Dear Readers,
Greetings form Goa. It is 19.20 hours in Goa, weather is fine and cool.
This is the latest update from Goa on Jackson Coutinho.
First of all, let me publish the contact number of Jackson's sisters mobile number 0091-9767651317 where you can get Jackon's father Mr. Bridget Coutinho and younger sister Gloria Coutinho.
Home number 0091-832-2633318, presently out of order so do not waste energy calling that number right now. If you fail to get them on both numbers, call 0091-832-2633320 and you may be able to contact Jackson's aunty Mrs Severina.
I happened to speak to all of them and they are very worried. When I mentioned that I called regarding Jackson, the first thing I had to do was to assure them that Jackson is doing fine, just to arrest their suspicion of the worst scenario.
Upon my enquiry, his sister Gloria told me that only her relatives who are in Dubai are Savio Rodrigues (Cuncolim), Jacksons brother in law who calls them on a daily basis with updates on his condition, they are very grateful to him. Other relatives are cousin Tony Coutinho andl Mario. Ligorio Carvalho, uncle contacted them one or more times. These are close or far relations of the Jacksons.
The agent who took him to Dubai is one Goan who is in Dubai and they have hopes on him for help.
I specifically asked Gloria if any one from the so called Goan community called them or made any efforts. Gloria brought to my knowledge that she heard about the appeal with names of Maria and Navita and telephone numbers but yet, nothing heard from any such persons or the so called community. No one or none from this so called Social Organisation contacted them yet but it seems people think that they are doing enough in Dubai under their umbrella as advertised. They do not know who is Cajetan Coelho either.
People in Canacona and around told them it seems that NIZ GOENKAR is up with the cause but it was out of their knowledge what Niz Goenkar is until one Barreto told them, days ago.
Gloria was in tears on the phone and asked for prayers and nothing else at the moment. The Parish Priest of Canacona has been praying on a daily basis with villagers for Jacksons recovery. The youths have been going house to house collecting donations to help family and buy telephone credit to talk to authorities at Al Rashid Hospital and relatives. Jackson's father is poor local farmer.
It seems when telephone rings, Jackson's father expect to hear that Jackson is out of danger but until now.
I assured Jackson's sister that myself, along with a few others whom I will mention at a later stage will visit them on this Saturday (9th Oct) afternoon to chalk out strategy to meet Eduardo Faleiro, who is the Commissioner for NRI's and present him an SOS on the case.
I will come with more updates as and when possible under this title. I have taken permission to publish this on Niz Goenkar from both of them and they expect people to open up for required prayers and help.
Jackson's father has got bank account number that I will not publish here until I hear from Niz Goenkars.
Thanks to all for reading this.
NIZ GOENKAR ADDS: Saturnino a true son of Goa, without any rest for himself on arrival to Goa from Oman has started working on Jackson Coutinho's case. May God bless Saturnino, and many more like him who care about Goans.


diogofichardo said...

It just goes to goes to show that there are genuine Goans out there that will go that extra mile to help others. This Saturnino should have been spending his time with the wife and family that he hasn't seen for a while, but decided the Jackson's case was more important
While there are others out there with their negative views, the true sons and daughters (NIZ GOENKARS) of the Goan soil, are out to help the needy. Saturnino thanks for the latest update of the Jackson Family from Goa. God Bless the young lad to recover.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Saturino::::Thanks for the update.
I hope the commentators that have questioned your intergerity will now be able to sleep soundly tonight and repent at liesure tomorrow.
Perhaps they should now contact Cajetan and the "Dubai Trio" for further information.
It is very surprising that the Dubai Goan Community is not providing any information on their website.The first, I have seen anything on Jackson on their website, is, today (6th October) asking for prayers.This may be a good start and I hope they will follow it up.
I hope the Dubai Trio have been in contact with Jacksons relatives based in Dubai and they in turn, have assured his family in Canacona of moral and financial assistance.
I am not aware or very knowledgeable of Banking Services / facilities in Goa.I hope it will be possible to open an "Emergency Account".This account could be in the name of the Bank Manager,the local Priest and one of Jacksons sisters.In the Uk we call these "Trust Accounts".These accounts can be monitored by the Trustees.This is just an idea.
I would not use Jacksons fathers Bank Account as there could be claims later on that the funds were mis-used or mis -appropriated by the family, and this would cause a serious scandal.
Based on the information that you have provided that Jacksons father is a poor farmer...I am sure he would not like such a scandal to afflict his family.
Keep up your compassionate, good and humane work and may the good Lord guide you through.

Anonymous said...

Well done Saturino & Niz Goenkar - this is what most Goans worldwide expected from begining instead of senting financial help to our dear Jackson through suspicious people in Goa as well in Dubai.Thanks Saturino for your great work within few minutes after reaching Goa.God Bless You.

dlp said...

Satu.... Today is Wednesday and as usual I am just home from Church. I know Our Lady of Perputual Succour is with Jackson ande She will bring him out of the crisis. Thank you so much for keeping us up-to-date. Diogo, yes Saturnino should have been with his family but he went straight to find out about Jackson and within hours of reaching Goa he has provided us with plenty of information. N. Fernandes I agree with you. The Account should be like you say under "Trust Account" with a known and responsible person. People are just waiting to create scandals and if anything goes wrong from our end, these so-called Goan Community will be hell-bent on jumping on us Niz Goenkars.

Saturnino said...

Niz Goenkars, it is 22.50 hours in Goa by now.
The latest, I have managed to get an audience for Jackson's parents with Eduardo Faleiro who is due to leave for Belgium on Saturday. With courtesy of his PA Mrs. J. Rodrigues, the whole thing was possible. The appointment is fixed for tommorow at 16.00 Hours. Jacksons mother and the brother in law of her eldest daughter are due to meet Mr. Eduardo Faleiro with a written petition. Eduardo assured to talk to the Ambassador in UAE on a special request.
I do not want to comment more what I learnt more of the so called Goan Community of Dubai who advertised Jacksons cause but never happened to contact Jackson's family in Goa.

aggybaba said...

God bless you Saturino, God bless you Niz Goenkar. Hats off to you.

Anonymous the VIII said...

To Saturnino:
A big THANK YOU and a HUG for being a true Goan, realising what is more important and proceeding in the right path. May God bless you and always guide you. I am sure you will witness all happiness in your life on this earth itself.

Joao said...

Dear Saturnino, you are our Goan pride and we salute you for your time and generosity. Every true Goan, Niz Goenkar must walk in your footsteps. God will reward you abundantly for your sacrifice. We will pray for you. God Bless you now and forever !!

Bebdo said...

Dear Saturino. I salute you for what you have done. It proves that there are still honest and caring Goans among us. Let us all say "bravo, and three cheers" to Saturino.
Well done!

diogofichardo said...

Saturino thanks for the latest additional information. God bless you and your family for letting you have time off you for the first few hours to help others. As N. Fernandes (London) said “Trust Account” is better, as we have seen mouths are always there for scandals. God bless and the hug when I see you soon.

Maria Carvalho said...

Saturnino and Niz Goenkar you are truly living examples of goodness and kindness like the Good Samaritan to a stranger in need!

God bless you!

Saturnino said...

Good Morning to all from Goa,
Bebdo, Dalia, Diogo, Lazarus, N Fernandes and many more others, thanks for the strong support, we will move forward as much as we can with the guidance of our beloved Menino. Jacksons mother and other relatives are due to arrive at noon so we have to make a petition, provide the case in writing, attach appeal articles including copies of Niz Goenkar, etc.
At the end of the day, you all will be posted on the happenings.
Advocate Jose Da Costa and Adv Rajiv Gomes from Margao volunteered to do all the required paperwork to give to Mr Eduardo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copies to MP, South Goa and of course an appeal through Governor of Goa. I do not know how much we may be able to do but let's knock on all legal channels, it's the duty of the government to do what it can for the citizens.

Mario said...

Well done Saturnino, you are really great.Today I am assured that NIZ Goenkar is really represent by honest,dedicated,helpfull,selfless Goans.Before I end this comment I have one clarification that is Jackson agent who is in Dubai is not an Goan.He is Mangu-Mangloriean(Deathlier then Snakes) settle in Goa and faking himself as Goan.

Dalia said...

Can we still expect an update from Cajetan Coelho and the gang on Jackson's condition in Dubai? Or they want to tell us that we should not bother about him outside Dubai?

Saturnino said...

Message from Saturnino @ 13.15 hrs.

To clarify to everyone, Jacksons family in Canacona said they did not make an appeal for funds from abroad on their account in Goa, India. His parents and sisters whom I spoke to said so after I poked on the issue. That is the reason they never provided any account number to any organisation or individuals though they have one.
The village boys at the moment suffice them with meagre help they could including providing telephone credit.

All they beg everyone to kindly pray for his recovery, to shift him to a specialist hospital where he could be treated for bleeding symptoms and come back to conciousness. They have no idea how much it may cost but hope against hope from good Samaritans including through Government Channels.

I recently spoke to his parents, sisters and brother in law in Dubai and his brother Steven in Goa. The message is the same.

Niz Goenkars, please make sure that some elements like Anonymous who are creating confusion are there to see Jackson dead. That is the reason they are spreading rumours, false stories and creating confusion.

In a SHORT WHILE FROM NOW, WE WILL BE SEEING MR. EDUARDO FALEIRO with an appeal if possible to shift him to a specialist hospital anywhere else or provide support which Government of India can do for NRI's.

Aiz taca, faleam maca, let's try to open up the way for help.
Our Niz Goenkar Marcel P Cruz of he Jurassic Park fame will be accompanying us to Eduardo.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Saturino::: Many people here (Niz Goenkar) and, I am sure in Goa too are with you. I am more than sure your efforts will be well rewarded & acknowledged. I personally hate contacting any official in Goa.As soon as they hear my accent,the game of "Pass the Buck" or "Musical chairs " begins. You get passed from Pillar to Post,department to department, individual to individual. If pressure is applied,the phone gets put down or call CUT OFF & terminated. Sometimes I am told to write a letter or I must come in personally.If I tell the official I am in the UK...they just keep saying I have to come to Goa.These issues can be sorted over the telephone...but for some reason they want you in person.???? Any email I send never gets an answer or reply. So it is good that you are in Goa at present to "kick some arses". I also wish to commend you for giving up some of your precious time to assist a person in dire need.May you be blessed for that abundantly. As for those that are being "critical" of your efforts...leave them to us/me as we will deal with them accordingly. God bless you

diogofichardo said...

Saturnino Thanks again for the updates that you are providing. Thank your family for their patience in letting you carry out this noble deed, instead of spending your time with them. With other Niz Goenkars I back you all the way in this matter. God be with you

franco said...

It is a great humanitarian and selfless job done by Saturino and Niz Goenkar. It really requires dedication and patience to unfold such a mystery in this episode. Few have been condemned from the core and others have the appreciation and blessings from every one. Let the fire kindle in your hearts for the downtrodden and let the mercy flow from the Almighty God on you and your family members to carry on the good work to all the mankind not only to Goans but to everyone whosoever need our prayers and help. God bless you all.
I hope you are not being pressurized by these corrupt politicians for this good deed. I am sure now that most of the job done by you single handed, some of these politicians will definitely come forward to say that they are ready to help them now and finally take all the credit for themselves. I think we should not take their help at the juncture.

diogofichardo said...

Franco your last two sentences is what I had said to Menino and others on the phone, Politicians will try and gain mileage without any pain., and to keep them at bay.

Bebdo said...

I too agree with Franco and diogofichardo. Don't entertain the politicians. Chorchill and Mickkey Mouse will be ever ready to take political mileage from this issue. Chorchill often comes to Dubai bcoz of his business interests here and these same Goans who are with the Church felicitate him.
Pls we don't need the support of these Chors.

Bebdo said...

Mogal Niz Goenkarano
I think the priest is back. The St Mary's Goans are now organising a picnic. Of course, the decision must have been taken with the blessings of the priest. And the priest will also join the fun and frolic.
I really wonder if Jesus would have tolerated such hypocrisy. They have also put a a Bible quote hinting at us. It reads as follows: "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. (1 Corinthians 15:33)"
I would advise them to first check their morals and public decency. It is all there in the photos of their websites. You go to the church and you can see all the juicy coutoure and G-strings when you pray. I wish they only had to read what is written in the Leviticus about dress code and such hedonistic pleasures. These people are not Catholics but are pseudo-pagan, pseudo-christians, and purely hedonistic. Moreover they don't exhibit any Goan qualities.


see you guys on 22nd October at 9 am at Zabeel park, entry through gate number 1.
Dh15 (includes, breakfast, lunch and tea)


St.Mary’s Goan Community, Dubai is organizing its annual picnic on 22nd October 2010. It is going to be a day filled with fun , games , food and music for adults and children alike . This is a fellowship and a chance to unite with our fellow Goan brothers and sisters here in Dubai. We have lots of games and other programs planned to keep you entertained throughout the day . Tickets are priced at Dhs 15/- per person. Children below the age of 5 can join in for free. The venue is at Zabeel Park (Near the Mosque and after the kids play area) and entry is through gate Number 1 (Jafliya Station Side) . The Event begins at sharp 9:00 am, therefore kindly make sure you come on time so that you don’t miss out on any of the fun.
We would be glad if you attend this event with your family and friends to strengthen the Goan Community here in Dubai.

Click the link below to see photos of last years picnic

For tickets, kindly contact:
Simon (050-6747240)
Sanford (050-7646088)
Maria (050-4577209)

Alternatively , you can fill the form below and we will have someone get back to you.


Saturnino said...

Latest update from Goa by Saturnino
Myself and P. Cruz and Abel just returned from Commissioner of NRI's at Secretariat, Porvorim. Has been a good day as we see a bit of light on the other side of the tunnel. Jacksons parents were with us. Please await for some more time and read a full report from Mr. P Cruz on the day's progress.

diogofichardo said...

Saturnino thanks again it must have been a very long day for you, and those accompanying you. Showers of blessing are on your family for the patience they have missing you. God bless you all

dlp said...

Diogo... Saturnino called me now and I just put down the phone and responding here. He has updated me on today's events and we are going to have a detailed write-up from Mr. P. Cruz very soon. The only thing we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and pray for Jackson's speedy recovery and we can also pray for the Dubai Church Community that they be enlightened after this havoc they have brought up on themselves. Upto now, none of them has any comments. They are too busy with the preparations of their Annual Picnic. In just one day, Saturnino has done beyond expectations. God Bless him and his family.

Saturnino said...

To everyone here, I have not done anything special or wonders. As much as I can along with you all. God Save Jackson, God Save us All from such situations. You will never sip another drop of water if you see his mother weeping. God save Jackson, this is what we all prayed together on our way back...at Bambolim Holy Cross.

Saturnino said...

I received a abusive call from one lady on my cell at 13.50 hrs. She claimed to be calling from UK and the number appeared to be *301. I have done enough to trace the call though it may be from the PC. I am not a cookie not will I be one. I will get to the root. I know who are affected and who got the pinch. Let this not stop our cause.

Robert said...

For anyone's information who does not know things enough, Shri. EDUARDO FALEIRO is the COMMISSIONER of ALL NRI's and is responsible for the affairs of all Goans aborad. He may be an ex-MP but his position now is not a politico but the Commissioner of NRI. This is just for information. You can contact his office on 00918322419515. There should be no politico into this from my side. You can find the details on the web about this information.

Some Goans know very well who is NRI Commissioner when they take him abroad for functions, how come they do not know his position? He is responsible so let him show that the NRI channel can act or else dump it if it is for name sake.

diogofichardo said...

I have received a message from a contact in Dubai that there is a strong Rumour or "Balcony Gossip" that Saturnino has approached MLAs in Goa regarding Jacksons Case. Edward Falero is not an MLA or an MP but a Government servant in charge for NRI branch. Any dumb person will understand that.
I doubt Niz Goenkers and its followers will lay RED CARPETS for any current Goan MLAs, as it happens with some Goan Organisations , where they are made the chief honourable guests.
Although individual financial support is offered, no financial appeal is made at this moment by Niz Goenkars. All different religious followers of Niz Goenkars and other organisation around the "WHOLE WORLD" including non Indians are offering prayers for Jacksons recovery. God Bless Us All "regardless".
Niz Goankers are for the better of Goa and do not collaborate with corrupt MLAs of GOA.

Bebdo said...

I would request Saturino to find out from Jackson's family if the priest from Dubai was in touch with them. And secondly what happened to the financial aid collected by the Dubai Trio. I am hearing various stories about it. The latest in the money is given to the priest. My only worry is will the money accounted for? When the public have made a donation and when Jackson's case was published in newspapers in Dubai and Goa,the people want to know how much money has been collected. They also want to know if the collection is enough or they should contribute more. The Dubai Trio and the persons who made the appeal have a responsibility towards the public and the public should know what has happened to their contribution. Passing the buck to the priest is not going to solve the issue.
I for one don't trust the priests. As an ex-seminarian, I know better what happens in the church.
In Goa we have seen how the church has sold the property to builders and there are many scandals involving the church in almost every Goan village.
So please, Fr Frank and Fr Michael (that is what I was told their names are)be responsible and tell the parents of Jackson that on his behalf the parish has collected such and such amount.
You guys can prove your integrity and stop the rumours about the money collected from spreading.

Saturnino said...

Saturnino here, I am not a crumb eater of any politician, the least I will do is run to politicians. The Dubai triangle need their help possibly to sing tunes for them.

Saturnino said...

Reply to Bebdo,

As Jacksons parents were with us, me and P. Cruz yesterday, they confirmed that a few friends from Canacona who works abroad called hem to enquire how the situation is. Mario, Savio who are relatives of Jackson and two others from Canacona have updated them on Jacksons condition now and then. I was specific about the Dubai Trio or the Dubai Triangle, they never contacted them. And for that matter, the Priest from Dubai too, never contacted them.

I do not want to give more details on this matter, there are telephone numbers of the family if someone have doubts. I prefer, not to stress the family with telephonic questions but if one want to clear doubts, I think he or she should do.

I know who Judy is with all her explanations and sympathy towards the Dubai triangle. And now I know who called and abused me.

It gave me more strength to face this Dubai triangle. I will soon publish their emails that mentions that they are very busy.

diogofichardo said...

This young lad Jackson has touched my heart as no other. With tears I say farewell my lad, you are now in the arms of the almighty. May his soul rest in peace.

Lorraine Thomas said...

My name is Lorraine Thomas from Canada. My husband works in Dubai at this time, and when I went to Dubai for a day, I decided to visit Jackson at Rashid Hospital with some holy oil. I visited him on September 29, 2010. Though he was heavily sedated, when I spoke to him, he moved his head (acknowledging that he could hear me). I told him who I was and I was there to see him and pray for him. I told him many people care very much for him and are praying for him. I applied the holy oil on his swollen feet by making the Sign of the Cross. I visited him with my husband. I have just found out that he has passed away and it breaks my heart. My deepest sympathies to all the family and friends of Jackson. He will always be in my prayers. May his soul rest in peace! Lorraine Thomas

Trevor said...

Thank you Ms Thomas for caring....very sad to hear the tragic news. I had hoped so much he would have pulled though...May his soul rest in peace. My prayers go out to the family in this difficult time. I know the good folks of Niz Goenkar will provide comfort to this family. They have done such a good job for this family, even though this poor boy died. They are the true Goans of the soil. It makes me proud to belong to a community of caring people. Jackson's family had so many people praying for them and will continue to pray for them. Thank you to the Niz Goenkar for what they have done and will continue to do.

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