MARCEL: Two persons posing as doctors were nabbed by police.  Ponda Police on Wednesday arrested two conmen on charges of posing as Ayurvedic doctors from a rented premise at Varkhande-Ponda.
Ponda Police has identified the accused as Ramesh Shikre (24) of Kolhapur and Durgappa Gude (68) from Belgaum.
According to Ponda Police, they got the information from a reliable source and upon verification it turned out to be an illegal business. Police further informed that the duo have confessed of not having any license and even the medicine that was sold had expired years back. Ponda Police Inspector C L Patil has urged people not to fall prey to such quacks.
“Both are nothing, but cheats. They were targeting innocent people by promising to cure all types of diseases. I request people to approach only the licensed doctors,” said PI Patil (HD)


diogofichardo said...

Where they posing as doctors out to kill innocent Goans, Hired by some corrupt politicians??? The 68 year old should be enjoying his retirement “May be in Jail”

Mario said...

Congrate Ponda Police! Only this Police Station is upto the mark as far as detecting crimes in thier areas.Rest all are useless.

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