PANJIM: In a major punitive action against senior jail staff in recent times, the Goa Inspector General of Prisons has dismissed two jailors from service for dereliction of duty.
The two dismissed jail staff are Datta K Kudchadkar (jailor) and Ravindra A N Gaonkar (assistant jailor). Sources in the prisons department said Kudchadkar was chargesheeted in an incident of escape of one undertrial prisoner, Deepak Shrestha, from judicial lockup at Panaji in July 2006. Kudchadkar was the jailor of the Panaji judicial lockup then and the charges against him were that there were lapses on his part and his failure to inspect the cells at that point in time.
Sources said Kudchadkar unauthorizedly allowed articles like a hacksaw to be taken inside the cell. The hacksaw was eventually used to cut the grills and escape.
The assistant jailor Gaonkar was chargesheeted due to the escape of 14 undertrial prisoners from Margao judicial lockup in September 2007. Gaonkar remained absent from work without authorisation on the day of escape and showed irresponsibility in discharging his duties, sources said.
After conducting departmental inquiries against these two jail staff, the charges against them were proved and the Inspector General of Prisons imposed the major penalty of dismissing them from service. While Kudchadkar was dismissed on May 7, 2010, Gaonkar was dismissed on September 21, 2010. Kudchadkar has reportedly appealed against his dismissal before the chief secretary.
Incidentally, sources said both the dismissed jail staff had a long history of disciplinary proceedings and several inquiries were going on against them. This fact also contributed to their dismissal as they were considered a serious liability to the prison setup, sources said.
A senior prisons official said, "This is intended to send a clear message that prison authorities have adopted zero tolerance towards indiscipline in performing very sensitive security duties." (TOI)


N.Fernandes said...

I will have no doubt in my mind that these Jailors will have been offered some sort of finiancial inducements(Supari) to remain lax.It is also most likely these jailors were given he blessings of their superiors,who too would be contacted and offered some finiancial reward to turn a blind eye.This is not a "first time" incident.It has been in practice for a long while.Goa Police are very corrupt.Their corruptness embraces all levels and grades of the Police force.Even well paid officers are embroiled in corruption.A blind eye and a wink are well practiced tools of the Police Force to accquire wealth to demonstrate their Power over ordinary citizens.

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