MARGAO: The High Court brushed aside the orders of the Deputy Collector Margao of 13th August, ordering the Fabrica da Igreja da Orlim to give an access through its property under survey No 86/20 to Meenaxi Financial Consultants and Swastik Dwellings to remove the stones from the Fabrica property to enable the builder to go to his property wherein construction is in progress for the 66 flats and a swimming pool.
The Attorney for the Fabrica da Igreja da Orlim said the High Court has held that the order of the deputy Collector is contradictory to law and that no prima facie case has been made out by Meenaxi Financial Consultants and Swastik Dwelligns on the existence of the right of way through the Fabrica property at Palcutta-Orlim.
He said the builder had got his plans passed by showing the existing road touching his property which in reality is not the case as there is no road touching the builder’s property.


diogofichardo said...

When dirty money changes hands in Goa anything is possible, I am expressing from experience.

Anonymous the VIII said...

These Deputy Collectors & Mamlatdars & Gua Polish are all birds of the same feathers. And there are more flying above them.

Anonymous said...

This is the second order in the same case that the high coust has squashed .The collector also felt that the case was not heard fairly and transferred the case to vasco not before the Dy collector SDO passed an order on the 13th granting the builder access .I wonder how these people can sit in their charis and just pass any judgement.Think about the common man can each afford to go to the High court to challange an improper order .Who holds these Collector Dy collector and Mamlatdars accountable !!

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