MELBOURNE:  A 12 yr old Goan boy was injured and underwent surgery to reconstruct his eye socket in racial attack in Australia reports ANI.  Two boys, whom the 12 year old student did not know, attacked him on October 18 in his school in Melbourne. “For no reason they came behind me with a scarf and were pulling me. When I told them to stop, one of them punched me in the eye,” the victim said.
The boy’s father said his family has been so traumatised by the bashing that he is considering returning to Goa. The family now felt “scared and insecure in this area and school”, stated the father of the victim.
“I feel he was attacked because he was black, because of his skin colour,” his father said.
However, the school principal said the incident was being probed thoroughly and she was convinced it was not a racist attack. However, she said the injuries were serious and the school was very concerned the report states further. (DG)


Trevor said...

A lot of people in Goa, do not realize that life can be difficult in foreign countries. Goans face a lot of discrimination. A few months ago a boy in the UK was found drowned in a frozen lake after repeatedly telling his father that he didn't want to go the school and that he wanted to return to Goa. The sad reality is our criminal politicians aka Mickey Pacheco etc. are too busy scratching their balls instead of trying to create jobs for Goans. I realize it is difficult for UNeducated people with only self interests to think of the people, but who elects these people..we, the people! We need to start electing people that are honest and have a vision for the future of Goa and our Goan youth. Stop thinking of our selfish needs! People of Goa, please stop selling your vote for a few drinks! If you are an alcoholic please get treatment for yourself. Not only are you destroying your family but also the future of Goa.

diogofichardo said...

Racism exists in almost every corner of the world, But Australia seems to have taken a lead in Racism.

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