MARGAO: Former Tourism Minister, Mickky Pacheco has said that though attempts have been made to cripple him financially by freezing his bank accounts, his commitment to football and social work would continue.
Pacheco along with Nuvem ZP member, Wilfred D’Sa descended at Fatorda for a football final at Chandrawadao-Fatorda, which was presided over by MMC Councilor Piedade Norohna.
“My accounts have been frozen without rhyme or reason. But that would not deter me from my commitment to support football and social activities,” Pacheco said.
The Benaulim MLA was obviously referring to his accounts being frozen by the CBI after registering a case against him in the alleged immigration racket and money laundering.
In a lighter vein, the Benaulim MLA said that his presence in Fatorda may trigger speculations that he might contest from Fatorda, but he said that he has come to Fatorda because of his love for football.
Touching on the controversy over the interference of politicians while reserving Margao Municipal wards for the ST and OBCs, the Benaulim MLA appealed to the people of Fatorda to keep away from politics all those who were involved in manipulating the ward reservations to suit their vested interest. And, the former Minister urged the people to vote and elect good and honest candidates who would truly represent them the Civic body to serve their interests and not the interests of their political mast (HD)


Anonymous said...

Please keep your 'balls' in your pants even it they are frozen...we have had to endure enough humiliation with them. I am sick and tired of hearing about your balls.................apply rato paste on them if they get too excited.

N.Fernandes(London) said...

This mans (Mickky) arrogance has no limits.When his Bank account was frozen in the Nadia Torrado case,he started crying like a little baby.His family was starving as per his statements.He seems to have forgotten that episode very quickly.Now that the CBI have frozen his accounts,he believes it has been done "without rhyme or reason".He gives people the impression that the CBI have frozen his accounts so they can have a jolly good "PICNIC",for a while.
He wants to impress people of his social work.This is self-atonement for his sins.However many Goans have questioned and still question how he has accquired so much wealth.Looking at his dubious background and social friendships with the likes of Matthew Diniz & Babush Monseratte, it is highly unlikey he has accquired wealth through hard work or genunine enterprise.He is certainly no master of Finiancial Economics.He has several failed Companies in the USA & Goa.Some of these Companies have not even traded for a year.He is more a "CUT & RUN" merchant.It seems like he enjoys pushing his leaking boat deeper into the sea.There is only one outcome for such stupidity.It is called "sinking"
He also fails to understand that investigations are not "one day (cricket?!!)affairs".Investigations have to be carried out methodically and thoroughly.Considering Mickky has spun a spiders web around his wealth and activities,each strand has to be investigated one by one.
I think Miccky has sourrounded himslef with "good for nothing" & talentless people that only shower praises on him.He loves adulation.He is unlikely & will never surround himself with people that positively criticise him.He is happier and more comfortable in the company of Goons rather than intellectuals.I think that one of Mickkys greatest fans must be one of those "bombastic" Mumbai Goans that comments here in more than colourful, garish and overdecorated /overdressed /over jewelled english.!!...I am sometimes amazed at how "empty vessels make loud sounds"

dlp said...

Now he wants to back up football. Every which way he tried to do something, he has been caught and exposed. Now he wants to support football. Time for match-fixing.

Dalia said...

Cheap publicity. Now his new commandment "Thou shall play with balls" no matter if the goal post is not there.

dlp said...

No matter if the goal post is wide or narrow as long as his ball can go through!!! Match fixing again. He is capable of fixing anything with his saintly face.

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