BICHOLIM: The residents of Bicholim have expressed serious concern over the utter negligence of the Bicholim Municipality towards the garbage collection.  The municipality has its own garbage treatment plant at Lakherem.
Earlier, this plant was run on contract basis by a Poona-based company, however, later the BMC took a decision to run the plant by itself, with the assistance of municipal workers so that the expenses incurred on contract was saved.
The residents are sore over the municipality’s failure to collect garbage on a day-to-day basis from various wards — heaps of garbage are seen near old bus stand, Goa Bagayatdar building, Shivaji Maidan, old market entrance junction, new KTC bus stand, Bicholim bridge, besides the parking space behind KTC bus stand. The stench emanating from the rotting garbage here is unbearable and is keeping customers away from the shops in these areas.
The open place, adjacent to the new market complex, which is coming up here, has become a site for garbage dumping. People, mostly weekly bazaar vendors dump garbage here; cattle rummage through the garbage and in turn spread it all around. There is a need to take serous cognisance of this situation by the municipality, said Mr Cajetan Vaz, a member of Bicholim Hospital Visiting Committee.
The municipality has even failed to take action against those who release the waste water into the gutters, alleged Mr Vaz. The municipality has spent lakhs of rupees on the garbage treatment plant, which has the capacity to treat garbage collected from Bicholim town area, but it has failed to collect the garbage on a regular basis, observed former BMC councillor, Mr Shashikant Naik-Halarnakar.
“The municipality should have set an example for other municipalities in the state as far as the issue of garbage disposal in the town was concerned. It could have easily put a mechanism in place to collect garbage from the different wards,” said Mr Arjun Parab-Gaonkar, a resident from Gaonkarwada.
The Bicholim Bachav Abhiyan has provided garbage bins and they have been kept at the sites where people’s movement is more. The residents are found making use of these garbage bins. However as the garbage from these bins is not cleared, they are overflowing, resulting in garbage getting littered all over the place in the town, pointed Mr Naresh Sawal, president of Bicholim Congress block and president of Bicholim Bachav Abhiyan. (NT)


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