MARGAO: PWD Minister Churchill Alemao has said that it is upto the people of Goa and the leaders to take a call on the formation of Greater Goa by including Konkani speaking areas of Karwar and Supa into the state.
The Greater Goa suggestion came first from the PWD Minister, Churchill Alemao and Ravindra Kelekar, which is likely to create tension. “I have only made a suggestion on the issue based on the dream of late Konkani writer, Ravindra Kelekar. Some people will try to misguide you that Churchill is demanding Greater Goa”, he said, while addressing women after inaugurating a Self Help Group in Navelim on Saturday.
He, however, hastened to add that the formation of the Greater Goa should be studied in detail and after analyzing the advantages of taking the Konkani speaking areas into the state.
Saying that some political opponents might misguide the people on Greater Goa, Alemao said the same people had vehemently criticized him for passing the Tillari project, Konkan railway project, the flyover project et al, but are now enjoying the fruits of these proposals.
Disclosing plans to set up a waste treat plant in Navelim, the PWD Minister appealed to the villagers to make available the required land for the purpose. He further disclosed plans to desilt the Saipem lake and connect the entire Navelim constituency to the sewerage network.


Dalia said...

Chora, enough is enough, do not fool the people and create more confusion. We do not trust you any more.

dlp said...

People must decide on Greater Goa, people must decide on Dabolim Airport, people must decide on Mopa airport.... people must decide on everything else until finally it is decided by the Ministers and people are left with their mouths wide open. I don't want to say much further. this is all my narrow mind can say.

N.Fernandes said...

When will this theiving,smuggling & CORRUPT buffon ask for a "GREATER VARCA or "GREATER NAVELIM"?.As soon as his daughter "Big lips" Valanka, (who it has been said, has inherited her fathers shrewd 10% theiving & corrupt habits)gets elected to Benaulim Constituency...I guess he will demand all three places to be merged and called Greater Alemao in his family`s honour.I guess also he will Include Cuncolim Constituency.where his other brother Joaquim has a seat.Pesonally I feel this family,who have stolen several assets of Goan People,should be put on a boat and sent to live in a remote island in the Indian Ocean.

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