PANJIM: The order of the Goa State Chief Information Commissioner Mr. Motilal Keny that the Goa Cricket Association comes under the ambit of the Right to Information Act, will also be applicable to the Goa Football Association which is currently headed by Goa’s Urban Development Minister Mr. Joaquim Alemao.
The State Chief Information Commissioner has ruled that the government notification dated 8th July 2010 that all sports organizations and Sports Associations recognized by Sorts Authority of Goa would be covered under the RTI Act was binding.
Interestingly following in the footsteps of the Goa Cricket Association, the Goa Football Association last month also took a stand that it does not come under the purview of Right to Information Act.
Adv. Aires Rodrigues had also sought information from the Goa Football Association on the fees paid to their lawyer Mr. Subodh Kantak, who besides the Goa Cricket Association was also the lawyer for the Goa Football Association.
Declining to furnish the information the Goa Football Association claimed that they did not come under Right to Information Act while stating that were awaiting the outcome of the RTI case filed against the Goa Cricket Association.
Meanwhile, Adv. Aires Rodrigues has stated that it was deplorable that the Goa Football Association which is headed by Urban Development Minister Mr. Joaquim Alemao had chosen not to adhere to a notification issued by his own government.
Adv. Rodrigues has stated that all organizations and associations getting government funding should voluntarily keep their affairs open for public scrutiny instead of having to be directed to do so.
Transparency and Accountability is the intent of the Right to Information Act which is here to stay, asserted Adv. Rodrigues


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