OLD GOA: Chief Minister Digambar Kamat on Saturday claimed that many of the unresolved issues in the country could be solved if people follow the principles of Mahatma Gandhi.
He was addressing a function at the Gandhi Chowk at Old Goa as the State paid homage to the father of the nation on his 140th birth anniversary. "As the country remembers the father of the nation today, there is a need in the country for everyone to follow Gandhi’s principles of nonviolence. It was through this weapon that the father of the nation was able to give freedom for the country," said Kamat.
"If everyone in the country is able to follow Gandhi’s principles, I believe that many unsolved questions in the country would be solved."
"I also appreciate Mahatma Gandhi’s weapon of nonviolence which is even now appreciated by the United Nations," the chief minister added.
Others present at the function included Acting Chief Secretary Narendra Kumar, North Goa MP Shripad Naik, Cumbarjua MLA Pandurang Madkaikar and Old Goa Sarpanch Janita Madkaikar.
The dignitaries later garlanded the statue at the Gandhi Circle in Old Goa.  On the occasion, prayers were recited by a pundit, maulana and a priest in front of the large audience. (HD)


dlp said...

Mr. CM. First you and your partners lead by example and show us how to follow in Gandhi's path. Just giving big speeches will not help.

Mario said...

Gandhi was stealing confiscated drugs,Gandhi was not protecting criminals..Dig ur bump ..chora shut up & get lost.

Dalia said...

Misinterpreted, Cowmuth is asking to follow Gandhi's notes through the pockets of the corrupt politiciaans. That's what he meant.

dlp said...

Yeah... we have to listen to these speeches properly and translate them into real meanings, if they have a real meaning at all. For me, it is all junk with my narrow mind. Where are you my friend, Mr. Chandrakant??? Thought I would wake you up too becoz I am wide awake now and I need company.

Anonymous said...

Mr. WHO? I hear "Cowmuth' LOUDER. I am very old and hard of hearing. You said something I heard 'Gh.......Di?" No Sir, I am not Ready :-). I am scared even at this age of HIV.

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