MARGAO: The Nadia Torrado death case has come back to haunt the Torrdao family. In an interesting development, the Crime branch has prayed to the Sessions Court for the cancellation of anticipatory bail granted to Nadia’s brother Konrad.
Nadia Torra
In the application filed by Investigating Officer PI Sunita Sawant before the South Goa Sessions court, the Crime branch has called for the cancellation of anticipatory bail saying that Konrad is required for custodial interrogation for recovery of the mobile phone set of deceased Nadia.
The investigating agency maintained that there is every possibility that deceased Nadia prior to or after the consumption of ratol, might have sent SMSs, e-mails on the mobile and laptop to her near and dear ones, explaining the circumstances which compelled her to consume ratol poison or explaining the assault on her on account of the 11 ante-mortem contusion injuries on her body.
Making a strong submission to the court, PI Sawant said the recovery of the mobiles and laptop is very essential so that the memory retained in the mobile and laptop can be recovered and used for the purpose of investigations.
Saying that Konrad’s statement was earlier recorded by the investigating agency, PI Sawant submitted that when the scientific evidence couple with statements of witnesses of he having used one of the mobile phone set of deceased Nadia from May 25 to June 5 came forth against him, he is avoiding to disclose the same. “Thus, it is amply clear that Konrad is willfully avoiding to disclose the possession of the mobile phone of deceased Nadia and hence could not be recovered till date due to non cooperation from him.
The investigating agency submitted that Konrad was admitted in IPHB hospital, Bambolim on July 16 as voluntary boarder. “With the permission of the medical officer, he was interrogated on July 20, however, he denied having any information of the said mobile phone and thus avoided to cooperate in the investigations”, the application stated.
Konrad’s lawyer, Adv Antonio Clovis Da Costa said the application filed by the crime branch was received by his client late last night, adding that he has sought time from the court to file a detailed reply to the application on October 11.


Dalia said...

Jokes again by the same Sunita Sawant, we don't believe you any more. The Gua police seemed to be complete corrupt.

Ratol Baba said...

Woh!!! Ratol Baba is in the news again. How about sending some tubes to the Gua Police themselves? They need it more than the rats on the prowl. I will send some to the drug lords too. How about TWP, where is he?

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