MARGAO: The fate of former Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco’s application for release of his laptops and mobile phones will be decided on Monday.  The Court of Judicial Magistrate First Class, Margao has directed the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) to produce the receipt showing that the investigating agency has dispatched the mobiles and laptops to the Forensic laboratory for investigations.
When the matter came up before the JMFC, the CBI in a written submission opposed the release of the laptops and the mobile back to the former Minister saying the items have been sent to the forensic laboratory for investigations.
Pachecho’s lawyer, Adv Srikant Nayak, however, contended that the investigating agency cannot retain the items in custody beyond 15 days and cited a Supreme Court decision in support of his contention.
Adv Nayak further pointed out that the investigating agency can very well seek all details from the cell phone service provider, adding that there’s no need to keep the items in custody under the pretext of investigations.
After going through the arguments, the JMFC has directed the CBI to produce the receipt or document indicating that the seized items have been dispatched to the forensic laboratory.


Anonymous said...

Perfect picture of a con-artist! Mr Human-trafficker for a big profit.Hope he is happy with the millions of dollars he made.....exploiting our Goan youth.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Mickky is welcome to have his Laptops / Mobiles back.As long as the "JUICY JUICE " has been squeezed out of it.
MICKKY IS A MASTER OF DECEIT.How long can he do this?

dlp said...

Very funny! Very funny!!
Crying as if it's his hard earned money.
Because of him torture has been suffered by many.
Go drink ratol mixing it with Caju Feni.

Dalia said...

dlp, I wonder where is Ratol Baba these days. Does he know that the mouse is back on the prowl?

dlp said...

I dunno Dalia!!! At the moment, I am a bit busy with Jackson's case and our Goenkars in Dubai! "What to do now???" That has become my trademark now since my little niece said it once, for no reaons at all and neither do I have have reaons at all, but it sounds so nice whenever we hear our monkeys! So what to do now??? I dunno!!

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