MAPUCA: The Mapusa Nagrikancho Ekvott (MNE) has released its first list of seven candidates who will contest the forthcoming municipal elections in Mapusa.
Though the group has expressed its desire to contest from all wards, its convener Antonio Lobo said that in the days to come the next list of its candidates will be released. He added that all will file their nominations on the same day.
Among the seven candidates whose names have been declared are Jeanette Gomes, Aluisio Soares, Jawaharlal Shetye, Prabhakar Yende, Franko Fernandes, Freida Coutinho e Rodrigues and Jacinto D'Souza.
Addressing a press conference in the city, Lobo said the MNE had decided to contest the forthcoming municipal elections with the aim of giving Mapusa's citizens an opportunity to vote for candidates who are sincere and who, if elected, will work for the proper and people-centric development of Mapusa.
"We the citizens of Mapusa are greatly pained at the manner in which the city is being administered. The councillors only think of who will be elected as chairperson and through him/her solve their own interests . None of them bother to look at Mapusa city and its needs," claimed Lobo.
Pointing out that the city is deteriorating, he stressed, "It is for this reason that we have come together to contest these elections on the plank of betterment and development of Mapusa," said Lobo. He said that though a charter of demands was submitted a few months back to the chairperson of Mapusa municipal council, nothing much has happened.
"Though our demands are simple, the MNE feels that there is no will on the part of our city fathers to address the demands and therefore this sorry state of affairs of Mapusa," said the advocate.
Pointing out that couples have been contesting these elections to monopolize the municipality and further their personnel welfare, Lobo said that such trends need to be stopped.


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