PANJIM: Goa court Friday ordered the prosecution to issue warrants to the German mother and daughter, who had complained of sexual abuse against the son of a state minister, to remain present in the court.  Goa Children's Court President P V Sawaikar said that warrants be issued to the minor victim and her mother, who are currently in Germany, to remain present in the court for deposition.
Goa Education Minister Atanasio Monserratte's son, Rohit is accused of sexually abusing a minor German girl in 2008.  The mother had filed police complaint on October 02, 2008 and Rohit surrendered on November 04 after being on the run.
The medical examination on the girl had confirmed sexual abuse.  Since the beginning of the prosecution, the Court has been facing problems to get the deposition of the duo.
In the past, two warrants were issued against duo, and both the times, they refused to co-operate.  In August, the mother, through an e-mail communication to the court had said that she was not willing to continue with the case. - PTI


Bebdo said...

If such a case had to happen in the Western World, the minister and his son would have been behind bars by now.
The girl, Indra, who was studying in Sharda Mandir school in Mira-mar, and her mother were allegedly threatened with dire consequences.
Rohit is following in his father's footsteps. As the saying goes, like father like son.
Babush too have allegedly ruined many young girls when he was a youth. He used to hang around Danny's on Mira-mar beach and used to eye teenage girls from Sharda Mandir. I personally know a few who has allegedly slept with after promising the girl's mother that he would marry them. He had also got engaged to a 9th standard girl who was studying in Mary Immaculate School at that time. Babush probably was hardly 20 at that time and was a known loafer.
There is a nice adage in Konkani "ponsache zhaddeak ambbe zainna". An English translation of it is "A jackfruit tree doesn't bear mangoes".
This case highlights the traversty of justice in Goa. It clearly proves that those with money and muscle power are above the law. The law applies only to the poor and downtrodden Goans.
So wake up Goans, and get rid of such people who are ruling Goa. It should be a shame for all Goans that we are being ruled by people who have no class,creed and character.
Viva Goa, Viva Niz Goenkar, Goa for Goans

Trevor said...

It is known fact the Monster-Rat thinks with his 'thing' down there, rather than his head, as he has no brains. He was a GREAT example to his son!!. They may get away with justice but in the eyes of the people it will always be written in history that his father and mother produced a rapist son! Shameful people! You would think they would hide their faces and go away but they have no shame..The man is UNeducated and is in charge of Education, what a joke!!!..yes, probably educating children to have no morals. I don't understand what has happened to Go?. Did all the good people all leave Goa for jobs overseas and left behind donkeys and criminals? Unfortunately these people sold OUR Goa...and will do again for their GREED!!!! And all the people in Goa that support this family are ‘dirty LOW CLASS’ just like them.

Jane De Sa said...

Only animals behave like this towards a woman. Why is the judge Savaikar acting funny? He is well bribed to set the accused free so why the fuss of getting the mother and the daughter by force to the court? Just to cover up your misdeed eh judge?

N.Fernandes (London) said...

At the initial stage of this shameful and disgraceful incident...Babush`s current @#%&*@ Jennifer Monseratte,who has produced 2 male criminal children, in the exact image of the father, went to see the German Mother with a few of her friends and bags of money to get the German girls mother not to bring charges against her son. The German mother is aware of the corrupt Goa legal services and long duration court cases and seems like she does not want to go ahead and prefers it being dropped..Following the initial case, she might have been made aware, this would would then go to the High Court, an appeal and following that the Supreme Court. Though this case is being fast tracked she may be using he own evaluation and judgement and also been provided advice by the German Consulate/ embassy. However another likely case, is that she has been bought out and silenced. Lets see which is more likely. I am sure Babush`s animalistic children will commit further dastardly criminal acts in time to come.Their eyes / demeanour tell it all.Their behaviour confirms it and the father and mother guarantees it with their examples.

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