp said...


Great poetry mate. I love them! But you should love them too if you are a real Niz Goenkar and not an infiltrator. Salute!!!!

Marcel said...

Let us all come to the objective of what Bebdo has written

dlp said...


I am up and down today. But still in action. Like you say, let us come to the objectives what Bebdo has written. Forget about what the Simple Simon Says. I wonder when Maria's drafting of the accusation to sue NG will be over.

Bebdo said...

Pls comment only on the pros and cons of our objectives. Don't post what you have done and where you had been. That can be sent as a personal email.
Let us concentrate on our main goal.
Pls suggest improvements to the aims and objectives and how he can achieve them.

A True Goan said...

I was once a strong supporter of Chorchill I along with my supporters even went out of my principles by voting him two times during Lok Sabha election with a sole aim of defeating another big idiot on Goa Politic that is Kamat Hotel Waiter Eduardo Faleiro.

But today we realized Chorchill true colour. When he is in power he forgets Goa & Goans interests with a sole purpose of amassing wealth for him and his families. But once out of power he remembers Goans & cry like squealing pig.Goan should now not get fooled by his cry and be ready to give a fitting reply to this king of 39 thieves during coming election. A lesson which he should remember for rest of his life, a lesson that he & his classless families should remember that they can't play any more with dirty games with Goans, with the sentiments of NIG GOENKARS for the welfare of Goa & Goans. CHORCHILL, JOAQUIM AND THEIR DUKRAKAR FAMILIES SHOULD REMEMBER THAT THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED AND THEY WILL GET BURNED THEMSELVES IF THEY EVER AGAIN TRY TO PLAY FIRE WITH GOANS.

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