Having received an arrogant email from Cajetan Coelho pertaining to the assistance for Jackson cause where the St. Mary’s Goan Community Dubai SMGC has rejected any financial assistance from Goans other than the ones in Dubai, below are two emails that Niz Goenkar received from the Admin of St. Mary’s Goan Community Dubai (SMGC) trying to cover them up. The emails were sent to us requesting us to remove the article (their email) from the site. Below is each of their two emails and our response to them.
From: "St.Mary's Goan Community Dubai" mailto:admin@goancommunity.com
Sent: 10/6/2010 7:18:50 PM
Subject: Request for removal of article
HI Menino,
I am the admin of the Goan Community Website, and of late I've noticed that people have started posting vulgar comments so I had to disable comments on our blog. I found out that all these comments were due to an article posted on your website. We at the St. Mary’s Goan Community, Dubai are a peaceful and family oriented community. We have to report to the church regarding any financial matters. I would like to thank you for your efforts for gathering funds for Jackson and I'm sure your good deed won't go unnoticed. We also apologize for not being able to accept the fund due to the reasons specified by Cajie.
I humbly request you as a fellow Goan to take down the article as it is degrades a few people. Cajie, Maria and Nevita are all members of the Goan Community. They don't make decisions alone; rather we do it as an entire community. It is really shameful to see the comments bring down a group of people who take time off from whatever free personal time they get to try and help someone.
We don't want to debate regarding what we've done. If you feel there is something wrong, please feel free to contact St.Mary's Church and investigate the issue. Till then I request you to please take the article down.
Best Regards,
Dear Mr Admin of St. Mary's Goan Community,
This was the email that I received from your President Mr. Cajetan Coelho. I have only put it up before the readers so that they know that the help of Goans other than in Dubai is not required by your Group. Like yours we too have our group known as Niz Goenkars. Your current email will be sent to all of them and wait for their response. Then we shall decide what to do with the article. Remember one thing that this was an EMAIL SENT by your group and it is not some thing that I have created and put up.
I forgot to mention to you one more thing. I have not asked nor encouraged anyone to send any vulgar or good comments to your website. You can always block those comments. Because of your blunder I have received so many vulgar comments and badwords and you are trying to justify your side. You are still trying to tell me that I am wrong and you are right. Read carefully what the email by Cajetan says. You people have insulted the entire Goan community working outside Dubai. We checked with the parents and siblings of Jackson and we have learnt you people did not contact them once even. When you write something you should think well before writing. The article is not fabricated one, it is your email which is sarcastic and arrogant in manner.
And for your kind information I do not know what can be done now, as I have forwarded that email of Cajetan to every Church that has email ID in Goa, including the Assnora Church and the Bishop's Palace Panjim. Not only me It was also sent to Saturnino, Lazarus etc they too have done the same thing.
Best regards
From: "St.Mary's Goan Community Dubai" admin@goancommunity.com
To: "Babush Fernandes" meninogptf@gmail.com
Sent: 10/6/2010 10:41:27 PM
Subject: Re: Request for removal of article
I'm sorry if things weren't clear. We love support and help from other communities. Our group is a part of the church. All financial proceedings go through the church. Cajie clearly mentioned in his email that there are certain rules and procedures for accepting money from abroad that's why we could not accept your donations. Don't get us wrong, we aren't refusing your help out of self-pride but only due to the complications arising from accepting donations from abroad. We had requested for help on our website. Navita and Maria are members of the Goan Community, who offered to help out with collecting donations.
I have no clue how how the article reached oherald, but i'm glad in one way that people really do care.
I visited your blog and saw many comments posted against the Goan Community and against Cajetan, Maria and Nevita.
We have helped out may Goans who have come to us for help, these are things that we don't mention in the website. Jackson's case was an exception as it was the poor was in an urgent need for a huge amount of cash.
If you feel we are set out to make a name for ourselves and/or cheat people, I kindly request you to lodge an investigation with St.Mary's Church Dubai.
But till then I humbly request as a fellow Goan and Christian to kindly take down the article. As I mentioned before, we are a family oriented community. It's a shame to see such vulgar comments being posted on our blog. Cajetan , Maria and Nevita are family people and aren't the only ones who are members of the Goan Community. I personally know them, they are wonderful people who really go out of their way to help others whenever they can.
I trust you will do what is right.
Keep up the good work you are doing in helping out Jackson and your good deeds will surely be blessed.
Best Regards,
Dear Mr. Admin,
After consulting our group, we have come to a decision, that the article cannot be removed at this stage. The comments are plenty and if we do that we may also get bad words and vulgar words which we are in no mood to accept that for your sake. It is your blunder and committed by you people. What do you think that other Goans (outside Dubai) are nuts and bolts? You are the only great ones? Who is St. Mary's Church to investigate the incident? The article stays but there is a way to remove it. What I am telling is only a way not a surety. It may be possible not definite and certain. Ask your Cajetan to write an apology to all the Goans, accepting your mistake and then We shall see what can be done.
Please note that I am not giving any assurances but only my ideas and a bleak chance to get the article off. If I do it straight away my name and my respect and dignity will vanish. Your people should have thought over before venturing into such foolishness.
Wrong activities and malice intentions need to be exposed.
Best regards
This is a personal reply to you from me:
  • In this email of yours you say "we love support from other communities" then how come you rejected that earlier? Why did Cajetan mention that it was within Dubai?
  • You say "I have no clue how the article reached oherald" you mean to say the article flew to Goa to meet Herald? Are you trying to fool little children or grown ups?
  • You say "saw many comments posted against Goan Community and against Cajetan, Maria and Nevita". When these people have given a genuine cause for that then why won't such comments come up?
  • In your email (article on my site) Cajetan said that you advertised about Jackson on your blog - but till 5th October there was nothing, which means it was bluff and you were out fooling people.
  • Lastly let me ask you. Till the 6th of October where were you people to publish about Jackson on your blog asking for prayers?
Based on this do you expect me to remove the article and land in a Jam. I am about to publish these two emails of yours after consulting my group members and correspondents in Oman (presently in Goa), Goa, Kuwait and Bahrain.
To my readers let me assure that article FINANCIAL AID FOR JACKSON FROM OTHER GOANS NOT ACCEPTED BY DUBAI ST. MARY'S GOAN COMMUNITY will not be taken down. We cannot play with lives of the people. The seriousness of the case has to be taken and not just blow airs and whistles to the tunes we love. In all this my fervent prayers go to Jackson that may the Almighty have pity on him and cure his of his ailment and get him back to Goa safe and sound.


diogofichardo said...

There are many different stories emerging from reliable sources in Dubai regarding the so called break away community. Believe me when I first read Jacksons article I was in Fatima at the shrine of Our Lady, and I pledged my help. When back in UK only to read that outside Dubai help was not accepted. Who are these people to reject help from around the world while the poor lad is lying in hospital? Was his Family back in Goa taken into account or even contacted? Was his parish priest in Goa contacted? How and why did Herald in Goa receive the news? In a dreadful situation the Question are many. Why do Goans lack unity?
Had advice been taken from other Goan organisation, a solution could have been found as how to raise money for Jackson's cause. There are many charitable organisation around who offer free advice. If it was any other Indian Communities results would have been achieved by now.
One of the Niz Goenkars within hours of landing in Goa and without spending time with his young family that he hasn't seen for a while started the ball rolling for Jackson's cause. There is no personal mileage to be gained from this cause. Our prayers are for Jackson to fully recover our ambition for him to unite with his poor but loved family. Niz Goenkars group including myself are in regular contact with other group members in Goa.
Menino GPT: Niz Goenkar you have done nothing wrong as it was not your wrong doing.
Barriers can be broken by eating humble pie (which we haven't seen)rather than obtaining pride.

Anonymous the VIII said...

A question from me to SMGC, Dubai.
Your decision to collect finance for Jackson's aid, was it taken by the Committee Members? And if so, did none of the Committee Members feel it proper to inform Jackson's family and update them on day to day basis? Surely, you do not expect the whole Goan community, all across the Globe, to believe you were doing genuine humanitarian service when you have not even called ONCE the affected family members for over a month now.

Marcel said...

@menino: Well said we require apology from them, we are goans and no one Goans are above each other.We have to respect each other, what they think of themselves staying in Dubai is it heaven or paraidse? I was there in Dubai for more then 5 years and I never hear about them goan community, who they are, where they are, what they do? They must have helped someone and try to boost their things forever. We require apology from them then its over they have hurt our sentiments. First of all they should have approached the Indian Embassy for help were they will have time to go to embassy as they are booked for picnics! Only praying to God is not enough as it was said " Do not put God to test" we hav to try on our own also.If there are exams and we pray instead of studying " Oh god give me good marks" Is god will give you? He has given you brains that the gift so use it!

Saturnino said...

Good stand Menino, why should they be?

Robert said...

First of all, why were these emails flying secretly from them, come on, come on the blog and make an appeal. Haden, your evil deeds are exposed. All people are family men. You should have thought about it first... Robert

Saturnino said...

I spoke to Maria on the 4th at 13.00 hours and she never mentioned to me that the fund collection is only for Dubai Goans. She was still assuring that the Priest will come back and do the needful about the account. She too was a bit furious when I mentioned to her that they work like irresponsible individualswith the same story after so many of my calls.

Prior to that, I called Cajetan's number. He never picked up neither bothered to call back. Much before that, he cut off my call. That was showing that he was avoiding knowingly. I small word from them would sorted the problem rather than sending the email after another one hour that exposed them completely. There was no confusion, they knew what they were doing. I have a chain of emails with them on JACKSON, NEVER DID THEY MENTIONED THAT THE FUND RAISING WAS ONLY FOR DUBAI GOENKARS.

Sarafino said...

Menino - It is time for reconciliation.As per NIZ GOENKAR, it is an forum to fight gainst corrupt Goan Politician and to save Goa from its destruction and its identity.Cajie the SMGC President have already apolozige for thier mistakes.My only advice let us not fight between us instead the fight should be taken on a battlefeild where our 40 thiefs in Goa are looting openy.Beleive me SMGC is doing nice work in Dubai and also to Save Goa identity was their ambition as sometime back they organised meeting "How to save Goa Identity" through imminent Abudhabi based writer Arwin Misquita.So Menino,as requested by SMGC pls remove all vulgar comments as they are really bringing bad name to Goans.Remember SMGM is not a Political party with this view hope our friends in NIZ GOENKAR will remove all vulgar comments against SMGM..If we NIZ Goenkars continue fighting among ourselves then we will never able to do anythings good for Goans & Goa.The 40 thiefs must be laughing that they can continue fooling Goans to fullfiled their evil designs.Presently I think prayers are more important for our Goan brother Jackson and nothing else as his condition is very critical.

Shyam Sawant said...

Though I am a Hindu from Goa, I would like to inform Sarafino that this forum is not only to fight political corrupts but all the organisations and individuals who are corrupt and on the wrong path (Goans) Do you know how insulting is what Cajetan wrote to Niz Goenkar that outside Dubai, financial help is not accepted. Is this not an insult to the entire community of Goans where ever they are? There are no vulgar comments here on this blog and my request to Mr. Menino is not to remove any comment and I know that you will not. This Sarafino is one of them pretending to be for the true Goans.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Menino GPT:

Well done with your reply.
As much as, the St. Mary`s Sodality Administration members are concerned about their personal pride & image,a lot of compassionate Goans are concerned about the plight of Jackson Couthino.
On balance the plight of Jackson, who is very seriously ill and on the verge of deaths,must be given priority.
Niz Goenkars appreciate the Dubai Community for extending assistance to the poor,sick & needy or having wonderful Picnics,Dances,frolics etc.
This is not the main complaint or criticism of them.
The problem that arose is that, the request,made via several publications i.e Newspapers etc for Prayers and "FININCIAL ASSISTANCE",never clearly indicated this was for people of Dubai(UAE) of any orign.Telephone calls from around the world would have been made to the Tel. Nos. of Maria and Navita that was published in the appeal.
The callers would indicate the origin of their phone call and requested information.This is the point at which no one from the St Marys Sodality came forward to indicate this was for Dubaikars only.
I guess they will blame the Priest for not being "at station".However the St Marys Sodality Admin team have control of their website and arrangements could have been made to clarify and rectify the situatiion.
No appeal was made on their website prior to 6th.October.The only information available prior to the 6th Oct. is about various happy social events i,e Football,Spechees,Picnics etc.
Considering that the appeal was not made via their Church website raises many questions.It seems like it was a "PRIVATE" enterprise in the names of the DUBAI TRIO.The other players in this fiasco are Praveen Viegas.Praveen is the author of the appeal on the churchnewssite and Gulf news AND OTHER MEDIA.
Perhaps Haden has now been reined in & given "THE BROOMSTICK" to sweep the scandal away and regain & repair their tarnished image.
The fact that they are not publishing any corrective information on their website is to protect their own positions & image to continue to be respected individuals and under the disguise of the Church.
As much as they are a family oriented community,they must understand the feelings of how other families around the world that wish to assist the Jackson family feel.I admire their self-preservation...but it should be mutual with other concerned families around the world.
The only reason that information appeared on their wesite about Jackson on the 6th. was due to complaints made on Niz-goenkar.Had it not been for Niz Goenkar...I am sure the Dubai Trio would have continued unfazed(not disturbed).
I am also surprised that Cajetan Cohelo has made himself scarce and now is using Haden.
Cajetan loves being seen /photographed, as he appears on nearly all the pohtographs published ot the St. Marys Goan community website.He is "here,there & everywhere".
I hope in due course they will publish the amounts they have received from the public for assisting Jackson...unless again, it is not the policy of their Community church.
Finally why was Jacksons family never contacted by the TRIO.?Any answers!!!!!!!!
An Auditor would assist In the accounting proccess as this was a Public appeal and has to be seen to be transparent.If not donations in future will "dry-out".

Joe Rebello said...

Sarafino, you must be out of your mind if you think this forum is only for a fight against the Politicians who are corrupt. Does that mean that other Goans can do what they want by starting organisations and associations? Our fight is not only against some corrupt minister or politician but against everybody who is corrupt. So do not try to skip issues by giving the situation a political mileage. The SMGC should have well thought over that one cannot fool everybody all the time.

Felix Mascarenhas said...

Arwin too fights against the corrupts be they politicians or ordinary citizens. You can verify that with Arwin himself and infact I would love Arwin to speak something on this forum about it and how he felt about the SMGC after reading all this.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

This is how we Goans fall down to the ground. Why do we need a show off. I adminre Niz Goenkar site and specially Mr. Menino de Valpoi. I admire the guts of Mr. Saturnino. The moment he reached Goa he started working on how to help the poor lad in hospital in Dubai whereas the SMGC never even bothered to contact his family. Saturnino, I am sure did not even rest after reaching Goa, poor fellow! May God bless him.

Saturnino said...

I received a abusive call from one lady on my cell at 13.50 hrs. She claimed to be calling from UK and the number appeared to be *301. I have done enough to trace the call though it may be from the PC. I am not a cookie not will I be one. I will get to the root. I know who are affected and who got the pinch. Let this not stop our cause.

Jane De Sa said...

If this people have some sense in their peanut brains, then they would apologise to the entire Goan community. Their folly, their blunder in handling the Jackon case have exposed them completely and their deeds.

Alcantro Carneiro said...

SMGC is answerable to all the Goans. Do they think they can do what they want in the name of Goans? It is high time they show the accounts about Jackson as rumours have it that they have collected a lot of money for Jackson and have not informed the Public at all. The contributors would like to know how much they have collected and how much they have spent and how much it the balance.

Oscar Fernandes said...

The admin haden who is defending the organisation has he got any answers to the responses by niz goenkar? If so send an email to niz goenkar so that we know what your answers are.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Sarifino::::
I appreciate your concern for Goans everywhere.
I have not seen anything vulgar or obscene on Niz-Goenkar.It is all a "matter of fact"
The comments have been a true reflection of peoples feelings.They have not "beaten about the bush" as Cajetan has done.
Reconcillation will come as soon as the Dubai Trio accept their very serious mistakes.
Asking people to part with their hard earned money for a good cause and then not giving them (the donors)updates or facts honestly is not forgiveable.
It has been clearly confirmed by Jacksons mother or family that at no time whatsoever, have they received any information from the Dubai Trio in connection with assisting their son.It does not seem like they have been included in any decisions.This is very shameful & despicable.
Sarafino...put yourself in Jacksons Mothers & Fathers shoes.They must be in anguish & agony hoping that a young breadwinner of their poor family has been taken seriously ill in a foreign country,which Jackson or they hardly know at first hand.
What was the Dubai Trio upto?Surely they could have used some method of contact to inform Jacksons parents.Please do not suggest they posted a Letter to them, when better and quicker means of passing information are available.They could have asked a relative of theirs in Goa to go to Cancona to convey any useful information to alleviate the agony of Jacksons parents.
It seems the Dubai Trio and ther new helpers have only just woken up after they got their arses kicked...verbally...by caring Niz-Goenkars.
I hope you will inform the Dubai Trio of their cruel mistakes.Reconcillation may follow.But I think their PRIDE will not allow them to make an admission as it will be seen as a weakness.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Saturino::::The Phone call you received is possibly from a VOIP (voice over internet protocol).This call is usually made using Skype which routes phone calls via the internet channel of a Telephone line.The phone call would usually have an echo or hollow sound and background disturbance..
I doubt the call originated from the UK.If it has, it must be one of the Dubai Trio`s cowards.
People in the UK have no reason or cause to threaten or abuse you.
Seems like some beast in Dubai has got his cage rattled (shaken).!!...so he is growling ion anticipation

diogofichardo. said...

Niz Goernkar Brother Saturnino: you have achieved what others could have if they were caring, but sat on their AS....S soothing their piles. This b....ch that called you could be a man with a disguised voice. Voices can be changed via PC software. There will be a lot of hatred and jealousy for what you and Niz Goenkars stand for, but that will make us stronger and achieve our Goal . GOD BE WITH YOU.

Lily Gracias said...

Can Sarafino show our point out where has Cajetan apologised? I have not come across any apology from the Dubai trio. So where did Sarafino get the apology from?

diogofichardo said...

I have received a message from a contact in Dubai that there is a strong Rumour or "Balcony Gossip" that Saturnino has approached MLAs in Goa regarding Jacksons Case. Edward Falero is not an MLA or an MP but a Government servant in charge for NRI branch. Any dumb person will understand that.
I doubt Niz Goenkers and its followers will lay RED CARPETS for any current Goan MLAs, as it happens with some Goan Organisations , where they are made the chief honourable guests.
Although individual financial support is offered, no financial appeal is made at this moment by Niz Goenkars. All different religious followers of Niz Goenkars and other organisation around the "WHOLE WORLD" including non Indians are offering prayers for Jacksons recovery. God Bless Us All "regardless".
Niz Goankers are for the better of Goa and do not collaborate with corrupt MLAs of GOA.

Robert said...

For anyone's information who does not know things enough, Shri. EDUARDO FALEIRO is the COMMISSIONER of ALL NRI's and is responsible for the affairs of all Goans aborad. He may be an ex-MP but his position now is not a politico but the Commissioner of NRI. This is just for information. You can contact his office on 00918322419515. There should be no politico into this from my side. You can find the details on the web about this information.

Some Goans know very well who is NRI Commissioner when they take him abroad for functions, how come they do not know his position? He is responsible so let him show that the NRI channel can act or else dump it if it is for name sake.

N.Fernandes said...

Hi Diogo Fichardo:::I too agree with you and cannot see any Niz-Goenkar commenting here willing to lay a red carpet for any of those 40 MLA`s.It will not happen individually or collectively by us.
So from what has been rumoured to have been heard through the "grapevines" and across the"Balconies" of Dubai,from your friend, must be what is called "SUBVERSION".
The people that would be interested in this subversion can be none other than a few shady Dubai Goans, who feel that they are about to lose their credentials,pride,intergrity and above all & perhaps an easy Finiancial pot.
Saturino is the only person that will advise us if he has been in touch with any MLA.Anything else will have to be consumed with a pinch of salt.
It seems like the headboys and girls (organisers) of the Dubai Goan Sodality are having some fierce in-fighting.
It can only mean one thing to me..."their feathers have been well ruffled".
All the Dubai Goan Peacemakers like Sarafino and Haden must realise their words & arguements with Niz-Goenkars are too cheap, to shallow and will not carry weight.
Niz-Goenkars are not trying to draw their blood.
All we are trying to do is find out "missing Links" in their appeal for Funds for Jackson.
Surely they must understand they have not been appointed by God, to be the only annointed people that can help Jackson.
They are quite obviously reading the comments here and ary trying their best to pick holes & to de-rail Saturinos efforts.
I am awaiting further developments.

P Cruz said...

Diago you are correct, I was with Saturinino all the time on that day and we only met Eduardo at his residence since he was NRI commissioner and NRI Director Mr. Kamat.Since the day Saturinino arrived he did not rest and even hardly spent time with his kids. I know our Nizgoenkar, we will not go to them. If we want to get Jackson out from Dubai we require Immigiration help and some paperwork from Embassy and that reason the NRI cell is there a government sevice for us.

Let the rumours be in the dust bin we care a hell to them... Viva nizgoenkar

dlp said...

I know what Saturnino is doing in Goa right now, not only through Saturnino himself, but through other people I know too. These so-called Dubai Niz Goans don't know how to cover up their follies so they will resort to anything to save their faces, if they still have their faces left. We will not let them divert our attention from our core issue. I have read the comment written by one Judy to Niz Goenkar and replies to her through their blog, also copied to yoou guys. Let me have your comments.

diogofichardo said...

Oh Dear DLP; Being a Niz Goenkar You can write in Konkani. Boro Goenkar tum. Mojea Teatrant nasta Tum ani ti baile? We can speak konkani and many can write it better than me,but Niz Goenkar is read by many other nationalities. More so the third and fourth generation of Goans born and bred abroad need to be encouraged to love their motherland regardless of what language they speak. That is why the comments on Niz Goenkars are selfishly in English as its internationally spoken. God Bless us all "Regardless" Unity is a must.

dlp said...

Mogall Diogo, Tunvem tor eok Tiatr boroila zalear and fuincheai vellar toiear assam tantun nachpak. Anvem zaitim kantaram goddlelim assa heo amcheo khobro choltat tacher. Tuzo Tiatr "Super Hit" zatolo tum maka tantun eukar dixi tor. (Although knowing deep inside we will both make a mess of it). Ha! Ha!! Ha!!!

Bebdo said...

maka bebdeachi part meutolli tumchea tiatrant? Hanv rebek vazhoitam ani cantar kortam!
We can name the tiatr as Dubaiche Kolvont. Digas com quem andas e eu te direi quem es.
Ago bhai don't bark.There's a saying in Portuguese, Cachorro que late muito não morde.
If you are a niz goenkar and not brainwashed by some local padri,then you will understand it.

Saturnino said...

Saturnino here, I am not a crumb eater of any politician, the least I will do is run to politicians. The Dubai triangle need their help possibly to sing tunes for them.

Bebdo said...

I would request Saturino to find out from Jackson's family if the priest from Dubai was in touch with them. And secondly what happened to the financial aid collected by the Dubai Trio. I am hearing various stories about it. The latest is that the money had been given to the priest. My only worry is, will the money accounted for? When the public have made a donation and when Jackson's case was published in newspapers in Dubai and Goa,the people want to know how much money has been collected. They also want to know if the collection is enough or they should contribute more. The Dubai Trio and the persons who made the appeal have a responsibility towards the public and the public should know what has happened to their contribution. Passing the buck to the priest is not going to solve the issue.
I for one don't trust the priests. As an ex-seminarian, I know better what happens in the church.
In Goa we have seen how the church has sold the property to builders and there are many scandals involving the church in almost every Goan village.
So please, Fr Frank and Fr Michael (that is what I was told their names are)be responsible and tell the parents of Jackson that on his behalf the parish has collected such and such amount.
You guys can prove your integrity and stop the rumours about the money collected from spreading.

Trevor said...

Dear Menino, I applaud you and all those who brought attention to poor lad. I believe the more people knew about him, the more prayers he received and it was your work with this website that had everyone around the world praying. Pray is a powerful thing. Even if the Good Lord decides to call this boy home, his family can have some consolation that so many people cared and prayed. Your website does exactly what is supposed to do, to unite us as a people and bring us together. You, Saturnino and those who worked hard to find help for this family showed what it is to be a true Goan. God Bless you all! It restored my pride in being a Goan. Some of our people have lost their way and they don't even know it. Their priorities are different. We can preach all we want to them, but they don’t realize where they need improvement. Yes, we all make mistakes and we all have our faults, but let us not loose focus of what it means to be a true Goan! Let this be a teaching example, I hope our people all over the world will get their priorities in order! Put the causes of Goa and its people first!….party afterwards….

diogofichardo said...

Bebdo: It is right for the followers in Dubai to know how much and what is being done with the money, many in Dubai are asking the same question too. Secondly as donation from outside Dubai Goans was not required(Where the whole mess started) therefore we will not wait for manna from heaven, we will do what we can for Jackson. Spiritual guidance is needed together with earthly physical deeds. Thanks to Saturino being in Goa and has the ball rolling.
Finally I was not aware that Goans outside Dubai had no red blood flowing in their veins, I need to do a medical check.
I pray one day in my lifetime Goans all over the world can build bridges of Unity for the sake of our future generation. That is what NIZ GOENKAR stands for.

Bebdo said...

I do agree with you Diogo, but first we have to get rid of the bread crumb eaters of the politicians in Dubai. There are many in Dubai,mostly you will find them in the church, who eat the left-overs of Chorchill and Mickkey Mouse. They brag about their close proximity to these chors from Goa. Poor idiots,they don't know that in law, a person who shares the loot is also considered as an accomplice.
So these people who brag about their proximity to Chorchill and Mickkey Mouse are also accomplices in looting and raping Goa. Hence, we need to weed out such people first. And the only way it can be done is by washing their dirty linen in public and by exposing them.
Let us all work for Goan unity and for the defeat of the traitors of Goa who are supporting the 40 chors.

dlp said...

Bebdo... let us fight for Goan Unity amongst all Goans all over the world and not only in Dubai. There may be other hornests' nests to be stirred up somewhere else too. Let us keep our eyes and ears open.

Bebdo said...

@dlp ....let us enrol more members for our underground movement too. Elections are 2 years away from now and by that time we should be ready to eliminate Chorchill, Mickkey Mouse, Madkaikar, Monster Rat, Mauvin and the other Chors. Let's keep working on that agenda, this Dubai issue is a small hurdle in our path. We have to cross bigger hurdles in order to eliminate the BIG CHORS OF GOA.

Mario said...

The Adminitrator of Dubai group have already apologize for not being able to accept the fund due to the reasons specified on behalf of group.Since Cajie as the President,Navita,Maria & Praveen whose names appeared in the appeal are not forthcoming to admit thier mistake(atleast cajietan) we Goans should think that Dubai Group is not made of only above four people and should move forward for the sake of Jackson.I personally say sorry if any of my comments in fit of angry hurt any of my Goenkar brothers/sisters from SMGC.We cannot carry illfeeling forever within our own people.Mog asundi!Viva Goa.

Dalia said...

It is high time to ignore the Dubai TRIANGLE and move forward, this has taken our most time.

diogofichardo said...

I agree with Dalia we need to move forward, there a lot of work needed for the better of Goa. Unity among all Goans is a must.

Bebdo said...

@dlp, you didn't discuss with me about my trip to Stockholm, at least N. Fernandes was kind enough to wish me luck in my search for Lucky Farmhouse. Now if one of you guys can spare a few days of your valuable time when I make a trip to Brussels soon (not exactly in Brussels but in Vlaams Brabant) I would be grateful. Got some work with Nanjgel -- a network security solution firm -- since some of our rivals are trying to hack this site and have threatened to close it down. I would have gone to their Dubai office, but Judas won't show me the way as he drives a GM. Judas was supposed to be very loyal to Jesus but in the end he sold him. Guys if any Judas calls Niz Goenkars, tell him to go and hang himself. Note to Niz Goenkars: Use the Alpha-Omega code to decipher the above message.

Roberto de Goa said...

I know there are some guys who are indirectly connected to the SMGC. These guys talk about Goan unity whereas the reality is far from the truth. These guys are only trying to protect their interersts and avoid exposure. Why aren't these guys coming forward and speaking boldly. I have also noticed in the article DUBAI THE KICK BALL there is one guy acting on behalf of the SMGC as the good samaritan. It is highly inquisitive to know what INTEREST DOES THIS GUY have in SMGC. SMGC has all grown and matured persons to the high post who do not need a mouth piece. I am strangely surprised why this third guy involve in uniting SMGC to other Goans. Why did he not do all this before the SMGC incident? Where was his Goan identity sleeping that time. I am doing studies on this guy and next time I shall come with something with this persons name though the name is mentinoed in the said article. Looks like he is involved somewhere in the money racket.

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