VALPOI: The Government Primary School at Cadqui, in Satari Taluka, witnessed a miraculous escape for its students when a huge tree crashed on it on Saturday, late in the evening. The tree fell when the school premises were empty and after the school hours.
The parents of Cadqui and surrounding area whose children attend this school heaved a sigh of relief that no children were inside the school, which would have caused tragedy. As the classes were held in the morning that day, the school was totally vacant.
Two rooms were damaged in the incident and a toilet adjacent to the school premises. When Niz Goenkar contacted the Valpoi Fire brigade personal and one of the locan resident Mr. Vasantrao Rane, who lives in the same village said that the incident occurred around 6:15 pm on Saturday. He said “There was a heavy wind just like a storm and heavy rains came pouring down simultaneously causing the tree to come crashing down on the house”.
Many suggested that the trees surrounding the school premises should be cut down by the forest department or the Panchayat and it should be done quickly and fast.
This very same school had undergone another mishap about a year and half back. The roof of two classrooms had collapsed and that day too was Saturday and so there were no casualties. This incident then was personally seen by us and is a witness to it. The Forest authorities should without hassle give the Panchayat the permission to fell the huge trees near the school to avoid any other accident during the on going classes said Vasantrao.


Lily Gracias said...

Thank God that no one was hurt. The government will not spend the money were required. It should be used to repair the schools and those that are weak should be strengthened. This they will not do.

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